Monkey Wrench (Cheap Thrills 8)

author:Mary B. Moore Genre:romance Last update time:2022/8/1 14:14:42

Carter Years ago, Naomi was the girl who saved my life without knowing it. All it took was a handful of innocent words to change the decision I was about to make. I’d heard about her brother dying from one of our teammates, and I’d wondered if I’d ever be able to make the difference for her that she’d made for me back then. Ending up in the same town hundreds of miles away from our hometown was a fluke, but what if I was her monkey wrench? I knew what loss was, and I’d felt the pain and how easy it was to suffocate under it, but what if I was the wrench that fits all of the pieces of her life and holds them in place so she could put it back together again for her and her niece. And what if she was mine? Naomi Raising my niece by myself wasn’t easy, but moving to Piersville from Fernandina Beach was the best decision I could have made for us. I just didn't count on Carter Lane being here, too. He’s always been quiet, but around me, that changes. I don't know what anything the guy does means, though. Carter’s helpful, he's great with Shanti, makes me laugh, and it blew my mind when he gave me the Blow Pop I'd given him all those years ago in a frame. But what does it all mean? Changing life paths isn't easy, but it's a damn sight simpler than trying to figure out a man’s mind. Especially his.