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My Miracle C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 17:01:49

“In the truck, sleeping.”

“Yeah. I better get Mira before she gets cold. I have the heat on low since it’s been a chilly fall.”

“Slowly.” It’s already October. Time has been flying by in a hurry, and I want this place ready for my family.

“Let me wake her up. I want to see her face when she sees the surprise.

I moan myself awake. What the heck? I can’t believe I fell asleep in the car again. This happens more often than it should. I’m glad that I quit working last month because I’m not very good at staying awake. I look around and see Ben smiling at me from outside the passenger window. “I’m glad you’re up, sleeping beauty.”

I see one of the work trucks behind him. Did we stop at a project?

He opens my door, then leans in for a kiss. I moan, thrusting my hands into his silky hair. My husband is sexy. He pulls back, then adjusts his cock in his pants. My eyes focus on that hard bulge. I reach to touch it, but he stops me and shakes his head. “Later, Mrs. Carrington. Now, please close your eyes, babe.” I narrow my eyes at him, wondering what he’s got in store for me. I hope it’s something kinky, but the damn work truck tells me it’s not. My hormones are going hog wild. I want him twenty-four seven. Well, when I’m not sleeping, that is.

“I’m waiting, woman.” He gives me that stern look that means I’m going to be spanked. I smile then close them. He helps me out of the car, then he turns me slightly facing the back of the truck. I feel my heart race as he slides his rough hands over my hair, then places his bandana over my eyes, tying it tight. “Good girl, fuck. I could see you like this, tied to our bed as I tear orgasm after orgasm out of your sweet pussy.” A gasping pant escapes my parted lips. He wraps his arms around me from behind, pressing his hard cock against the seam of my ass. “You are my world, Mira. You’ve made me so happy. Now it’s my turn.” He lets go of my waist and moves around to take my hand. We walk about twenty feet before he brushes his lips to my ear and says, “Pull it off.”

I lower the blindfold and begin to cry. The estate, it’s been rebuilt.

“It’s not finished inside, but I wanted you to see this and tell me some of the designs you want. I made it a little bigger, but that’s because I plan on filling you up with my babies.”

“I love it, Ben,” I sob out, turning around and hugging him. His heart is racing, and I wonder if he was scared I wouldn’t be happy.

“Would you like to live here?”

“Like? I’d love to live here with you. I’d live anywhere with you.” I take his hand drag him toward the house. “I want a tour, mister.”

We walk through the grand portico that looks similar to the original but has a different feel to it than before. It’s much warmer; I love it. There’s a set up for twelve bedrooms instead of the original ten. We’d need a maid to keep this place clean with a house full of kids.

“This is much bigger.”

“About another Three thousand square feet.” I see the old library or where it was, and I wonder if he kept it like the original. “Let’s skip this. It’s just a broom closet.” He shrugs it away and grabs my hand. It has two twelve-foot wooden doors. This is definitely not a broom closet. I pull his hand away just then, Dane and another worker, Angus, pull each door open.

Ben leads me inside. I can’t contain the excitement. I spin around the room like Belle. I would jump on a ladder like her, but I’m a little too round for that. Even though the work ladder is tempting.

“I can’t believe it. I thought of Beauty and the Beast.”

“The meme,” I squeal, remembering the night. We both crack up laughing because this bitch loves libraries. When I showed it to him a few months back while scrolling on Facebook in one of my favorite author’s reader group, he lifted his brow and said he’d get me a library. “You delivered big time. It’s twice the size.”

“I know how you like it big,” he whispers for my ears only, pulling my back to his chest and wrapping his arms around my bump. “And stuffed.”

“Mr. Carrington, you’re starting something you can’t finish.”

“I damn well can.” I look around to tell him we’re not alone, but we are. “I sent them home the moment we entered the library. Now, how will this go, Mrs. Carrington?”