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Stormy Nights C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 16:57:59

“I love you, Lillian,” he pants, kissing my neck as he rests there for a moment. His weight covers me and makes me feel so protected, but as soon as he realizes it, he gets up. “I’m sorry. Baby, I forgot about the little one. I don’t want to hurt you or him.”

“You’re not. I’m fine. I love your weight on me.” He adjusts himself on the bed, leaning against the pillows, then pulls me to rest on his side.

“It’s time to look into buying a house, love.”

“Yes, I think so too. Pretty soon, I’m going to be too big to move stuff around.”

“You’re not moving shit anyway. Ian and I will do it alongside the team we hired. There’s no way you’ll lift anything more than ten pounds.”

“Fine, all good for me.” I nestle into him and fall asleep.

Another busy day of traveling with the world-renowned and uber-sexy Temperance Strong. My Lillian is pregnant again with our fifth and final child. She’s already threatened to cut my nuts off if I knock her up again. I can believe her or test her theory, but either way, my nuts are still going to get snipped. I’ll take care of it with a professional, though. We have three sons—Johnny, Cole, and Mark—and one daughter, April. The last one is a mystery. I’m betting another girl, although a boy would be great as well.

My parents kept the kids, and we will pick them up in the morning. For now, it’s just my lovely wife and me. She’s watching me as I stare at her, biting my lower lip, thinking about how sexy she looks and how I want to spread her across the table and enjoy her sweet pussy.

“What are you thinking?” she questions with eyes full of suspicion.

“I’m thinking how delicious you’ll taste and how I want to fuck you so bad.” She smirks at me in almost a challenge of sorts. I shake my head at her. “You have two options, baby. You go upstairs, strip naked, and wait for me with your thighs wide open, or I can take you hard and fast right here.”

I can see the heat coming over her face as she considers her options. She messed with me the entire flight home, reaching over to stroke me. She knew damn well we wouldn’t fit in that bathroom. And how bad I wanted to fuck her up in the sky. Next time we’re flying privately because I can’t be around her for that many hours without being inside her.

“It’s time to pay the Pied Piper, Lillian. What will it be?”

She took off running and giggling. She didn’t go upstairs. Instead, she ran into the kitchen. I arch my brow, pushing the door open. I don’t see her in my view. Then I see the sliding door to the backyard open. What a shit. I hear a splash, and there is my wife swimming in our large pool, completely butt-ass naked. Her curves are so perfect as the water glides over them. My dick presses hard against my zipper. Fuck, I’m going to tear her pussy up for this.

“Woman, you’re lucky this motherfucker is out of flight paths.” We don’t have any neighbors in this direction so they can’t see over my twelve-foot fence.

“Come get me, Nicky,” she teases. I take off my shirt and shorts, kicking off my shoes in the process. As soon as my socks are off, I jump into the pool. She giggles then tries to get away, but I’m a great swimmer, and I catch her fast.

I pull her body against mine, her back to my chest. “You fucked up, wife,” I whisper, biting her ear. “I’m going to fuck your pretty mouth, and then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk. Got that?” I say, running my fingers around her inner thigh, skimming the edge of her sweet pussy. I’m turned on beyond belief.

Moving to the edge of the pool, I sit with my thighs wide open. Lillian bobs right between my legs, rubbing her tits on my cock. I drop my head back and moan as her lips wrap around the tip. She takes me deeper, working my shaft with her soft hands. I’m so damn close to coming that I pull her off of me. Sliding back into the water, I move behind her and help her bend over. Her hands splay onto the steps just under the water. I thrust into her wetness without any fucking preliminaries. She doesn’t need anything because my wife loves the power of making me come and it gets her close.

“Are you going to fucking come out here naked again?” I ask, thrusting hard into her. She nods. “What’s that?” I ask, knowing she’s going to do it again and I’m going to come chasing.