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Sugar Plum Isabella Starling, Jenika Snow 2022/8/5 16:59:17

“What?” I laughed nervously. “Isn’t that a bit…”

“Yes?” He looked amused after my long pause, and I took a deep breath. He was going to spank me. I could practically hear Rosie in my head, shouting, And you’re hesitating, why?

“Nothing.” I smiled, the picture of an angel as I crawled on top of his lap, exposing myself for him with a meaningful look on my face.

“Naughty.” He smoothed his palm over my ass. “Goddamn, I can’t get enough of you, Holly. You’re intoxicating.”

I arched my back, and he groaned before raising his palm above me. “Do it,” I whispered. “Spank me.”

His hand came down, and I yelped in surprise when the sharp pain took over. But it only lasted a second. A moment later, his strong hand was rubbing circles over the mark he’d left on me, petting me so gently I could barely remember the hit. Still, it sent waves of excitement coursing through my body, making me wetter than I’d ever been in my life.

“Oh my God, yes,” I moaned.

“Do it again,” I begged. “Please. Spank me again.”

His hand came down on me again, and I felt an orgasm building from the pure expectation of it all deep within me. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced and nothing I’d want with anybody but him—Bastian, the man who I loved with my whole heart.

“You love this, don’t you?” He was grinning at me.

“I do,” I managed, smiling back guiltily. “But hey, you do too.”

“It’s okay.” He shrugged, making me jump up in protest as he started to laugh and hold his hands up. “Hey, hey, I’m kidding. Come on. Come lay in my arms.”

Shooting him a sideways look, I got in the bed. He pulled me against him. I felt vulnerable and rejected for some reason, but the man knew how to press every single button I had. If he kept this up, he’d have me purring like a cat in minutes.

“I’m sorry.” He kissed me. “I shouldn’t have teased you.” Another kiss. “I just can’t resist it. You, when you get upset… it’s kind of adorable.”

I looked up at him. “So I’m not just some…”

“Some girl you’re going to sleep with and push away after?”

“Of course not.” He furrowed his brows. “What gave you that idea?”

“Well, you have a reputation,” I muttered.

“Sugar plum.” He turned my chin so I faced him. “That was before you.”

“Well, everything changed when you turned eighteen.” He sighed, running a hand through his thick salt-and-pepper hair. “I saw you as a woman. As someone I could barely resist. I saw you as the love of my life.”

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. “You said those women were before me. What happens after me?”

“Nothing.” He grinned. “There is no after you. Now, there’s just us.” I couldn’t help smiling as he pulled me on top of him. “Now stay like that for a little while. I want to look at you. Does your butt hurt?”

“You sound disappointed.” He laughed.

“Maybe next time you can hit a little harder.”

“We’ll see.” He rolled us over, so he was on top of me again. “First though, I’m going to make that pretty pussy of yours come. And I’m going to look at you the whole time.”

He freed his cock and pressed against me with urgency. I pushed my panties to the side and coaxed him inside me, letting out a hiss when he thrust into me for the first time that night. He took a deep breath, forcing himself to slow down so he wouldn’t hurt me. He didn’t fuck me; he made love to me. I knew it was special. It felt as if I were under a spell, his eyes connected with mine and never breaking contact as he brought us both closer and closer to the inevitable orgasm. I felt one with him, and I wrapped my limbs around him, trying to convey the message.

“Beautiful Holly,” he muttered against my lips, and my heart soared when he finished with “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kissed, and a moment later, I felt him filling me up just as my own body trembled with an orgasm. He held me in his arms, gently thrusting a few more times until he was spent. But I wouldn’t let him move away, and I begged him to stay like that. Just for a little while.

My fingers trailing over Bastian’s back lulled us into a sweet state of drowsiness, and my eyes got heavier and heavier until Bastian groaned, holding onto me and getting up from the bed. I stuck to him like a baby bear, and he carried me into the bathroom, grabbing me a pair of his pajamas. He helped me put them on, and I laughed at my reflection in the mirror. I looked ridiculous in the oversized clothes, but I wouldn’t have exchanged them for anything else. I felt the closest to Bastian like this.