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My Miracle C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 17:01:46

She clenches and gushes for me. I suck on her ample breasts wrapping my arms around her back and into her hair. She rolls her hips, then rocks them, learning what she likes. My head moves to hers tasting her mouth. I tug on her hair, tilting her head back and giving me access to her slender neck. I suck on her pulse hard enough to mark her as mine as we both come.

We didn’t make it to dinner, but we raided my fridge. “I’m still hungry,” Ben growls, grabbing my ankles and sliding me down closer to the edge of the sofa. His head between my legs. Over and over his tongue glides across my tender lips. His beard rubs my thighs as he eats my pussy until I’m shaking out the third orgasm of the night. He climbs up my body, completely naked with his big cock at my entrance. He kisses me rough and hard before turning me around.

With my knees on the sofa, he spreads my thighs wider and thrusts into me from behind. The fullness steals my breath for a moment, but I release it as his lips brush against the shell of my ear. “I’m going to fuck my son into you,” he whispers gruffly. I clench around his cock. I’m on birth control, and we both know it, but it’s such a turn on. “You like that don’t you, Mira. You want me to tie you to me. Fuck, I could tie you to the bed and worship you forever. Would you like that?” he asks, tugging on my hair with his lips an inch from mine. I moan my reply because I can’t speak. I’m overtaken with pure desire. He thrusts into me hard, and I come, crying out my acceptance.

He doesn’t pull out. Instead, he lays us on our sides on the sofa.

I wake up three hours later in my bed. I look around wondering how I got here, then I remember he carried me in his strong arms back to bed. The sheets are cool to the touch, but my hand lands on a piece of paper. Ben left a note for me. Sorry, babe. I need to get to work. I didn’t want to wake you. Damn, you’re so beautiful. Remember, you’re mine. No take-backs.

I laugh, kissing the note with his masculine handwriting. I sigh and roll onto my back with a smile. Last night was amazing. I can’t believe I gave him my virginity. Then again, I can remember the feeling of his hands caressing every inch of me. His thick cock stretching me.

The alarm on my phone goes off as I spend countless minutes reliving those moments. I have to go to talk to my cousin and get more information on where my books are at.

Fuck, walking away from her naked ass had been harder than I thought possible. I left a note, but I wanted to wake her up and slip my dick back into her heat. It’s more than the sex. My heart physically ached to leave her. She is my miracle. I started to let work consume me to the point that if I wasn’t working, I was sleeping.

My family and I hardly ever see each other. My dad and I don’t see eye to eye about my life choices. He wanted better for me. Somehow, owning a business which is super successful wasn’t enough because I had to work with my hands. He worked with his hands, but he didn’t come home filthy with aching muscles. I loved it. When I worked in my grandfather’s lumber yard, I stayed out of trouble and away from girls which as a teenager had been all I thought about. I was like any boy that age, all raging hormones.

After getting into a fight over a girl who I didn’t even want, my gramps set me down. At seventeen, my whole summer was spent working on building a house. Since then I’ve been all hands on, and women were all a thing of the past.

Now, I wished I waited for Mira. Life doesn’t give you a gift like her every day. My woman must be treasured.

“Hey boss, do you mind paying attention?”

“What?” Shit, I didn’t hear a word Brenda said.

“I knew you weren’t paying attention. I wanted you to know that your clients are here to talk about a remodeling project.”

“Okay. Give me a minute and put them in the conference room.” She nods and leaves. I have a medium-sized warehouse with a space for the administrative functions in the front. It’s about the size of a realtor’s office. I gather my legal pad and pens, then move my ass before I lose myself in thoughts of Mira.

It’s almost ten when I get out of the meeting and send Mira a message. I fucking miss her like an obsessed fool.