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Golden Eyes (Wild 1) Maya Banks 2022/8/5 16:58:47

He rolled the taut peaks of her breasts between his teeth and laved his tongue over the nipples. All the while he murmured to her in great detail precisely what he was going to do when he turned her over and mounted her. How he was going to force himself as deeply as he could go and ride her ass long and hard.

Her breaths were coming so short that she felt light-headed. God, she wanted to roll over and let him mount her now. She wanted it. Needed it. But he seemed perfectly content to torture her with words and deeds.

He blazed a sensual trail down her belly where he swirled his tongue around the shallow indention of her navel. He played there awhile as he edged her thighs further apart with one shoulder.

His fingers brushed through the light hairs between her legs, delving into the soft folds, spreading and exposing the tender bud above her pussy opening.

Warm and soft, his breath blew over the sensitive flesh. Goose bumps raced down her legs, over her body, urging her nipples to puckered little nubs.

He licked lightly. The rasp of his taste buds over the tender skin sent shivers of delight through her pussy. He tasted her like candy, sucking, lapping, like he couldn’t get enough of her sweetness.

When she was sure she couldn’t possibly take any more, he spread her legs in a sudden move and lunged up her body. His cock slid into her waiting pussy, taking the breath from her in a forceful lurch.

“Tell me what you want,” he demanded as he rose above her, buried deeply inside her body. He placed his hands on either side of her head and rolled his hips, rocking them forward and then back again.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she gasped. “Please. I want it. Take me, Duncan. Make me yours.”

He ripped himself out of her and rolled her over. He gripped her hips and yanked her to her knees. She heard the squeezing sound as he squirted baby oil, and then his hand found the cleft of her ass.

He slid one well-oiled finger inside. No preliminary. She groaned in delight as her body spasmed and protested the invasion. God, it was nothing next to what she would feel when he got his cock inside her.

“Touch yourself, sweetheart,” he rasped. “Get yourself ready. I can’t hold out much longer.”

She laid her cheek on the bed, arching her ass higher, giving him better access. She braced herself with her right hand and slid her left hand between her body and the bed, reaching up to stroke her clit.

He slid another finger into her tight hole, and she stroked her clit harder, moaning with pleasure. His fingers left her, and then his hands gripped her hips as he came up on his knees behind her.

“I want it hard,” she said. “Don’t hold back, Duncan.”

He hesitated. “I don’t want to hurt you, honey.”

“The pain is part of the pleasure. I want it. You know you want to thrust into my ass. Don’t make me wait.”

She closed her eyes and gently worked her finger over her clit as her body tensed with anticipation. She felt the broad tip of his cock settle between her ass cheeks, and then he spread her impossibly wide. She caught her breath just as he rammed forward.

Her eyes flew open in shock, and her body tightened like a bowstring. She shook and spasmed and bucked against him, her first instinct to reject his advances. He growled and yanked her back to him, and oh God, she loved that sound. That possessive cry. Mine.

She moved her finger harder, seeking to make the burn subside and the pleasure seep into her body. He grunted above her and demanded that she take it all.

She closed her eyes once again and raised her ass submissively higher in the air. His hands splayed over her buttocks as he thrust again. Her body gave way, surrendered to him as his balls slapped against her pussy.

“Dear God, you’re so tight. So fucking incredible.”

She was incapable of speech. She could feel every ridge, every vein, every inch of his massive cock as he worked it back and forth through the tight little muscle guarding the entrance to her ass.

She stretched to accommodate him and clamped down when he tried to retreat. His fingers dug into her hips, his hands tight around her body, demonstrating his claim, his brand. For tonight he owned her and she gloried in it.

Her release hovered, so close, so tempting, but she wasn’t ready. She slowed the stroke of her fingers and for a moment simply enjoyed the steady slap of his abdomen against her rounded cheeks.

He withdrew in one long, slow motion. The head slid out with a light pop, and she moaned her protest. His thumbs smoothed over her ass, spreading the cheeks as her opening slowly closed. Then she felt him position himself again. He waited a moment and then he rippled through her opening in one long shove.

She nearly orgasmed then. She fought for control as raw, edgy desire coursed through her veins.

“You’re not going to give it to me,” he said. “I’m going to take it.”

He reached under to push her hand away. He pulled it around her back and held it with one hand while he rode her relentlessly.

Her orgasm built. The fire raged, but she knew she wouldn’t succumb until he touched her. Until he did what he was preventing her from doing. She was in his power, helpless to receive only the pleasure he was willing to give her. And he gave her everything.

“Tell me you want to come,” he uttered in a harsh whisper. “Tell me to touch you, Aliyah. Tell me how to make you scream.”

“Oh God. Touch me, Duncan. My clit. Please. I need to come. But with you. Only with you.”

“Then get ready, sweetheart, because I’m going to come all over your ass.”

He slid his other hand beneath her, to her clit. When his finger ran lightly over the swollen bud, the first waves of her orgasm hit. Still, he took her higher.

Deep, he was so deep, forcing her to accommodate him, to take him all.

He applied more pressure to her clit, rotating, and she screamed as her body exploded. Mindless ecstasy rocked her. She lost all sense of time and place. She felt the first hot spurt of his release deep in her body, and she pushed back against him, wanting more.

He pulled back. He guided her hand downward and once again told her to touch herself. Then he gripped her buttocks with his palms and spread as he pulled out. She felt him grip his cock and jerk, and then she felt the hot splatter against her opening. It slithered inside, some seeping inward while more ran down the cleft of her ass.

As she worked her finger over her clit, she felt the sharp edge of another orgasm blow up and explode in a matter of seconds as warm trails of his seed trickled down the insides of her thighs and the backs of her legs.

Then he slid into her once again, easier this time. Slower, gentler as he worked back and forth. He rocked

against her as his cock softened, and he emptied the remnants of his come inside her body.

She let her hand fall, her pussy too sensitive to take any further stimulation. She lay there, content to let him finish with gentle strokes until finally her body released him with a soft sigh.

He leaned over and pressed a kiss between her shoulders. “I’ll be right back,” he whispered.

A moment later, she felt a warm washcloth work gently over her skin.

“I’ve started a shower for us.”

She tried to turn over, but her muscles were jelly. Slack, sated, she couldn’t have moved if she wanted.

He reached down, gathered her in his arms and picked her up to carry her into the bathroom. He set her down in the shower under the warm spray, and she leaned against him, too weak to stand on her own.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. For the longest time they stood there, under the hot water, neither moving.

“The sex was mind-blowing,” he finally said. “But it was more. Goddamn it, it was more, and I can’t even grasp it. What happened, Aliyah? Because I damn sure can’t explain it. It should have just been hot, kinky sex, but I’ve never felt like that before.”

She didn’t have an answer for him, because she knew exactly what he was struggling with. Theirs was more than a physical connection, more than two bodies lusting, sweating, fucking.

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She clung to him as he washed her and then himself. They stepped from the shower, and he wrapped a towel around her, still holding her close as if he couldn’t bear the separation.

When they were dry, she leaned weakly against him. “Anything else on your list?” she cracked.

He kissed the top of her head and threaded his fingers through her still-damp hair. “All I want is to take you back to bed and hold you. And later I want to make love to you. Again and again.”

She sighed because it was exactly what she wanted. To be held and cherished by this man.

He swung her into his arms and carried her back to the bed. He glanced at the sheets with a grimace then set her down in a standing position.

With hurried movements, he stripped the top sheet and tossed it toward the corner. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

His footsteps retreated, and in moment, he returned with another sheet that he hastily arranged on the bed. He yanked the down comforter from the pile on the floor and pulled it up in a semblance of an arranged bed.

She crawled under the covers and turned to face him as he got in beside her.

“Come here,” he said huskily as he opened his arms.

She snuggled in tight against him, letting his body heat envelop her. He pulled the covers over them and then wrapped his arms around her, molding her to his body, and she marveled that they fit so perfectly. Her softness to his hardness, her curves aligning with the muscular planes of his form.

Her head tucked beneath his chin, and she threaded her legs through his until there wasn’t an inch of space separating them.

This, she thought…this was perfect.

A rifle shot shattered the morning stillness and jerked Duncan from a sound sleep. His eyes flew open as he registered the proximity of the gunfire. He automatically reached for Aliyah only to feel an empty space beside him.

He scrambled off the bed and yanked on the first pair of shorts he came across. He ran for the front door and flung it open, stumbling into the brisk air.

Nick stood by his truck, rifle up and trained on a distant object. When Duncan followed the direction of the barrel and saw a cheetah huddled on the ground, he roared and charged for Nick.

Duncan tackled him as Nick squeezed off another shot. The rifle went flying