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Golden Eyes (Wild 1) Maya Banks 2022/8/5 16:58:44

“I’m here,” he said. Then he looked down and realized his hand still rested against her cheek. He started to pull it away, but she caught his fingers in his hand.

“No, don’t go,” she said. “Please.”

To his utter astonishment, she reached over and wrapped her arms around his waist then proceeded to snuggle into his body as tightly as she could go. Oh hell.

He relaxed on the bed to alleviate the awkwardness of the position, which sent her seeking further into his arms.

“It’s been so long,” she whispered.

“Since what?” he asked as he smoothed her hair with his hand.

“Since I felt another’s touch on my skin.” She rubbed her cheek over his chest and then impatiently shoved at his shirt, raising it so she could press her face to his bare skin.

She ran her hands up his ribcage and over his chest as if she couldn’t get enough. Her warm lips glanced over the hollow, and he groaned as his cock, which had jumped to attention the moment she touched him, swelled painfully in his jeans.

“Aliyah. Aliyah,” he said louder when she ignored him. “Honey, you have to stop.” He tried to pry her away, but he didn’t want to hurt her. He grasped her wrists and pulled just as her lips met the column of his neck. “God.” It came out more as a groan than an actual word.

“Aliyah…we can’t…don’t do that…ah damn it.”

Her lips whispered close to his ear, and she nibbled delicately at the lobe.

“Touch me,” she whispered again. “Please.” She captured her hands in his and raised them to her breasts.

He might have resisted even that, though the weight of the soft mounds resting against his palms made his fingers itch to rub over her nipples, but when she reached down and slid her hand between his legs to cup the discernible bulge there, he was lost.

“Slow down, sweetheart,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt you. We have to take it easy. Your wound isn’t healed.”

He groaned even as he said it. Surely this qualified him for sainthood. He had his arms full of a curvaceous hellcat intent on rubbing herself over every inch of his body and he was saying shit like let’s slow down.

He might as well cut off his dick and throw it out the window.

With a delicious-sounding purr, she arched her body and slid along his chest until her breasts bumped him right in the mouth. Unable to resist such a sweet offering, he nipped at the swell then lapped at the nipple with his tongue.

She threaded her fingers into the hair at his nape and pulled him closer until he sucked the tender bud into his mouth.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

No longer able to fool himself into thinking they’d be taking anything slow, he wrapped his arms around her and lowered her to the bed. He was tugging at his jeans while she yanked at his shirt. And then he had an awful thought.

Oh Jesus, let him have something. He shot off the bed and hurried into the bathroom to yank open the drawer. Hallelujah. One half-empty box of condoms. He hoped like hell the damn things didn’t expire because it had been a while since he’d used them.

When he returned, Aliyah was spread out all over his bed, her lips parted, hair splayed out on his pillow, and those delectable nipples were puckered and just waiting for his mouth.

Her gaze wandered down his body, and he felt himself harden further when her eyes glittered in appreciation. He wasn’t a vain son of a bitch, but when a beautiful woman looked at you and liked what they saw, it definitely added two inches to your dick.

He tossed the condoms onto the nightstand and then crawled onto the bed beside her. The wound on her thigh was still red and angry, so he bent down and kissed the area just above it.

Her hand tangled in his hair and coaxed him away to the rest of her body. He was hard and impatient, and he was positively itching to get between her legs. But he figured the quickest way to fall out of grace with a woman who practically threw herself at you was to make it all end in three minutes flat.

As he lowered his body carefully to hers, she moaned in pleasure.

“You feel so good,” she murmured as her hands ran over his back. “Hard, strong. My people would call you a warrior.”

“I’m hard all right, sweetheart, and it has nothing to do with being a warrior.”

She giggled, and then he lost his breath when she reached between them and curled her hand around his cock.

“Honey, if you have any desire to make this last, if you want me to touch you as you so very prettily asked, you need to move your hand.”

With a sensual smile, she complied. “I do want you to touch me. Everywhere. With your hands. Your mouth. And then I want you to take me. Hard. Fast. I use to lie in the cage at night and dream of being human again. Of having a man’s hands on my skin. Touching me. Loving me. Of having him fill me again and again.”

Dear God, he wasn’t going to survive this.

“I guess I better be damn glad another man didn’t find you then,” he gritted out.

im down so that their mouths met. Hot, wet and lusty, their tongues met, and he tasted her. Golden. Like she looked. Warm like sunshine.

“Not any other man,” she gasped between kisses. “Only a warrior. Like you.”

He wasn’t sure he really believed that any man wouldn’t have done in a pinch, but her words were a salve to his ego. No man liked to believe he could be substituted on a whim. Even if it were true.

Impatiently, she pulled his head down to her breasts. He smiled and lazily ran his tongue around one of the taut little buds. She shivered, and he glanced up at her face.

“You like that, sweetheart?”

He toyed with the nipples, enjoying the velvety texture against his work-roughened skin. Soft, like her. The plump mound of her breast moved with each stroke.

No longer able to keep from tasting, he bent and sucked the nipple into his mouth. She arched into him with a gasp. He sucked and nibbled, alternating gentle sweeps of his tongue with a sharp nip of his teeth.

His little kitten enjoyed the pain.

When he released her breast, her nipple was red and erect, a direct contrast to the other that still lay untouched. It was a matter he’d quickly rectify.

As he captured the second nipple in his mouth, he slid his hand down her belly and into the soft curls between her legs. She opened to him immediately, and his fingers delved into her damp core.

“Duncan,” she murmured, and he felt a keen sense of satisfaction as his name spilled from her lips.

His fingers slid easily through her folds, gliding over her clit and to the opening below. One finger eased inside, and he damn near came as he imagined what it would feel like as it closed over his cock. Hot. Silky. Wet. The ultimate paradise.

But first he wanted to give her what she wanted.

Willing himself to maintain control, he eased down the bed and began at her feet. He rubbed the soles while he took each tiny toe into his mouth, sucking lightly in turn. She twitched every time he hit a sensitive spot but he held firm, forcing her to let him have his way.

When he’d finished with her feet, he kissed a line up the inside of each leg. He took special care around her injury and pressed his lips in a circular pattern around it.

He bypassed her pussy, which incited a protest from her. He just grinned and ran his tongue around the shallow indention of her navel.

“I’m saving the best for last,” he murmured.

He played with her breasts, nibbling and licking, and enjoying every sound of pleasure that she made. He loved the contrast between the tightness of her nipples and the lush softness of her breasts. Then he imagined sleeping with his head pillowed on them. Wasn’t that every guy’s fantasy?

He followed the curve of her shoulder to the column of her neck and to the tender skin below her ear. For a moment, he toyed with the lobe and grinned when he felt little chill bumps race across her skin.

When he finally made it back to her lips, she kissed him ravenously, her arms circling his neck and locking him into place. She fed from him; there was no other way to put it.

He returned her kisses, enjoying her passion and her excitement. He couldn’t