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Sugar Plum Isabella Starling, Jenika Snow 2022/8/5 16:59:14

“Bastian,” she whispered. “Please, kiss me, Bastian,” she begged me in that soft, sweet voice of hers.

I groaned, my body shaking, because I’d wanted this for too fucking long.

She looked up at me with wide eyes, the desire on her face clear, her pupils dilated.

“I love you, Holly. I’ve loved you since I saw you on your eighteenth birthday and realized the woman you’d become,” I said on a harsh breath. I groaned and closed my eyes for a heartbeat. “God, I fucking love you so much it hurts sometimes.” I leaned down to kiss her like it was the last time I ever would.

But it wasn’t. Fucking hell, it wasn’t. We were just getting started.

I was just getting started.

Holly moaned for me, and I kissed her harder, plunging my tongue in and out of her mouth, past the seam of her lips, making her taste me.

With my hand on the back of her head, my fingers tangled in her hair, I tightened my hold on those strands and tilted her head back. I moved my mouth down her neck, licking and sucking, loving how sweet her skin was.

I ran a path down the slender arch of her throat, making her understand I loved every part of her.

“More, Bastian,” she cried out softly.

Fuck, I was going to come if she kept saying those things.

I sucked on her collarbones, loving the way she arched her back, her breasts pressing firmly against my chest.

“Yeah, Holly. That’s it, baby girl.” There was no stopping me now. I had her in my home, her lush, curvy body pressed against me, her need and desire saturating the air.

I sucked on her flesh until I knew it would be red, until I knew my mark would be on her.

“I’ve wanted you too, Bastian. For so long.”

I growled in approval, hummed in pleasure.

“Bastian,” she hissed and clung to me more.

The way she whispered my name had my cock jerking.

She panted, sucked in air, and exhaled it harshly. “I need you. Just you.”

“You have all of me. Only you.”

I had us in my bedroom in seconds flat, no prolonging this, no waiting or teasing or tormenting.

I shut the door even though it was just us and cupped the side of her face, staring into her eyes. And then I leaned in and ran my tongue along her bottom lip, tasting the sweet flavor of her mouth, of everything that was Holly.

God, she was perfect.

“What do you want, sweet girl? Tell me, sugar plum.”

She had her eyes closed, her mouth parted slightly. “You. I want you now.”

I curled my hands around her waist. God, I loved her curves. I pulled her impossibly closer, knowing she had to feel the stiff outline of my cock. There wasn’t any part of her I didn’t want to touch me.

“Are we doing this?” she asked with hesitation in her voice.

I pulled back slightly and smoothed my thumb along her bottom lip, my gaze trained on her mouth. “We so are, and there’s no going back.” I looked into her eyes. “I’m not giving you up. Ever.”

She rose up on her toes, wound her arms around my neck, and kissed me like she needed me to survive.

I groaned, loving that she opened her mouth wide for me. I plunged my tongue into the warm, sweet recess of her mouth. “How ready are you for me?” I whispered against her lips.

I couldn’t hold back my groan. My cock jerked even harder, and the only thing running through my mind in that moment was plunging my cock between her soft thighs.

I needed to feel her pussy milking my cock, needed to feel her inner walls quiver around me as I brought her to climax over and over again.

The filthy things I wanted to do to her would make her blush, no doubt.

I had no control over my actions anymore, not right now, and not with Holly so responsive to me. “Mine,” I growled like some kind of animal. I leaned down so our mouths were only inches apart. “It’s only ever been you for me, Holly. Always.”

She arched her chest, pressing her breasts against me again.

I gnashed my teeth together at how good that felt. I turned us around and walked her backward, using my much bigger body as leverage to get her to do what I wanted.

Before I knew what I was doing, because desire was claiming too hard right now, I was tearing at our clothes, tossing the material aside until we both stood there naked, her curves on display, her body flushed with arousal.

I just stood there, watching her for long moments, loving her full tits, her pink, hard nipples, the way she had this gorgeous hour-glass figure. Her thighs were nice and thick, better to wrap around my waist and hold onto me as I fucked her, as I claimed her virginity.