Maiden and the Lion (Lions of Manhattan 2)

author:Lizzie Lynn Lee Genre:romance|fantasy|paranormal Last update time:2022/8/1 14:10:41

Some lions in town aren t locked in the zoo... Twenty-one-year-old receptionist Beatrice Summer has the hots for her new boss, Alexandre Larousse. But Alex never seems to notice her. Bea understands. He’s too handsome, too rich, and a tad too mature for someone like her. But it doesn’t stop Bea from wanting him in secret. One night, Bea witnesses a man being shot from a bridge. She swims after him and drags him to safety. She is shocked to find the victim is the boss she’s enamoured with. What makes it even more shocking, the unconscious Alex turns into a lion before her eyes. Bea doesn’t think shape-shifters are real. Seriously. Werelions? They are nothing but a myth, right? Feeling more curious than a fickle cat, Bea is hell-bent on spying on Alex, especially when Alex tells her not to. Then Bea discovers the reason why Mr Hot Boss pretends he’s never interested in getting into her panties. Bea had never thought playing detective could be so thrilling, sexy…and deadly.