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My Miracle C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 17:01:50

The room is a little dusty, but there’s a reading nook in the corner next to a large window. My eyes dart to it. “Great minds think alike.” I strip her down, then help her onto the window seat on her knees. “Press your hands on the panes.”

I part her thighs and pull my cock out of my pants. Grinding it along the seam of her ass, I leak cum on her and take that and lube up her puckered hole. Pushing one finger into her ass, she moans and pops her hips back at me. Moving it slowly in and out of her, I loosen her up then insert a second one.

I’m not going to take her ass today, but she loves it when I fuck her like this. “You like that.”

“Put it in my ass, Ben.”

“Don’t tempt me, babe. I don’t have the extra lube here, and your ass isn’t ready for me. Soon. I promise. Right now, I’m going to fuck your pretty little cunt. While I finger her ass, I thrust my cock into her wet slit, taking her from behind as she leans against the window. I know we’re alone, so I know nobody can see her, but she doesn’t know that, and it turns her on. The thought of being caught sends her pussy flexing around me in seconds. I don’t think she’s aware of it, but I’d never let anyone see her in the throes of an orgasm. I bellow out as she comes on my cock, filling her with my own release. I continue to pump my fingers into her ass as she rides out her ecstasy.

“Now, this may become my favorite room in the house, too,” I whisper in her ear as I gently pin her to the glass.

I walk into the house, and I hear noise coming from the playroom off to the side of the foyer. My mother is sitting there with my youngest son in her arms. We have four boys so far: Benjamin, William, Edward, and Malcolm. I give each of them a kiss on their cheeks.

“Where’s mommy, boys?” I ask my handsome little men. We’ve been married six years now, and my parents are staying with us while their house is being remodeled. After seeing the house rebuilt better than before, my father came around to understanding there’s more than getting a standard four-year college education. The house was grander than it had been, yet I made it as Victorian as I could. Then he wanted his done.

“In the library. Mom said she needs some mommy time,” Benjamin says. He’s my oldest. My dad wanted him to be the third, but I wasn’t naming my son Benedict, so we compromised. The old man still drives me insane. He’s probably working on a better home security system for my home. He feels we’re too far from other people and it’s dangerous.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got them a while longer if you’d like to go say hello.”

“Thanks,” I wink and give her a kiss on the cheek as well.

“I want a granddaughter,” she shouts as I rush to my woman.

I laugh as I step outside the door. Looking back in, I say, “I’m trying,” then I dash back out.

Hell, yes. Mira knew I was on my way home. Thank fuck we put a lock on the library. I sneak into the room with my key, locking it behind me.

“Why Mrs. Carrington, fancy finding you here,” I say. She lowers her book.

“Well hello, Mr. Carrington. I’m in the middle of a book. You know it’s unacceptable behavior to interrupt a reader.” She presses her hand to her head with an exaggerated sigh.

“Forgive me, please. How may I return to your good graces?” I say, keeping a straight face. She arches her prettily shaped brow at me, sets her book on the table next to the window seat, then lowers her legs off the edge. Fuck, she has on a pair of cotton shorts and right in the center is a wet spot. My woman has nothing on underneath. I rush to her and fall to my knees. My nose pressed to her pussy. I could eat her out all damn day. I know we have an hour before the boys come looking for us. I tug the fabric to the side and dip my tongue between her wet folds. I growl, pumping my tongue into her honey pot. She groans, grabbing my hair and grinding my face into her sweetness. I need her naked. Fuck, I can’t wait anymore. I pull the hem of her shorts down, bearing her cunt to my eyes. She’s ready for me like always.

“Babe, I’m never going to get enough of your pussy.” With two fingers, I spank her clit. She moans, throwing her head back. “No, Mira. Look at me when I take your lips.” Her eyes dart down to mine, and I thrust a finger into her core. She clenches and pumps her hips, rolling her body forward as I eat her. My tongue lashed at her clit repeatedly, tasting every drop of her juice. I need more. I want to hear her cry out, but I need to be in her.