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My Miracle C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 17:01:45

“Okay, I’ll pay you over time. Go home and get the information I need. Hit the ‘end of the day’ button on the phone lines.”

“Dang, boss, I like books, but this is excessive.” Brenda has been working for me for six years. I trust her opinion, but this is different. Mira’s happiness is all I can think about.

“Just do it, please.”

“That’s cool with me. I’ll get the last invoices off my desk then go.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Good.” I go back to work, looking over the six projects running simultaneously with my team of construction workers. She’s right about the calls. Any time I’m away from the office for a damn day, my phone rings incessantly. I need more employees and an operations manager. I like to get my hands dirty, but the project on the old Richmond Estate is important. It’s mine.

I wonder how upset she’s going to be that I had just closed on the house the day before. It’s not like I knew who she was. But and the big but is that she wasn’t aware that the house was sold. I went into my satchel and pulled out the file folder with the sale information. Miracle? Her name is Miracle. Well that she is. Now, I’m going to need a miracle to make her understand that I had no intentions of keeping it from her.

She and I need to get together, but I have meetings for the rest of the day.

I send her a text. Can I see you tonight?

A minute later Mira replies. Yes. I’m on my way to my apartment right now.

Okay, message me your address. I can’t hide the smile I’ve got on my face. I look like a jackass and I don’t care.

An hour later, I’m standing outside her place. Fuck, I’m nervous. I wipe my sweaty hands on my jeans. She answers with a smile on her face. “Are you hungry?” My eyes roam her body, taking in all of her. She has on a pretty little dress with pink flowers on it and a pair of white heels. She looks innocent.

“Starving.” I stalked forward, stepping into the entrance, and closing the door behind me. Her eyes meet mine, knowing I’m not talking about food. I spin her so that her back hits the wall and I slam my mouth down on hers. She gasps, allowing me to slip my tongue into her warm mouth. One hand slides around, thrusting into her hair, grasping onto her tight ponytail. My other hand cups her round ass. “You’re mine, Mira.”

“Ben,” she moans between kisses.

“I’m yours, Ben.” I press my hips forward, rocking my thickness on her sweet center. Bunching up her dress, I move my fingers along the seam of her panties, feeling how wet she is. She’s fucking drenched. I can’t wait to bury myself into her warm pussy and marking it as mine. She’ll forget every other lover before me. Violently, I tear off her panties then slide my body down hers until I’m kneeling in front of her. I have to taste her before I take what’s mine.

I nudge her thighs apart, then lift one of them onto my shoulder, my face pressing into her pussy. She shakes and moans, her hands hitting the wall. “Fuck, you taste so damn good. I’m going to eat you up.” Reaching up, I cup her breast, tweaking her dark pink nipples one at a time. I slip one finger into her pussy, and it’s so tight, I know I’m going to hurt her. She screams out, and I feel her clenching around my finger. I lap up every drop. Her puffy lower lips are pink and glistening, but we’re not done yet.

She lifts my shirt out of my jeans, and I help her take it off me. She runs her hands over my chest, and I do my best to control myself. I work off my belt and shoes, then push down my jeans and boxer briefs. My cock is hard as fuck and dribbling pre-cum down the tip. I stroke the length then squeeze the tip to stop myself from coming like a teen.

“I need to claim you.”

“Take me, Ben,” she says wildly. I lift her into my arms, lining up my cock with her heat, thrusting all the way in. I feel my cum pull from my balls and fill her depths as I shred through her innocence. I freeze, staring into her teary eyes.

“Babe, you forgot to tell me something?”

“I didn’t want you to stop.”

“Fuck, I wouldn’t have stopped unless you wanted me to stop. You’re mine, but I could have been gentler.”

“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I promise.” She clenches around my cock who hasn’t gone down despite unloading my seed deep inside of her. Fuck, the thought of my kid in her keeps my dick rock solid. I grab onto her ass and carry her to the bedroom which is easy to find in the one-bedroom apartment. I sit down on the bed with her impaled on my cock. “Ride me, Mira. I want to watch you take my dick the way you want.”