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Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 23) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:58:22

J.J. tapped my shoulder. "Enough, she's done," and she laughed.

I moved back from Jade's body, my hands still on her thighs. I looked up to find Jason grinning down at me. I smiled back at him. He was cradling Jade in his arms in a way that she'd never allowed before, though she honestly might not know who was holding her right now.

J.J. gave me a one-armed hug. "That was awesome! You learn fast."

"Being able to see and ask questions made a big difference." I started to let go of Jade's thighs, but looked up at Jason to make sure he wasn't depending on my hold.

"I've got her," he said.

I put a soft kiss on her inner thigh that made her twitch a little harder. When I rose up on my knees I could see her eyelids fluttering, not opening, but almost twitching like her hand. She was well and truly gone to her happy place. Yay, fucking, yay!

Domino said, "If I hold Jade, that frees Jason up to be with someone else."

I looked at J.J. "He's asking if you're all right with it."

He smiled and crawled across the bed and Nathaniel's legs to take Jade from Jason.

"Please," Nathaniel said, voice tight, almost hoarse, though he hadn't screamed a single time.

I moved up to look into his face. His eyes were almost frantic. "Please, what?" I asked, smiling and stroking the side of his hair.

"Touch me," he whispered.

"Hand, mouth, pussy, don't care."

Domino said, "Are you saying when I move Jade, that . . . that you didn't go?"

"Not yet," Nathaniel said, in that strangely hoarse voice.

"Wow, just wow, no wonder Anita kept you." He lifted Jade up, and Nathaniel was still long, straight, and so hard with need that he twitched involuntarily without anything touching him at all.

"I'll second that, wow," J.J. said.

"I'll third it," Jason said, and grinned. "I have good stamina, but Nathaniel puts me to shame when he wants to hold out."

J.J. looked at Jason with wide eyes, and then back to Nathaniel, still tied and eager. "Well, um, that's . . . impressive."

Domino cuddled Jade to his chest. She was aware enough to curl in against him. Her eyes were open now, blinking heavy-lidded, and almost sleepy.

I stroked fingertips down that nearly vibrating hardness, the lightest of touches. Nathaniel cried out, body straining against the ropes.

"He won't last much longer," J.J. said.

"Don't underestimate him," I said.

She gave me a look. "Really?"

She gave Nathaniel a speculative look.

"It's okay," Jason said, "he inspires me to be a better man."

She frowned, clearly puzzled at Jason.

I said, "He means that when he and Nathaniel are having sex with me, he lasts longer out of competition."

She turned back to me, eyes wide, and the beginnings of a smile quirking her lips. Her chin glinted dully in the light. We both needed to clean our faces, but first, I planned to get messier. No reason to clean up before I'd finished getting all dirty.

I started bending over Nathaniel's body. His voice came almost strangled. "Oh, God, no, if you do that I'm not sure I'll last."

"Then don't last," I said.

"You said hand, mouth, or pussy, you didn't care which." I smiled at him, and he would probably have called it my "I'm going to make you sorry for that" smile when I was topping him in the bedroom/dungeon.

"Please, what?" I said, and trailed my fingertips oh-so-lightly over him again.

He cried out again. "Intercourse, sex, please!"

I kissed him, gently, where I'd just touched, and his spine bowed as if there were an invisible rope attached to the center of his body dragging him ceilingward.

His eyes had bled to leopard blue-gray when he looked back at me. His face was as frantic as I'd ever seen it during sex. He was usually so controlled, it was interesting to see him like this; I liked it, or maybe it was just different and I wanted to try the limits of it.

I bent back over him, intending to lick the length of him and then stop and do what he wanted, probably, most likely, but he did something he'd never done with just me.

"Hopscotch," he said.

I raised up and looked at him. "You safeworded?"

"Yes," he said, in a hoarse voice that held an edge of growl to it.

"I've never heard you safeword," Jason said.

"I've only seen Asher make him safeword," I said.

"Sometimes it's not about pain, Anita. I want you, now, like this," he said, his voice deeper with the edge of the leopard that filled his eyes. He had utter control during sex, during bondage, and with his beast; if he didn't he couldn't have stripped on stage and shifted to his animal form in front of a crowd of customers--read potential victims.

I stared at one of the loves of my life; something about the scene we'd just done had hit some major switch for him. I'd ask him later, but for right now, I'd respect his general safeword and do what he asked.

"Jade wants some privacy," Domino said. He moved off the bed with her still curled small in his arms. I could see him tight and ready inside the red silk, but if they were leaving the room, it wasn't my problem. They were lovers, just not usually without me in the room for Jade's comfort. They'd work it out.

"Have fun," J.J. said.

Domino smiled. "She already has, thank you."

"My pleasure," she said, and grinned.

His smile turned to a grin.

Jade murmured something to him, and whatever she'd said made him turn for the door like he had a purpose. I hoped she'd agreed to have sex with just him, but either way, not my issue. I had other fish to fry, or maybe sausage, something like that.

I looked down at Nathaniel. His eyes had bled back to their usual extraordinary lavender, but his face was still almost frantic with need. Later I'd ask him what about all of it had flipped his switch so hard, but right now I'd see just how long and how hard I could flip that switch.

NATHANIEL WAS ONE of those men who was longer when he was at his most excited. He could gain two inches in length between "normal" erection and this, but he was also vibratingly hard, like wrapping my hand around rock wrapped in warm, velvet skin.

I was careful as I used my hand to slide him inside me, not just because with the extra length he would be deeper inside me, but because he'd told me when he got this hard that sometimes the sensations were almost too much, so that the pleasure of being touched bordered on a type of pain, and not one he enjoyed.

I'd had sex with Nathaniel more times than I could count, but he always felt different when he was this hard, almost like making love to someone different, no matter how much my eyes saw the familiar hair, the eyes, that face, the body all achingly familiar to me, and yet as I slipped him inside me it was like my eyes and my body were telling me two different things, so familiar and not.

I shuddered as he slid inside me, and my voice shook as I said, "God, you're so hard."

He nodded and closed his eyes, his breath coming out in a shuddering line that trembled down his body and into mine, as if his whole body had shaken itself. That small movement made me close my eyes and have to fight to find my focus. I was on top, he was tied up, I was in charge; it meant I had to hold my shit together and not get completely lost in the sensations.

I kept my eyes closed and started rocking my body slowly, getting the feel of him inside me this hard. I added a hip roll, like the real version of what belly dancing promises, that deep abdominal roll, with me gripping and releasing as I rode him.

He began to move his body with mine, so that he thrust up as I squeezed down, and we began that barely moving dance, rising and falling for each other, until I made a small sound for him.