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Golden Eyes (Wild 1) Maya Banks 2022/8/5 16:58:47

as I want. I like to come when the guy does, when he pours himself into me.”

His cock nudged her belly, and despite his earlier protest, she reached for it again, wanting her hands wrapped around that steel.

“Your turn,” she said sweetly.

“Fuck. How am I supposed to top that?” A disgusted look crossed his face. “Damn.”

She looked up at him. “What?”

“I uhm don’t have any lube, you know, for us to have anal sex.”

He looked so disappointed that she had to stifle her laughter.

“Have any good olive oil? Body lotion? Either will do.”

He gave her a look that was a cross between surprise and admiration. “You’re one kinky girl.”

“I prefer to think of myself as adventurous,” she said with a wink. “Now, what’s next on your list?”

He lowered his head and angled to kiss her. Lightly at first, just a touch. Then he curved his hand behind her neck and tilted her head up to meet his mouth. Deeper, his tongue swept across her lips, coaxing them open, then moving inside, over her tongue, tasting, exploring.

As he drew away, his eyes smoldered with desire, melting the brown into a pool of chocolate.

“Next on my list is getting you naked.”

“Funny, that was next on my list,” she said as he slid off her lap.

He pulled her up to stand in front of him, his hands going to her shirt to unbutton it. With each inch of flesh he bared on his way down, he pressed his lips to it until she was shivering.

When the last button was undone, he pushed the material over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“You have such perfect breasts,” he murmured.

Instead of touching them like she thought, hoped, he would, he merely bent down and licked one of the taut nipples. Her knees buckled, and she had to grasp his shoulders to keep her balance.

“Sweet. You taste so good.”

He ran his tongue over the valley between her breasts and over the swell of the next and finally to her other nipple. He sucked it between his teeth and tugged gently.

She murmured a protest when he pulled away and reached for the band of her sweats.

He didn’t hurry. Instead, he eased them down, inch by inch until she squirmed with impatience. Finally she kicked the pants away, and they stood naked before each other.

She pressed her body to his, delighting in the feel of skin on skin. His hardness against her much softer body. He ran his hands down her back and over the swell of her bottom. His fingers tightened as he cupped and squeezed, and she tingled all over as she imagined him sliding his big cock deep into her ass.

But first she was going to give him number one on his list.

She stepped away until the backs of her knees met the edge of the couch, and she sat, eye level with his very large, very erect penis.

She glanced up at him and uttered the invitation. “Fuck my mouth.”

Raw desire sparked in his eyes. He moved forward and cupped the back of her neck with one hand. With the other, he grasped his cock and guided it toward her mouth.

“Open,” he said in a guttural voice.

She licked her lips, brushing the tip as he thrust into her open mouth. He was tentative at first, sliding gently to the back of her throat and retreating, but she wanted more. She wanted his passion, the power she felt simmering just below the surface.

She pulled away and stared up at him. “Don’t hold back. I want all of you. I won’t break, Duncan. Fuck me.”

With a predatory growl, his grip on the back of her neck tightened, and he thrust forward, burying himself in her mouth. Her lips stretched to accommodate his width, and her tongue glided over the smooth hardness, tasting, absorbing the rugged maleness.

She inhaled deeply, surrounding herself with his scent, the smell of sex and power heightening every one of her senses.

His hand twisted in her hair, pulling her to meet his thrusts. She closed her eyes and surrendered to him completely. His moans filled the air, and she sucked greedily at him, wanting more, wanting to give him the same pleasure she was taking.

A light burst of fluid spilled onto her tongue as he pulled back. She swallowed even as he rode forward again.

“Deeper,” he growled. “I want you to take all of me. That’s it. Swallow me whole. God, baby, I’m going to come. Down your throat. Swallow it all.”

His movements became more urgent, and both hands grasped her head, tangled in her hair. He slid all the way in. Her nose pressed against the springy hair at his groin just as she felt the first jet of his release slide down her throat.

He strained against her, pumping harder as more hot liquid filled her mouth. She savored it, holding it for a moment before swallowing it as he’d demanded.

He continued with shorter, gentler thrusts as she licked and sucked every drop from his skin. His grip on her head eased, and finally he pulled away from her.

She looked up to see him staring down at her, desire and deep satisfaction mirrored in his gaze.

“Do you have any idea how sexy you look with your lips all red and puffy, wet with my come?”

She ran her tongue over her top lip in a slow, deliberate motion, and he groaned.

“That was fantastic,” he breathed. “You’re fantastic. I think I need to sit down.”

She grinned as he sank onto the couch beside her. He reached up and pulled her back against him, and she went willingly, cuddling against his chest.

His heart thudded against her ear, and his chest dipped with shallow breaths. She slid her hand down to his softening erection and touched and petted, enjoying the contrast to the iron hardness of just a few minutes ago.

“Not so impressive now, is it?” he said with a grunt.

She laughed. “You men are so hung up on your appendages. It’s still quite impressive,” she consoled.

His chest shook with laughter. “Still want it up your ass?”

A light shiver raced over her skin as she stroked and caressed his balls. She glanced up at him. “Imagine how tight I’ll feel. Like you can’t even get inside me. For just that moment when my body resists your invasion and then when it gives way and you’re balls-deep in my ass. So tell me, do you still want up my ass?”

Already she could feel him stir against her fingers.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck that sweet little ass,” he murmured. “I can’t wait to see you bent over, ass high in the air. I’m going to ride you long and hard just like you asked me to.”

She rotated over him and settled astride his lap as he had done to her earlier. “I suppose this is the point where we need to discuss sexual history, whether or not you have crotch rot and the fact that I’d rather not use a condom for anal sex.”

He cocked one eyebrow at her. “I hate to tell you this, honey, but determining whether or not I have crotch rot would have been a good idea before I fucked that pretty mouth of yours.”

His eyes twinkled devilishly, and she smacked him on the chest.

“I’ve always practiced safe sex, with the exception of one guy two years ago when we had anal sex. I trusted him. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I’ve had check-ups. Now it’s your turn,” she said.

“Straightforward. I like that. You manage not to make this sort of conversation awkward,” he said with a grin. “If you must know my dark, dirty secrets, then I haven’t had sex in a little over a year. I used condoms. Before that I was in a committed relationship with a girl for two years. We did have unprotected sex, but I was faithful to her and vice versa.”

“What happened?” Aliyah asked.

He shrugged. “She wanted more than I could offer her. It was a civil break-up. She moved to Denver. Last I heard she was engaged to some lawyer.”

“You don’t sound too terribly torn up about that,” she said dryly.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her breasts to his mouth. “We weren’t right for each other,” he said simply, just as he began nib

bling on one of her nipples. “Now, not that I don’t love discussing past girlfriends,” he said, “but I’d much rather discuss how fast you can take that ass into the bedroom so I can fuck it.”

Aliyah scampered ahead of Duncan into the bedroom. He followed behind a few moments later with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in one hand and a bottle of baby oil in the other. She cracked up at the devilish glint in his eye.

“I’m not even going to ask why a manly man such as yourself has a bottle of baby oil.” She even managed to say it without snickering.

“Just think of how sweet your ass will smell,” he teased.

He tossed aside the olive oil then dropped the baby oil on the bed. She sashayed over to him and ran a finger down the midline of his chest, lower until she traced his semi-erect cock to the tip.

“The secret to getting a woman to offer you her ass? Make her so crazy with desire, get her so worked up that she’ll do anything to get off. The more turned on I get, the naughtier I get,” she said with a wink.

“In that case.” He wrapped his arms around her and fell onto the bed, his body over hers. He held her arms high above her head and set about tormenting her with that sinful mouth of his.

He licked her. Bit her. Sucked her. Kissed her.