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Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 23) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:58:23

"I like to watch, more than Jason does," Nathaniel said.

"I'd love to look up the line of Anita's body while Jason mouth-fucked her." She closed her eyes, her body spasming with the thought that she said next: "Watching his ass go up and down, his dick going in and out of her mouth while I ate her out would be incredible."

"Agreed," Nathaniel said.

"Mouth-fucking is something very specific," I said, "and not always my favorite thing unless I let the ardeur out of the box, and I don't think that would be a good idea for the four of us."

"But you are great at deep-throating," J.J. said.

"That's different from mouth-fucking," I said.

"You really haven't been with that many men, have you?"

"Not in a decade, and honestly, high school boys just didn't interest me that much, except for Jason."

"I'm not saying no to vigorous oral sex from Jason, but unless I'm in the right mood, mouth-fucking is sort of an endurance sport, and it might distract me enough that I will take a long time to go from oral myself."

"I'm not sure I understand the difference between deep-throating and mouth-fucking, and maybe you can demonstrate sometime, but anything that makes you not go from me going down on you is a no. I want you and me to enjoy it."

"I think I'll be enjoying myself, too," Jason said with a grin.

"Okay, Anita is busy at both ends, and Jason and I don't have sex together, so we're out of places for me to go," Nathaniel said.

She looked down, and I realized she was blushing. "Not completely out of places."

"No hinting, honeybunch," Jason said, "we have to be very clear on this. Are you saying that Nathaniel could have actual sex with you?"

"Gotta say it out loud, J.J., no misunderstandings."

"If everyone is okay with it, I'd like to try"--she blushed harder, and then went pale--"having intercourse with Nathaniel."

Jason grinned. "I'm okay with it."

"Really?" she asked, looking up at him.

"So we're going to daisy-chain us all," I said.

"Maybe, or maybe we'll just break into couples again," J.J. said.

"But you with Nathaniel and me with Jason," I said.

She nodded, not looking at us, and then finally darted a glance at me. I don't know what she expected to see, but whatever she saw seemed to reassure her, because she said, "Yes, if that's okay with you?"

I smiled. "It's okay with me."

She looked at Nathaniel. "Are you okay with it?"

Nathaniel turned his face so she couldn't see his expression, but I got to watch him fight for a more neutral look before he turned his head back so he could see her. "Yes, very yes. Someone untie me."

"Just say it," Jason said, smiling.

"Nathaniel, just say, 'not only yes, but hell yes'!"

Nathaniel grinned and finally said with a laugh, "What you said. Now someone please untie me so we can do this."

I LAY DOWN propped on pillows, so my head was already raised to look down the line of my body, and another pillow under my ass, so that J.J. didn't get a crick in her neck. She lay down, her hands petting along my thighs and looking down at my body. "God, you're beautiful," she said, and I realized she wasn't looking at my face, or breasts, and I didn't think anyone had ever complimented that part of me in quite that way. I wasn't sure what to say, so I settled for, "Thank you."

She looked up, letting her gaze go slowly up the line of my body, lingering on my breasts and settling on my face, meeting my eyes. The expression on her face was eager, serious, almost hungry in its heat.

"It's been a while since you got to be with someone besides your girlfriend, isn't it?"

"Yes," she said, and lowered her face to kiss the side of my hip, as she kept that intent eye contact.

"I don't think monogamy is your gig," I said, and my breath sped a little as she kissed a little more to the middle of my, um, hip.

"No," she said, and laid another soft kiss over the mound of me, and then she licked just around the edge of me. It made me catch my breath. "Oh, you're going to be fun," she said.

"Yes, yes she is," Jason said. It made us both look at him and Nathaniel on the side of the bed watching us. Jason didn't look sexual, he looked happy, content, just comfortable and happy. Nathaniel's face held more heat.

J.J. plunged her tongue lower, and it made me look at her, eyes wide. She gave me that grin that reminded me so much of Jason and then settled her mouth between my legs and began to explore. That was the only word I had for it; she ran her tongue along each fold and watched me react.

"You're seeing what works, aren't you?" I asked, a little breathless.

She rose up enough to say, "Yes, I want to see what your body reacts to, before the men join us, so I can be sure it's my tongue that's making your body jump and not something they've done."

"Sounds reasonable," I said.

She grinned again, half her smile hidden by my body. "Reasonable, I don't want reasonable."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You screaming your orgasm for me."

I laughed, sort of startled. "Confident, aren't you?"

"Yep," she said, and put her mouth where her brag was; of course, if you're really that good, it's not bragging, it's just fact.

J.J. was good. She'd signaled the men in when she said, "I know where most of the buttons and switches are now; come help make her eyes roll back into her head."

I might have protested the wording, but she did something with her tongue that totally distracted me. Jason's face was above me, smiling. He kissed me, gently, and whispered, "Thank you."

I started to say, "My pleasure," but J.J. did something that made me cry out and try to look down at her at the same time. Jason laughed, and when I was lying back on the pillows again without spasming, he got on his knees with one leg on either side of my chest. He was nude, his shorts lost while my attention had been on J.J. I looked up the line of his body. He was already partially erect, but I didn't reach for that. I cupped the warm looseness of his balls, rolling them gently in one hand. He closed his eyes for me, and then J.J. made my whole body spasm and I had to let go of him very suddenly. My hand could safely spasm on the shaft of him, but the rest was too delicate for what my body was doing.

I wrapped my hand around the shaft of him and squeezed, just enough to stop the laughter and make him shudder above me. J.J. stopped licking and started sucking, and my body spasmed for her, my hand clinching and shaking around Jason's body. He gave a soft cry, and when he looked down at me again his eyes were wild, eager.

J.J. had apparently played with all the buttons and switches she wanted, and was goal oriented on one switch in particular. She wrapped her mouth around me and licked with her tongue at the same time that she was sucking. Even as I felt the warmth begin to grow between my legs, I filed away what I was feeling to ask her how she was doing it and to see if I could duplicate it, but that was later; right now . . . I angled Jason downward and slid my mouth over him. I wanted him inside me when I came.