Chapter 1000 - Just Tell Them I Died

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Chapter 1000: Just Tell Them I Died

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“How awful of this Eastern Pharos, he doesn’t even have the slightest sense of universal feelings, and he even abandoned his stance as part of the human race to turn and support a bunch of evolved humans!”

At the Land of Heritage, in a conference room somewhere, gathered the group of politicians from last time where they started their usual grumbling.

“Just stop with the nonsense first, have you guys found your kite strings? We’ve dragged this too long, a month has already passed now, so will we still be able to finish this?” Someone complained in a displeased tone.

“We’ve already found it and we’re in the midst of preparation. It can’t be too sudden though, after all, we’re not going against an ordinary Aborigine from Earth, it’s someone tethered by an Upper Realm spiritual sense. He’ll be utterly unpredictable and too hard to try to fathom.”

“Let’s hurry up and get started then. If we continue dragging this, we’ll be out of Spiritual Roots in no time!”

“Yes, the demons outside are reproducing at a greater rate, one faster than the other, the forests and fields will soon be filled by them!”

“What are you scared of? Once the powerhouse among our cultivators emerges, those demons would be completely wiped clean, or at best, we’ll just discover a new continent once again.” someone retorted.

“Calm down you guys, do all of you want to return to that era of barbarism?”

“It’s not a matter of us wanting it or not, we’re already back in that era!”

The meeting soon became a battle where everyone was at each other’s throats. In a split second, glasses were flying across the air, laptops and computers smashed on the ground, everyone was lashing out from the uncontrollable tension in the room.

At that moment, a hidden surveillance network was recording the disgraceful scene of the group of politicians from the Era of Barbarism, their unseemly manner thoroughly exposed.

Somewhere in a tall building, a group of young people were gathered around watching the surveillance footage.

These young people, each of them extraordinarily intelligent with incredible powers, and most of them were close to having a Lake-level base.

Compared to who they were a year ago, they have advanced by leaps and bounds!

“They’re really a bunch of rotten old fellows who only know such low gimmicks, they’re already abandoned by the era!” Someone said disdainfully.

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“Yeah, they’re like a bunch of flies swarming around shamelessly, trying to seek personal gains. Not only are they unwilling to cultivate to strengthen themselves, but they’re also actually planning to play politics to control the powerhouse. They don’t understand at all, that everything in the future era will be controlled by the powerhouse! A fellow who doesn’t have powers can only be a sidekick, someone to assist on the sidelines!”

“However, we have to focus all efforts on cultivation and not participate in too many of such daily affairs, those stupid politicians still have their value of existence, at least they’re still able to take care of those dumber than them.”

“It’s time to build a new system. Humans have slowly accustomed to the ways of the Land of Culinary, so that’s much more convenient for us to manage.”

“If that’s the case, we shall establish an institution for religious cultivation, and it shall act as our core, so the secular system is just something that helps with our blood transfusion.” someone suggested.

“What if someone objects?”

“Who could possibly object? Anyone can enroll in the institution, so it’s a fair competition for everyone, and all of them would come out of the institution with the responsibility of going against the Upper Realm, so naturally, they’d enjoy the privilege of the resources.”

“Well, who would willingly sacrifice oneself to go against the Upper Realm though? We’ve come such a long way to achieve this level of power that allows us to live for the next hundreds or even thousands of years, so why should we sacrifice ourselves blindly just like this?” Someone spoke up.

The crowd immediately simmered down.

Naturally, a selfless cultivator who puts the community before oneself did exist, but the cultivator would not be able to enter God’s Missionary’s circle.

In reality, the people here were all selfish, and they were only concerned with their own interests.

“The gods have passed on a body doubling technique, perhaps we can make the most out of it…” someone suddenly suggested.

“Hmm, that’s a good idea, we can do that…” the group started whispering.

Whatever they were discussing was even worse than those of the politicians.

At least the politicians wore veils, and there was no way for them to concentrate all resources in their own hands as they had to consider others.

Instead, not only were they using the mysterious powers directly to concentrate all resources in their own hands, they still acted so frankly and righteously.

At Vigilante A’s farm villa.

Dragon Carp was enthusiastically reporting to Fang Ning the harvest for the past few days.

Fang Ning was already beyond annoyed as there were so many demons who came to see him. How could he possibly entertain each and every one of them?

It was even more impossible for Sir System, and so he had called out Dragon Carp who was idling around in Space Control…

The facts have proved that the other party was more than delighted to handle the task, with very high enthusiasm too.

“Master, I’ve selected 12 groups who have development potential from the bunch of demons who have sought refuge to live in Eurasia. They’re honest and willing to work, but since kind Master not only refuses to accept their offerings, you still insisted on establishing some free market for them to trade…They’re very obedient too, very eager to give Master half of their produce as an offering,” Dragon Carp said in a pitiful tone.

“What do you know?” Fang Ning lectured. “I’ve always been an advocate for saving the world with love and justice, so obviously, I can’t simply exploit the civilians like some feudal king. I must abide by the principle of equal exchange and free will.”

“Yes, yes, Master’s generous compassion is greatly admired.” Dragon Carp wiggled its tail, hastened to please its master, and quickly continued. “I’ll have them finish setting up the free-market right away and prepare for future trading purposes.”

“That’s more like it. Remember, you must never take advantage of our people and plunder commodities, and never bully the weak by being strong. This is the fundamental difference between us and Upper Realm’s feudal rulers,” Fang Ning said justly.

“I will do as master says.” Dragon Carp responded. Though the words came out from its mouth, its mind thought differently. Turns out his master was just another fool, but either way, this fool was still stronger than the demons.

Little did he knew about the limitations of Sir System, how occasional gifts could be collected, and that courtesy and reciprocity was a sensible thing for heroes. However, if a system of offerings was to be formed, it would be a manner of exploitation on substances, and that certainly did not conform to the chivalrous ways.

At that moment, a group of people arrived at the door. They seemed like a big group, all in their thirties, some men and some women.

Of course, Fang Ning was the first to sense their arrival. With no excess into the area, the party lingered outside the farm villa’s formation.

“It seems to be old classmates of your original identity, I guess you have to play pretend again.” Sir System chuckled.

“Ugh…” Fang Ning moaned gloomily. “It’s really boring. I haven’t been in contact with them for more than a decade, and they’ve come at such a time, I’m pretty sure they’re up to something. D*mn it, it sucks to have my real identity exposed, human relations are too troublesome.”

He was not surprised that his real identity was leaked though. After all, the enemies against him were no amateurs.

If someone like Demon Lord Zhi Nan was able to find out his true identity long ago, those fellows stirring up trouble in the World of Spirits and Souls must have figured it out as well.

Needless to say, the three Metal-masked Men must have been the ones who came up with the whole farce.

If they could not beat him over, they at least wanted to disgust him.

“Give me your body then, I’ll drive them away. I’m sure they’re here to ask for information, and I can’t just let them take advantage of me.” Sir System argued.

“Hmm, I’m sure you can pull it off, but it doesn’t seem appropriate. I can’t just let people say bad things about me outside, like how I don’t acknowledge others now that I’ve prospered.” Fang Ning complained.

“Uh, that’s really a problem.” Sir System too, was distressed as it responded. “Let me think for a moment.”

(The System is thinking…)

After a while, Sir System exclaimed with excitement. “It’s really simple, I’ll go out and tell them you’ve died and you’ve turned into a True Dragon, so from now onwards, we go on our separate ways, and nobody should come to try and claim kinship.”

“…” Fang Ning was utterly speechless.

(The System has seized the Host’s body.)

After a couple of minutes, a loud dragon roar rang through the air in front of Vigilante A’s door, and the world was in peace and was quiet once again.