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Golden Eyes (Wild 1) Maya Banks 2022/8/5 16:58:44

remember ever making love to a woman who was so responsive, so eager for everything he could give her. It was damn addicting.

With reluctance, he pulled away from the sweetness of her lips and slowly moved down her body again. She trembled, and he smiled because he knew she knew what he would do next.

He lay there at her side, stroking the golden curls between her legs with gentle fingers. Light and teasing, he petted, gradually growing bolder, going deeper.

The plump flesh there enticed him, made him want to explore further. He wanted to taste her, feed from her. With two fingers, he parted the layers and sent a third finger seeking within.

Whisper soft, he touched, stroked and touched again, enjoying how her clit grew erect and taut, how she shook every time he rubbed her just right.

With his free hand, he reached down and circled his cock with his fingers. As he continued to stroke her, he stroked himself, enjoying the pleasure and imagining how it would feel when her pussy was doing the stroking.

He glanced up at her to see her watching him through half-lidded, passion-glazed eyes.

“Do you see what you do to me?” he asked huskily.

She licked her lips, and he damn near came in his hand. He yanked his hand away, but his cock remained painfully erect, bobbing away from his body.

“I want to taste you,” she said.

He groaned. “Honey, there isn’t much I’d like better, but if you’re going to wrap that sweet mouth of yours around my dick, I want to be in a state where I can enjoy it. If you go anywhere near me with that tongue, I’ll be done for.”

She pouted, sticking that luscious bottom lip out. Damn if he didn’t want to go nibble on it again. But there were other parts of her body he wanted to feast on first.

Ignoring the ache between his legs and the fact that he was so damn hard he feared splitting his cock at the seams, he rotated over her hips so that his face was just inches above the wispy blonde curls at the apex of her thighs.

“Spread those legs for me, beautiful. Careful, and don’t hurt your wound.”

Slowly she shifted, lifting her uninjured leg so that her glistening pink flesh was bared to his view. He lowered his head, pressed his tongue to her opening and licked upward in one motion, sliding over her clit, then pausing there.

She cried out and fisted her hands in his hair. He chuckled between her legs. “Let up on the hair, sweetheart. You’re going to yank me bald.”

She eased her grip, and he ran his tongue in tight circles around the straining little nub of flesh. It had always amazed him how much of a woman’s passion was wrapped up in one tiny bundle of nerves.

You could bring a woman to orgasm in thirty seconds flat with just the right amount of stimulation.

Or you could take it nice and slow, just like he planned to, and build and back off, build and back off until she was begging. There wasn’t much to be said about getting off in thirty seconds, anyway.

He sucked gently at her clit until she whimpered and squirmed beneath him. Then he wandered down to the tight little opening and rimmed it with his tongue. He spread her wider with his fingers and slid his tongue inside, tasting her warm honey.

“Duncan! Oh please,” she gasped.

He eased one finger inside her pussy while his tongue lapped upward again. Like velvet, her pussy clung to his finger, cradled it as he worked deeper. Then he found the area he was seeking, slightly rougher and different in texture than the slick walls of her vagina.

He crooked his finger upward, and she cried out, her head coming up.

He sucked at her quivering button and worked his finger in a slow back and forth motion until she writhed beneath him. He knew she was close to coming when every single part of her pussy convulsed and tightened around his finger.

Only the knowledge that he wanted her to come with him, wanted her exploding around his cock, had him pulling away.

She whimpered her disappointment, but he grinned and worked his way back up her body with tender kisses.

When he got to her mouth, she fastened greedily on him then paused for a slight second as she tasted herself on his tongue. He deepened the kiss, the idea that they were sharing her essence between them sending spasms of desire coursing through his body.

Those were beautiful words coming from deliciously swollen lips.

He glanced down their bodies and grimaced. There just wasn’t an easy way to do this. He sure as hell didn’t want her screaming in agony when he bumped her leg. He wanted her screaming for a completely different reason.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a frown. “You don’t want me?”

He laughed. God, what else could he do? Not want her? He was going to fucking implode if he didn’t have her, and soon.

“I don’t know how we’re going to pull this off, sweetheart. That leg is going to hurt no matter how I go about it.”

She put a hand on his chest and pushed at him. With a frown, he let her move him away as she slowly worked her body until she was lying on her stomach.

With a deep breath, her fingers curled tightly around the sheets, she heaved her body upward until she was on her knees.

“Oh honey, no, don’t,” he said, not wanting to cause her any pain.

She turned to stare at him over her shoulder, her eyes glittering bright gold. “Take me.”

Those two words sent an edgy need crawling over his skin until it was tight and uncomfortable. She leaned forward, her ass stuck in the air, her legs parted so that her pussy was open to his gaze, his hands, his cock…

With the wound facing outward, and the need to spread her wide gone, it just might work. His cock was screaming at him to mount up, but he didn’t want to hurt her. So he eased behind her, grasping her hips in his hands. And then he remembered the condom.

“Give me just a second, honey.” He rolled off the bed and grabbed one of the condoms, ripping the package open with his teeth and fumbling with the wrapper. In another two seconds, he had the condom rolled on, and he repositioned himself behind her.

As he guided himself toward her opening, he briefly wondered if this would work. She was small. He wasn’t. While he worried he’d hurt her, he also looked forward to how she’d feel all wrapped around his cock like a vise.

His hands smoothed over her ass, kneading and fondling as he spread her wider. When the tip of his dick touched her wetness, he had to close his eyes and pray for control.

Inch by inch he moved forward. He clenched his teeth as he worked inside her. She moaned and convulsed around him. She tried to move back, wanting more of him, but he staved her off with his hands.

“I don’t want to hurt you, sweetheart,” he managed to rasp out.

Her head came up, and she looked back at him, her bottom lip sucked between her teeth. “Fuck me, Duncan.”

Oh hell. Her words acted like a whip and spurred him to action. He surged forward, burying himself deep inside her. When he looked down, he saw he still had two inches to go. He’d get there. He just had to coax her into accepting more of him.

He pulled back and thrust again then looked down to make sure he wasn’t jarring her wound too badly. She didn’t seem to care, though. She moved back to meet his thrust and strained against him.

“I want you to take all of me,” he gritted out. “Can you do that, Aliyah? Can you take all of my cock?”

She shuddered at the erotic words and lowered her head so that his angle of penetration was better.

He withdrew and thrust again. This time harder. She took another inch.

He closed his eyes and held her there for a moment, simply enjoying the sensation of so much silky, wet flesh surrounding his dick. When she stirred impatiently underneath him, he began thrusting. Lightly at first and then harder with each thrust.

With a soft cry, she opened more for him. He could feel her pussy gently give way and accept him, and the globes of her

ass met his abdomen. God almighty, there wasn’t another feeling like this in the world.

His body took over. He began hammering forward, his mind wrapped in a cloud of euphoric pleasure. She tightened around him, her body shook, and he could hear her whimpers and the sweet little sighs escape her mouth.

He cursed the condom. He wanted to feel her skin on skin. He wanted to erupt inside her, wanted to see his seed trickle out of her pussy when he was done.

He felt her let go, heard her scream, and then felt a burst of wetness surround him as she orgasmed. It spurred his own. His balls tightened painfully. He swelled as his orgasm rose, raced up his cock. With one more hard lunge and a shout, he buried himself deep in her body and felt himself turn inside out.

He rested there on his knees, slumped against her ass as his cock jerked and spasmed with the last of his release. He hoped to hell he hadn’t reopened her wound or hurt her.

He glanced down and ran a gentle hand over the injury to make sure she wasn’t bleeding. Then he carefully eased out of her body.

Her legs trembling, she turned on her good side and collapsed onto the bed. He yanked the condom off and aimed it at a nearby trash can. Then he crawled up beside her and gathered her in his arms.

“That was…” She seemed to struggle over just the right words. He could understand her difficulty, because damn if he could put words to what had just happened between them. “Duncan, that was so wonderful,” she whispered.

She nestled into him, her body limp and warm. She made contented little sounds against his neck, and he thought maybe he had truly died and gone to heaven. This…this was perfection.

“Rest now, honey,” he murmured against her ear.

He smoothed back her hair, stroking the strands with his fingers as she closed her eyes and melted against him. When he was certain she was asleep, he carefully reached behind him to turn off the lamp and then wrapped himself back around her.

This wasn’t exactly how he envisioned the night going, but he damn sure wasn’t going to complain. He still hadn’t figured out what the hell he was going to do with her, but he guessed there would be plenty of time to figure that out tomorrow.