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Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 23) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:58:20

"Sometimes," he said with a smile, "but not tonight. I want to watch, as foreplay."

"You want to help me demonstrate?" Jason asked with a grin.

"Go, team," Nathaniel said, grinning back.

"The three of you have sex together a lot, don't you?" she asked.

"He's my best friend," Jason said.

"You know, most guys watch sports with their best friends," J.J. said.

"I don't like sports."

"I've done wilder things than this, just never with anyone I cared about," she said.

"You want to back out?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No, I want to watch you fuck."

"Good, because I want you to watch us fuck." He looked down at me again; his eyes were back to human. In fact, a lot of the heat had cooled.

"We talked too long," I said.

He looked down at his body. "You'll have to help get me back in the mood."

"Always glad to help a friend," I said.

He grinned and then laughed. "Then go down on me until I'm hard"--he leaned down and spoke low--"and then let's show J.J. what I mean by rough."

"Let's," I said, and smiled up at him.

JASON STAYED ON his knees, and I half sat up so that I could use my hands as well as my mouth. I spilled my mouth over him, sucking him until I could press my lips tight against the front of his body. He was only partially erect, so it was easier to force my mouth over him and hold all of him in my mouth. I played gently with his balls with one hand and kept the other on his waist/butt area, both to touch him and as a sort of balance point.

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I kept myself pressed as tight as I could to his body, sucking and rolling him in my mouth, because I'd learned that as long as I stayed this deep with a man partially soft, he didn't seem to harden as quickly, so I could enjoy the sensation of all of him in my mouth without fighting my gag reflex to do it, but apparently from the outside looking in, it looked even more impressive, because . . .

"How can you deep-throat him that long?" J.J. asked from where she had propped up on the pillows on their side of the bed.

I rolled my eyes toward her enough to see her, but I didn't want to give up my position; I knew that once I went off him long enough to answer J.J., he'd get harder and deep-throating would start to become a challenge. I was enjoying what I was doing and didn't want to give it up yet.

Nathaniel said, "As long as you keep your mouth sealed over him like that, it takes him longer to get fully erect, so the deep-throating is easier."

I got my first hint that maybe rough sex wasn't the only thing that J.J. didn't do the same way I did. I looked up the line of Jason's body, where he knelt above me. We had a moment of eye contact, and the look was enough to let me know that J.J. didn't have my fascination for oral sex, at least not fellatio. It was one of my very favoritest things, but then J.J. had been a lesbian most of her life, so she probably rocked me out of the park on cunnilingus.

Jason's body actually softened a little, as if he were thinking too hard about unpleasant truths, so I redoubled my efforts, sucking and rolling him around in my mouth, one hand coaxing and playing with other bits, nails digging lightly into his ass, as I felt him growing inside my mouth. He started making small involuntary sounds for me, and finally closed his eyes, his head falling forward as he breathed out, "Oh, my God."

Only then did I draw my mouth off him slowly, letting him unfold like magic, until my mouth got to the end, and then I sucked him back inside as quick as I could, but now I had to struggle a little to drive my lips down to retouch his body with the hardness of him not just filling my mouth, but beginning to spill down my throat.

I wrapped my hand around the base of him and began going up and down on him as fast as I could, using my hand as the new stopping point. I still couldn't breathe at the farthest point, but I wasn't staying down that far to feel like I was suffocating. It isn't always a gag reflex; sometimes it's an "I can't breathe" reflex.

"Stop, stop, or you'll bring me," Jason said, voice thick with strain. He groped for the headboard, but he wasn't close enough to reach it. Nathaniel was there to offer a hand and steady him. Sometimes teamwork wasn't about sex; it was about making sure no one falls off the bed.

"Condom," Jason said, and his eyes were closed. He was really fighting his body and his concentration, which meant I'd gone too far with the oral sex. There was foreplay and then there was sex besides intercourse.

"Sorry," I said, and started to get up and reach for the bedside table and the condoms.

"Don't apologize, that was awesome," Jason said, but his voice still held that strained waiting, and his forearm was still corded with muscle as he gripped Nathaniel's hand, like the ultimate male handshake, except this one was keeping him on his knees, and not collapsed to the bed.

I had to turn around and crawl to the side of the bed, reaching out to the drawer and the condoms. I got a short string out, because it was easier to grab, then crawled back more securely on the bed. I was about to turn around and hand him the condoms, when he said, "Stay there."

"Why?" I moved enough to glance back over my shoulder at him. His eyes were open now, and they'd bled from human blue to his wolf's pale green. Something about what I was doing had excited him. I started to ask, What? and then realized the teddy had worked up around my waist, so I was nude from the waist down except for the stilettos, and his view was of my ass.

"I take it we're doing doggy style," I said.

"Oh, yeah," he said, and his voice was a little lower, maybe with his beast, or maybe just the testosterone that can rush through men at certain moments.

Nathaniel took the condoms from me and handed one to Jason. He unwrapped it, tossed the wrapper off the bed, and began sliding it on. Just watching him putting it on tightened things low in my body and made me fight not to offer him my ass like I was in heat. If it had just been the three of us, I probably would have, but with J.J. watching it felt a little slutty, or animalistic; either way, not in front of company.

"You sure you're okay with this?" he asked, and it took me a second to realize he wasn't talking to me.

J.J. said, "Don't you dare stop now, I loved watching her go down on you."

He smiled at her and turned, with the smile changing slightly as he looked down at me. "Do it, Anita, just do it, don't hold back."

I thought I knew what he meant, because I let myself arch my ass up toward him, my upper body staying against the bed, face buried against the pillows.

"God, I love it when you do that."

He ran his hands gently across me, until I writhed for him, wanting him to finish what we'd started. He angled himself toward me, and then used his hands to move my hips slightly so the tip of him could find my opening. Just the feel of him entering me brought a soft sound from me. I loved the feeling of that first push inside.

"Wet, but so tight," he breathed as he pushed his way inside, and there was that moment when he was buried as deep inside me as he could get and I felt his body pressed as close against mine as he could get. I loved just knowing that we were married as close as it was possible to be; there was just something about it that floated my boat up, down, and sideways.

He began to pull himself out and then push in, finding a rhythm that was fast, but not as fast as he could be, and nowhere near as rough. I was about to tell him to be rougher, but he found just the right angle and began to pump himself over that sweet spot inside me. I didn't want to protest; I just pressed my face into the pillows and gave myself over to the growing sensation of it. I could feel the delicious weight of the orgasm building as Jason went in and out, over and over that one spot that wasn't actually that far inside, but you just had to find the right angle, and he'd found it.

My breathing started to speed up, and then from one stroke of his

body to the next he spilled me over the edge and I was screaming my orgasm into the pillow, driving my body up onto him, as if in the throes of the orgasm I wanted to fuck him faster, harder. He didn't fight what I wanted, just grabbed my hips so that he could get a better hold to pound himself into me, because that's what he did. While I was still riding the orgasm he started fucking me as hard and fast as he could, so that our bodies slapped together. He held my hips tighter so I could no longer move against him, and it was all his body driving us together with a sound as if someone were slapping flesh against flesh, as hard and fast as he could manage it. He was faster and stronger than human-normal, so that was pretty damn fast and hard.

I raised my face out of the pillows so my screams of pleasure were louder, echoing off the headboard, as Jason brought me again and again, and only when my screams had faded to small whimpering sounds of pleasure and I'd started to go boneless sliding back to the bed, not because I wanted to, but because I was beginning to lose control of my body, eyes fluttered closed with the multiple orgasms, only then did he finally thrust himself inside me one long, last time, burying himself as far as he could reach inside me. I felt his body shudder above me, and it made me writhe and make small noises as my body twitched with the pleasure of it all.

I felt him shudder again and half-collapse over me, driving us both into the bed, while he was still inside me. He slipped out by the time we were both flat to the bed, his body still pinning mine, so that I could feel his heart frantic in his chest, the pulse of our bodies roaring with the fierce pleasure of it. I twitched underneath him, unable to move, or open my eyes enough to see, blind with pleasure.

Distantly over the pounding of my own blood in my ears, I heard someone say, "Wow." I thought it was J.J. but wasn't sure, and was pretty sure in that moment I didn't care.

Jason moved slowly, rolling to the side of me, more a controlled fall than getting up. He patted me clumsily somewhere between my back and my ass. "You're good, good you." His voice was still breathy.

J.J. was talking. I heard her, but it was like I couldn't make sense of it. I tried to move my head and look at her, but that seemed like too much trouble, so I settled for raising a hand. It fell back to the bed without doing much, and then an aftershock hit me, so that I was writhing along the bed and making small helpless noises for a few seconds. Lying there and just enjoying the afterglow seemed like such a good idea, so I did that.