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Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 23) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:58:19

"So without the ardeur binding you to her, you'd never have been attracted to women at all?" she asked.

I shook my head. "Nope."

"That would be hard, and the memories you have of Jean-Claude and others being with women are all guy memories, so you don't have the equipment to do what you remember."

Her pretty face was very serious, and watching the intelligence behind her blue eyes made me understand even more why Jason had decided this was the one. Smart is sexy.

"Too much talking, not enough sex," Jason said, from where he was propped beside J.J.

From behind me Nathaniel said, "Agreed."

"How do we stop all the talking and get to the sex?" Jason asked.

I lay back on the bed so I could see them both. J.J. and I watched them go back and forth like a sexy tennis match.

"Pounce," Nathaniel said.

"Pounce?" Jason made it a question with a lift of his voice.

Nathaniel nodded solemnly. "Pounce."

"Cats"--he rolled his eyes--"but it works for me."

MUCH LAUGHTER AND giggling later, the boys convinced us both that words were extras we didn't need. I lay on my back, looking down the line of my body at Nathaniel's face as he licked between my legs with long, sweeping strokes of his tongue. He'd unfastened the hidden snap on the teddy to reach me, pushing the cloth up to my waist. J.J. lay beside me with her blue silk pushed up as far, and Jason's face mostly hidden against her body.

I was already making small, eager noises when J.J.'s body spasmed up from the bed as if a string had pulled her upward and held her for a long, impossible moment, her face slack, eyes wide, and then her body began to shake with the force of her orgasm.

Nathaniel hesitated a second, as we both watched her writhe and almost dance over the bed, as Jason kissed and sucked her. Nathaniel brought his longer strokes quicker and more often over that one sweet spot. J.J.'s hand reached out and I found myself holding her hand as that warmth built low in my body, and Nathaniel began to swirl his tongue in nearly circular motions, quick, but pressing a little more firmly over that one spot, each time he licked over it. The pressure and warmth built inside me, low and growing between my legs, until one last lick pushed me over the edge and the orgasm rolled up and over me. My head went back, my spine bowed, and I screamed my pleasure to the headboard.

I felt J.J.'s hand spasm in mine, but it was a distant thing. I clung to her hand as my body bucked and writhed, and Nathaniel kept licking and sucking, helping the orgasm last longer, so that it was wave after wave of pleasure, until my eyes fluttered closed and I was blind from the pleasure of it.

I felt the bed move, a second before I heard, "Trade me." I knew it was Jason's voice. I might have asked what he meant, but I was still quivering on the bed with happy aftershocks.

I felt him lick me, and knew it was him, or rather that it wasn't Nathaniel, before I managed to open my eyes enough to be absolutely sure. He looked up at me with that happy darkness in his eyes, and blue eyes held that dark, just as good as any other color. It wasn't a darkness of hue, but of intention. It was a possessive, a surety, a "This is mine."

I wasn't his, but in that moment I sort of was, and the knowledge of it was there in his eyes. It made me turn my head so I could see Nathaniel with J.J.--we'd negotiated that oral without barrier was okay between us all. J.J. was human, the only full human in the bed, which meant she could catch and carry disease. Whether I was still human enough to do the same remained to be seen, but caution was better. She'd tested clean and hadn't added any new lovers since, so we rolled the dice, pretty sure it was okay. Sleeping with lycanthropes and vampires had spoiled me. They couldn't catch or carry any disease, so fluid sharing wasn't as big a deal. In so many ways, humans were more dangerous.

J.J.'s breathing quickened as her body began to build quickly to the next climax. I tensed up, and Jason noticed enough to draw back and say, "It's okay, Anita, it's not a race."

"Sorry," I said. I had trouble relaxing with another woman in the bed doing certain things, because Domino had discovered I was slower achieving orgasm through oral, especially the second or third time, where most women climaxed faster the more foreplay their partner did. It was also partly a very old hang-up from my ex-fiance in college, who had made me feel badly that I took so long to come like this, though I'd learned that it was his lack of skill, not my body, that had been at fault. I'd thought I'd exorcised that particular demon, until I started having sex with another woman in the bed; funny what will raise the old ghosts. Domino had asked permission to get advice from Jason, so he knew.

Jason smiled up at me. I expected him to make some teasing remark, but he didn't. "I know it costs you something to include other women; I don't understand it, but I know it does, so thank you."

"You're welcome" seemed a little formal under the circumstances, but I said it anyway.

He grinned up at me, grabbed a pillow, and said, "Make a bridge." I rose up so he could put the pillow underneath me, to help him stay at the angle he needed without hurting his neck.

J.J. made small, eager noises as Nathaniel brought her again. We both looked to that side of the bed, watching our nearest and dearest be all intimate with each other. Then Jason settled himself between my legs and began to lick, suck, and kiss his way over and around me. It felt amazing, but I was distracted by the other side of the bed and J.J.'s breathing already speeding up, again.

Jason bit my inner thigh a little harder than most people liked it. It caught my breath in my throat and made me stare down at him.

"That's better," he said. "I want more of that look in your eyes." His voice was already a little deeper, from whatever he'd just seen on my face.

He licked and nibbled, and started adding small bites in; sometimes that distracted me from any orgasm, but if the mood was right, it added to it. Jason was a good judge of it. He'd bite, and I'd make a pain noise, not a happy noise, and he'd back off and go back to licking and sucking; then he'd bite on the sides of me, and if that brought happy noises, he'd try biting, semi-gently, over the sweet spot in the center. When my breathing quickened from it, spine arching a little, he bit harder. I cried out from it, and he took more of me into his mouth and shook like a dog with a toy. I screamed my orgasm for him, hands scrambling for something to hold on to, as he worried at me with teeth and mouth, until I waved him off. We had hand signals because sometimes the orgasms left us all wordless while we shook and quivered with the aftermath of it.

He licked me one more time up the middle. It made me cry out, and dragged my upper body off the bed as if someone had pulled me upward by some invisible string, and then cut it to send me collapsing to the bed again.

Jason was above me on all fours, staring down into my fluttering eyelashes. His eyes had gone to that pale spring green of his wolf form. There was something about doing oral sex that way that brought his beast closer to the surface.

"Did she just go from you biting her there?" J.J. asked.

"Yes," Jason said, but he said it while looking into my face.

I fought to turn my head, so I could see her propped up on her elbows, looking at us. Nathaniel lay beside her, one arm thrown across her hips, his face nestled against her body. The look in his eyes was full of that eager darkness, turning them to a deeper violet.

"You enjoyed it," she said.

Jason looked at her then, let her see the wolf eyes. "Yes," and there was an edge of growl in his voice now.

"You can never, ever do that to me," she said.

"Is that what you meant about rough?"

"Part of it," he said.

"What's the other part?" she asked.

"You said no to intercourse with Nathaniel. That leaves you just watching while we fuck."

"You know I'm a voyeur," she said.

"Me, too," Nathaniel said, still cuddled against her body.

imes I think you'd rather watch than participate," I said.