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Golden Eyes (Wild 1) Maya Banks 2022/8/5 16:58:45

over her body, straddling her waist. Arousal flared deep in her eyes at his dominant position. Muscles he didn’t even know he had tightened and spasmed as he stared down at her submissive pose.

Hell, he didn’t even know he possessed caveman tendencies, but damn if she didn’t bring them screaming to the surface. He wanted her. Wanted to own her, possess her. Brand her until there was no question that she belonged to him.

Something dark and primitive flared to life within him. Edgy need crawled over his skin, burning and restless.

He glanced down, just behind where he straddled her body, checking her wound. Though it was better than the previous day, he knew he still had to take care with her.

A growl erupted from his throat as the uncivilized part of him demanded he just take her. Ride her hard. Then he remembered the night before. Taking her from behind alleviated the need to spread her so wide, to put more pressure on the wound by pushing her legs up and apart.

He rolled off her and made a grab for the condoms still sitting on the nightstand. Then he flipped her over on her stomach. He circled her small waist with his hands and pulled her down until her pelvis cupped the edge of the bed and her feet dangled just inches from the floor.

The tempting swell of her ass beckoned him. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he tried to control his raging need.

He feathered his fingertips down her spine, touching, lightly stroking. She shivered and moaned, and he felt the prickle of little chill bumps dance over her skin.

Her hands splayed out over the sheets on either side of her head. Her fingers curled, gripping the material so tightly her knuckles turned white.

A smile curving his lips, he lowered his head to run his tongue from the small of her back up her spine. When he reached the base of her neck, he stopped and nibbled at the soft skin, making the baby-soft hairs at her nape stand on end.

A light groan filtered through the room, and he honestly couldn’t tell if it was her or him. Light and teasing, he ran his mouth over the contours of her neck, down the slight curve to her shoulder. Then he sank his teeth into the column, and she went rigid beneath him.

Her frantic movements stirred the primitive male lurking just under the surface. He let out a snarl and pinned her body against the mattress, holding her still as he continued his sensual exploration of her body.

His chest pressed into her back, and he gripped her wrists with his hands, holding them tightly against the bed.

His cock lay in the seam of her ass, and he rubbed up and down, reaching down into the wetness of her pussy. Her scent floated up, curling through his nostrils until they flared and his breaths came harder.

It was as though he turned into a beast himself. No woman had ever made him feel this way, so possessive, so raw. The need to take her overwhelmed him. Mine. Every instinct screamed that she was his.

He was thick and rigid between her legs. He easily found her entrance, his hands never leaving her wrists. Then he closed his eyes and groaned. Condom. Fuck.

Letting go of one of her hands, he grabbed the packet from the bed and ripped it open. He reached down between her legs and rolled it on. His body shook with impatience. He could hardly contain the overwhelming desire to bury himself deep.

Aliyah reached back with her free hand to touch him, to feel the coiled muscles in his chest. He let out another growl as he clamped down over her hand, pressing it back to the mattress and preventing her movement. With one surge of his hips, he was balls-deep in her pussy.

She cried out at his sudden possession. Her body rippled and seized around him, delicious waves of pleasure rolling over her like thunder.

He lay against her for a long moment as she simply enjoyed the sensation of being filled by him. Then his body took over, demanding more, moving, thrusting frantically against her.

There was no finesse to his actions, just the urgent need of a male to dominate his woman. His woman. The thought echoed sharply through her mind. His. The sound of the slap of his hips against her ass rose sharply.

She pushed back against him, taking more of him, swallowing him into her body. She whispered his name and closed her eyes as he owned her.

Her body tensed around him, and a flood of moisture burst around his cock. She was close, so close. She wanted more. She wanted it all. Wanted to be completely and truly his. Then he stopped his movements, holding himself deep inside her pussy.

She whimpered her protest and squirmed against him, trying to get him to thrust again. His hands tightened around her wrists, a warning for her to be still. Power emanated from him as he pressed his lips to the center of her back.

It was an exquisitely sensual gesture, not soft. No, he marked her, pressed his mouth to her spine then licked her. His teeth grazed over the ridges and sank into her quivering flesh.

He chuckled lightly as he kissed a small pattern up her spine.

“I need to come,” she begged.

“So do I, sweetheart. So do I.”

He slowly dragged his cock over her clenching flesh until the head of his dick just rimmed her entrance. He held there until she writhed underneath him, arching her ass, trying to take him again.

“Greedy wench,” he murmured.

His fingers slid over the tops of her hands. She curled her hand around his just as he lunged forward. He rode her hard and unrelenting.

She gasped then yelled his name as he pounded deeper. His groin met the fleshy globes of her ass, flattening them with each thrust. Harder and harder, faster and faster.

His cry sent her over the edge, and he tumbled after her. She screamed, he yelled, and he came completely apart as his orgasm splintered and broke like a perfect wave.

He lay over her, gasping for breath, struggling to process just how completely he’d lost control. Then he realized he had her pinned to the bed, his much larger frame flattening her.

He let out a curse and eased off her, pulling out of her moist heat. She made a sound of protest, and he smoothed his hands over her back, cupping her buttocks in a gentle caress.

“Just lay there, honey. I’ll be right back to take care of you.”

She made a sound of contentment then, one that seared right through his chest and lodged in the vicinity of his heart. He tore the condom off and disposed of it before crawling back onto the bed.

Tenderly, he rolled her on her side then coaxed her into his arms, careful not to bump her wound.

“Am I alive?” she mumbled.

“Was I too rough?” he asked anxiously. God, now that the moment was over, he cringed at just how caveman he’d acted. He was just waiting for her to kick his ass out of bed.

“Oh no,” she said breathlessly. “You were absolutely perfect. So perfect that if you’ll give me a bit to recover, I want to do it all over again.”

Oh hell. His dick stood up and waved. He didn’t think he’d ever recovered that fast.

“How much time you need?”

She laughed, low and husky. “A couple minutes. Maybe one?”

He rolled until he was over her. “I like that answer.”

He stared down at her, the warm, happy glow in her eyes sending a surge of satisfaction through his body.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

She smiled and reached up to touch his face. “No. I won’t break, Duncan.”

“It’s a good damn thing,” he growled. “Because I plan to fuck your brains out.”

“What, not romantic enough for you?”

“Romance is highly overrated,” she said dryly. “I like raw. Hot. Unrestrained.”

His entire body tightened. How had he been so damn lucky to find a woman like her? Okay, so he wasn’t going to dwell on how he’d found her. Definite mood killer.

When she tried to part her thighs, he clamped his legs around her, holding her in place.

“You just let me do all the work, honey. I don’t want you

She purred in contentment. “I could get used to this kind of treatment.” She stretched sensuously and arched her chest, pushing her breasts outward. It was more temptation than Duncan could withstand.

He lowered his mouth to one peak. The nipple melted in his mouth, conforming to the shape of his tongue. Sweet, so sweet. Delicious.

He sucked at her like a man starved. With each pull of her breast, she became more restless, twisting and whimpering with need.

His teeth grazed the point then nipped sharply, and she gripped his head with strong fingers, calling out his name.

He loved that she was so responsive. How could his caveman instincts not be riled when she made him feel like he was the only man in the world? Like no other man had ever fired her blood as he had.

Reluctantly, he released her nipple and kissed his way to her navel. Her supple skin gave way, molding to his lips, sliding like silk over his tongue.

“You taste so damn good,” he rasped. “I’ve never tasted sweeter.”

He settled between her legs, parting the golden curls at the apex of her legs. Trailing a finger between the plump folds, he enjoyed the slick wetness. Then he lowered his head and swept his tongue from her small opening upward to her straining clit.