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Stormy Nights C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 16:57:59

He just gives me a puzzled look. Apparently, the man needs to get more sleep. With fucking me into a coma every night and going to work for ten hours, then coming home and editing after dinner, he’s running on empty. I know he’s busting his ass because he plans on doing the book tour with me. “Why is that?” he questions, rubbing his scruffy jaw.

“Because I’ll be six months pregnant by then.” His eyes widen ridiculously, and I can’t help but laugh. This is exactly what he’s been waiting for from the first time we went without protection. I can’t believe it’s a shock to him.

“Are you going to say anything?” I ask him, running my hands nervously up and down my thighs. I’m starting to get a little worried since he doesn’t respond, but then all of a sudden he picks me up out of my chair and spins me around. My sexy husband laughs in that deep, rumbling chuckle of his that sends me into a frenzied need.

“I think we need to celebrate,” he says, throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me into the bedroom. He sets me down on my feet, then turns me around so that my back is to him. Slowly he lowers the zipper on my dress, sliding the straps on my shoulders down and letting the dress fall to the floor. A cool breeze hits my skin, sending a shiver through me. One strong hand skims down my spine to my ass, hovering over it for just a moment, and then I feel the stinging ache on my right cheek. His breath brushes my ear as he leans against me. “You’re not wearing any panties, wife.”

“I figured no sense in ruining all of them, you brute,” I murmur, tossing my head back into the crook of his shoulder and neck. Since we’ve been together, he’s shredded more than a dozen pairs. Replacing them is getting ridiculous. Besides, easy access is a must. The past three years of waiting to possess me turned him into a ravenous beast, and I crave every minute of it.

Nick reaches his hand around, cupping my sex and driving two fingers inside. I grind my body against his chest, moaning and clenching as he works me good. My body’s his to manipulate, strumming my greedy pussy until I’m coming on his hand and rubbing my ass over his hard length. He pulls his sopping wet fingers from my slit and hungrily feeds them to himself, sucking off all my juices.

Watching him moan as he sucks my taste off his hand, makes me want his thick cock deep down my throat. Spinning around in his arms, I tug at the hem of his shirt and lift it over his head, kissing him as I reveal his sexy face to me. My hands dip between us, pulling his belt through the loop. My husband groans out as I accidentally graze his cock through his pants twice. I take my time frustrating my lover, but Nick’s had enough and helps me take his pants off hurriedly. I giggle to myself as I kneel before him, and he hears me.

“Wife, are you laughing at me?” he questions with a quirked brow and a feigned grimace.

“Keep it up, and I won’t let you have any.” I look up at him with a pout, knowing that he wasn’t going to hold out on me. I attempt to look at him with the contrition I don’t feel, and he just stares back at me with those sexy eyes that own my being.

My hands skim up his thighs and to the hem of his boxers and yanking them away to free his massive cock. The tip is covered in his precum just for me. My tongue slides around the head, licking up the first taste of him before swallowing down the first couple of inches. His hand comes down with the back of his palm grazing my cheek. I love the way he does his best to hold it together, but I want more.

My fingers naturally slide between my legs, teasing my pussy that’s leaving a trail of wetness on the kitchen floor. With my other hand, I cup his balls.

He shivers, holding himself together the best he can. He grabs my hair, moving my head. “Fuck, baby. You’re going to make me come. Are you getting off from sucking my cock?” I nod and garble out a yes.

I only get one more lick before he pulls me away. He shakes his head and carries me to our bed, throwing me down, and enters me in one thrust. I quiver, full of pleasure. His mouth is on mine, kissing me ardently while grinding his cock deep into me. Our bodies are starting to sweat, smoothing the feel of his strong chest against my soft one. I’m unable to hold on any longer. As soon as his hand touches the edge of my breast, I’m coming. “Nick,” I cry out, shouting his name as loud as possible. He joins me.