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Sugar Plum Isabella Starling, Jenika Snow 2022/8/5 16:59:15

When she moaned, I grunted and held onto her ass even harder, knowing there would be bruises come morning.

“Yes,” she moaned, and I kissed her again, swallowing the sound.

Right now, I just wanted to push into her, stretching her virgin pussy, feeling her inner muscles surround every big inch of me.

“Are you ready for me?” I asked in a deep voice I couldn’t control.

“Yes, Bastian. God, yes. I’m so ready for you.”

I kept one hand on her ass and moved the other between our bodies, taking hold of my cock and placing it at her entrance.

Right now, I was being a dirty bastard as I rubbed my cock along her cleft, up and down, not penetrating her like I wanted to. “Fuck, Holly. Baby girl, sugar plum, you’re so wet for me, so ready for me to take your innocence.” I looked right in her eyes, not stopping my ministrations.

She grabbed onto the back of my head, pulling at the strands of my hair, making my desire for her climb even higher. The pain and pleasure from her tugging at the strands had me hissing for more.

Groans spilled from both of us.

Closing my eyes, I stilled above her, my muscles feeling strained, taut.

Be calm. Keep control.

“I’m ready, Bastian. I’m ready for you.”

There was no way I was going to wait, no way I was going to even attempt to stop this.

I placed the tip of my dick at her entrance, stared into her eyes, and in a slow move, I pushed into her body. Her mouth parted as I tunneled into her.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Holly baby. You’re so damn tight.” I groaned and clenched my jaw as intense pleasure tore through me. I was going to come if I didn’t control myself.

I buried inch after inch into her. For a moment, time stood still.

Right now, there was only us.

For the rest of our lives there was only us.

I thrust my hips forward, pushing another inch into her. I groaned and closed my eyes, unable to help myself.

Her inner muscles clenched around me, and I clenched my jaw. “Sugar plum, you can’t do that or I’ll get off too soon.”

“I love you so much,” she moaned.

“I love you too, baby,” I grunted. “Christ. Just like that, baby.” I started moving in and out of her, faster and harder, claiming every inch of Holly.

I was so far inside there wasn’t a part of her I wasn’t touching.

The sound of wet flesh slapping together was so erotic, so filthy, I could have come from that alone.

The root of my cock rubbed against her clit every time I slammed into her. And when I rotated my hips, causing a different kind of sensation to consume both of us, she dug her nails into my flesh harder. I hissed and groaned in unison.

“You’re so tight it’s almost painful.” I knew my expression was fierce. I felt it become primal. Sweat beaded my brow, and I made this low sound when I pulled out and then slammed into her especially hard. “I want you to come for me. I want to see you get off.” I reached between us and pressed my thumb to her clit, rubbing the bud back and forth while I still tunneled in and out of her.

My breathing was coming out in short, hard pants. I was close to getting off, so fucking close.

“Holly. God, I love you,” I said low, feral. I slammed into her again and applied more pressure to her clit until I was about to explode and fill her up. But before I went over the edge, I stilled.

“More.” Holly said that word right away, and I growled low in approval as I started moving once more.

I got lost in her. “Fuck, yes, Holly. Fuck. Yes.” I grunted like an animal and pumped into her like an animal. “You’re mine. Say it.”

She stared up at me with wide eyes and said instantly, “I’m yours.” She gasped when I slammed into her so hard she moved up an inch on the bed, and I saw the moment her orgasm hit.

“God, Holly, baby.” The pleasure on her face was because of me, and that fact, that knowledge, turned me on even more.

“You’re fucking perfect,” I grunted and came, filled her up with the hard jets of my seed. I wanted it all. I wanted her pleasure mounted even higher. Then I felt another orgasm wrack her body, her pussy clenching around my cock, rendering me speechless, breathless.

I pulled almost all the way out then pushed in deep again, stilling, making sure she took every single drop.

When several moments passed, only then did I open my eyes and look at her. Beads of sweat covered my body, and she reached up and smoothed her finger over my temple. I loved this woman so much.