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Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 23) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:58:23

I sucked him, using my hand to guide him and avoid my teeth; nothing was a deal killer like an accidental tooth nick. I opened my mouth wider and moved lower on the pillows as J.J. brought me closer and closer to the edge. I slid my hands between Jason's thighs to touch his ass and press him closer to me, using my hands to start him moving in and out of my mouth. He didn't need much encouragement to start sliding himself in and out of my mouth, slowly at first, and then as I raised my mouth eagerly, he started moving faster, putting more hip movement into it, and into me. J.J. was sucking and licking harder, faster, and I wanted Jason's body to do the same to my mouth; it just seemed to work, and drive the pleasur

e higher to have both of them working together, so that I angled my mouth and throat eagerly, wanting him to go as far down as he could from that angle. Jason was long enough to make it enjoyable without making me feel like I was choking. It was an angle I wouldn't have tried with all the men in my life, but right that moment it worked, it totally and completely worked. My hands found the pillows and clutched at them as I let Jason move his hips as much as he wanted, and J.J. sucked hard and harder, the tip of her tongue still licking, and the building warmth crashed up and out and suddenly I was screaming my orgasm around Jason's body, until he drove himself deep enough that I couldn't scream. Sometimes that would have been too much, but tonight the feel of him down my throat, forcing my mouth wide with his body buried as tight as he could get it, was perfect for me to spasm and shiver while wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me. J.J. kept sucking, licking, so that I wasn't sure if it was all one orgasm or a series of them, one spilling into the other.

Jason drew himself out of my mouth before I was done, so I got to scream again. I heard him say, "If I don't stop, I'm going to go."

I managed to gasp, "Go . . . breasts!" I meant he could go in my mouth until he was almost ready to go, and then go on my breasts, and he seemed to understand me, because he slid himself back into my mouth and started fucking my mouth in earnest. It was almost too much, almost, and then J.J. hesitated in her sucking, and then she started sucking harder than before, so that I screamed when Jason's body let me, but in between I sank into the feel of his body slipping in and out of my mouth, down my throat, and J.J.'s mouth sucking me as if she meant to find the sweet, gooey center of my body, and make me come until I tapped out, or passed out.

And then J.J. screamed her orgasm with her mouth buried against me, and it made me scream again, my body bucking underneath them both. Jason pulled himself out of my mouth, and then he went, hot and liquid across my breasts. I opened my eyes enough to see him kneeling above me, his hand on himself aiming where I'd asked him to go, pouring himself over my breasts, so that seeing that made me scream again, and finally J.J.'s mouth wasn't on me anymore, but she was still crying out.

I fought the eye-fluttering orgasm to look down the bed and got a glimpse of Nathaniel behind J.J., and I knew exactly what was making her cry out. I'd have liked to have a better view, but the first big orgasm aftershock caught me and made me writhe underneath Jason, screaming wordlessly, my hands digging into the pillows, because he'd asked not to be scratched up, so I dug at the pillows instead of his flesh while the orgasm rocked me, and his pleasure spilled down my breasts in a happy, sticky mess.

THE FOUR OF us managed to crawl, fall, and collapse into a big pile. J.J. had collapsed with her upper body across my thighs and hips, Nathaniel curled around her, his hair tangled over them and my legs. Jason managed to grab the wet wipes on the bedside table so he could clean me up enough to not completely trash the sheets. As he cleaned up my breasts, he said, "I made the mess, it's the least I can do."

I gave him a thumbs-up, because I still couldn't talk or move. Good that he was mobile, good for him. But once he had me mopped up, he curled against my side, one arm across my stomach, his head resting against my shoulder.

J.J. found her voice first, though she was a little hoarse from screaming. "You both should come on one of Jason's visits to New York. We could have so much fun."

"How would you introduce Anita and Nathaniel to Freda?" Jason asked.

She rubbed her face against my thigh and said, "Anita as our lover, and Nathaniel as mine, and your best friend."

"Freda would go apeshit," Jason said, snuggling in against me a little more.

"She would," J.J. said.

I looked down at her blond hair, which was all I could see of her face. "Are you trying to use us as an excuse for the big fight?" I asked.

"Maybe," she said, and rolled her head enough to look up at me.

"Just break up with her," Nathaniel said, and he moved his face enough so I had a glimpse of his eyes through his hair.

"We share an apartment; do you know how hard it is to get a nice place at a reasonable rent in New York?"

"Are you saying that you'll try to make her move out in a huff, so you don't have to move?" I asked.

"It's a thought," she said.

I laughed. "That is cold, J.J."

"Mercenary, even," Jason said, reaching his arm down enough to stroke her hair.

"You've never tried to get an apartment in the city," she said.

"It can't be that bad," I said.

She gave me a look out of her blue eyes that was scathing and totally didn't match the warm, nefarious puppy pile we were in.

"Okay, maybe it is that bad," I said.

"Sorry to leave the cuddling, but I've got to get the condom off," Nathaniel said. He kissed J.J. on the cheek, which made her smile, and extracted himself from her and my legs. He crawled up and kissed me on the mouth, softly, thoroughly, and drew back with both of us smiling. The smile changed to something less tender and more boy as he looked at Jason. He held out his fist, and Jason fist-bumped him, grinning.

"Fist bump, really," J.J. said.

"We could high-five," Jason said.

"Shaking hands, maybe," Nathaniel suggested.

I laughed. "Go clean up, before the condom glues itself to you."

He started to crawl off the bed, and then said, "Damn, I got stuff in my hair. I'm going to have to wash it."

"That'll take forever," I said.

"Not if I don't blow-dry it, and just braid it wet."

"Okay, but then come back and cuddle," I said.

"I think we're all going to need to clean up," Nathaniel said as he got off the bed.

"Eventually," J.J. said, and crawled up so that she was on the other side of me. She lay down, propping herself up on her elbow. She touched her fingertip to my skin where Jason had missed a cleanup spot. "It was so fucking hot to watch Jason go all over you like that."

Jason started tracing the edges where his pleasure was just beginning to dry on my skin. "Wet wipes just don't clean this up, do they?"

"I'll hurry," Nathaniel said, and went for the bathroom.

J.J. looked very serious as she said, "You know, Anita, you don't have a problem with Jade being a girl, you have a problem with Jade."

I'd thought similar things in the last few hours, but I wanted to hear J.J.'s reasoning, not mine. "What do you mean?"

"She doesn't match up with you."

"I prefer women who are smaller than me, or at least not much bigger, and that's hard to find."

"But you like a woman who responds with fire, not hesitation. It seemed like every time we built up speed in the bed, Jade would do something to slow or stop the enthusiasm; that would be hard on a hard-core lesbian, let alone for your first female lover."

"Thanks for that," I said, and smiled, and then the smile vanished, "but I can't punish her for the issues her master gave her; that would be like punishing her for being a victim."

"But Anita, you don't have to have sex with someone if you don't want to, not even out of guilt."

"I'm drawn to her," I said.

"Through the metaphysical ties, I get that, but you find her a burden, not a pleasure, and that's not about her being a woman, that's about you and her not being compatible."