Chapter 1001 - The Progressive Organization

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Chapter 1001: The Progressive Organization

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At the Land of Heritage, in a conference room somewhere.

A group of people stared in bewilderment at the video intelligence in front of them that was sent back.

“Uh, so this is the ‘walk-in’ skill according to the mysterious eastern immortality cultivation legend?”

After watching it for a long time, someone finally asked softly.

“Something like that.”

“In fact, this is normal. How can a mortal’s mental resilience possibly compare to an Upper Realm True Dragon’s? After these past few years, it’s been normal to be assimilated.”

“Yeah, there has been quite a number of Descended Ones before, but in the past few years, according to the results of the continuous follow-up survey, most people’s consciousness and behavior patterns have assimilated into an Upper Realm being’s. In such a dominant soul competition, the weak would either enter dormancy or get devoured. If one came across a kind Descended One, there would still be an opportunity to enter dormancy, but if it was a wicked one, one would only be devoured in the end.”

“Sigh, if that’s the case, our previous strategy has completely failed.”

The group of people moaned and groaned together as they continued the discussion.

Going against Fang Ning, who was a local Aborigine, they could still use human emotions and values to persuade the other party to make irrational concessions.

However, they were now facing an Upper Realm True Dragon who was known for strength and greed. If they used their previous strategy in this case, it would be casting pearls before swine.

The only good news was that the True Dragon Clan, relatively speaking, still had a bottom line, and they would not engage in any acts of world destruction and extinction.

At that moment, a secretary-like man sneaked into the venue and handed over a copy of documents to the conference’s moderator.

The conference moderator flipped open and had a look through the document; his expression immediately changed. He then gestured to the staff next to him and proceeded to project the data onto the screen.

The crowd immediately looked over curiously.

“God’s Missionary has secretly decided to establish the ‘Heavenly Edict’ institution system. It’s expected to build twelve universities that covers all aspects of the world of cultivation including the basic theory of vitality, the application of the inventions of vitality, herb planting, ability studies, combat techniques, and tactic researches, etc. …”

“Enrollment scope: regardless of race, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, property, as long as one’s BMI index and psychological assessment pass the Biological Management Chip’s standards, one can enroll.”

Seeing this, everyone exchanged glances.

“What are they up to?”

“Didn’t we already add a cultivating related department to a number of universities?”

“Why are they trying to start something new?”

“I’m afraid it’s nothing that simple.”

Instantly, an animated discussion fired up in the conference room.

The representatives present at the venue were from the European countries that once prospered, just that after the arrival of the Cultivation Era, they started falling behind due to cultural issues. The sole reason they were still able to maintain their current status was because of the economic strength and technology that they have accumulated over the years.

Still, it could be said that they have begun to fall behind on the road of the cultivation system.

After moving into the Land of Culinary, those who had lagged behind naturally chose to stick by each other for support.

Just like many other international organizations in the past where they re-established a deliberative institution dedicated to the Western world – “The Progressive Organization”, an organization where participants could refer to the Group of Seven major industrial countries in the BC era.

These several meetings against Vigilante A were because the other party had violated the Western world’s core interests – the American site that they have fought so hard for in the past.

On the other hand, God’s Missionary was a new rising force.

The group consisted of outstanding and qualified young people from all over the world. With such youngsters grouped together, they formed a rather radical force together.

The ethnic community was their latest work.

“It seems that they’re trying to increase the cultivation strength of mankind rapidly, which is a good thing. The least we can do is send out large groups of students to close the gap between us and the Chinese’s cultivation powers.” someone offered thoughtfully.

“I feel that something can be accomplished here.”

Everyone was talking about the matter.

Those present were either old fritters who have immersed themselves in political trickery for many years, sly and cunning, or scheming and calculative scoundrels.

Perhaps they would make many decisions that would be deemed ridiculous by outsiders, decisions that even history could prove to be stupid. However, this was definitely not because of their stupidity. Ultimately, the insensible decisions were made through their consideration to position and interests.

“Well, no matter what those fellows are up to, it’s still a rare opportunity for us to catch up. The knowledge of God’s missionary comes from some certain Upper Realm gods with ulterior motives, but they’re definitely way ahead of the Chinese. If we aid them, we’ll be able to quickly smooth out the knowledge gap between both sides,” the moderator exclaimed excitedly after signaling everyone to be quiet.

“Hmph, it’s useless. How many people are there in the free Western world? Even if we add us in, there are only two billion people. You all know that wise man from Eastern China, do you know how big of a population he is aiming for?” Someone threw cold water on the ideas.

“How much?” The moderator was doubtful.

“Ten billion! They’re even injecting the Biological Management Chip from early childhood to carry out the perfect personality guide training… These new human beings will far surpass us in terms of character, IQ, EQ, physique, and so much more!”

The fellow who poured cold water just now responded disdainfully. It seems that he was a secret source of information.

“Oh…” The crowd could barely hold in the gasp of horror.

However, if a high-quality population had the advantage in terms of the order of magnitude, no matter what method the competition used, it would be hard to exceed.

Especially in the current situation where the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique and Cultivation of the Spirit were being promoted vigorously, the more the high-quality people, the greater the total productivity of magical energy and spiritual force.

Both aspects have replaced the GDP of the Era of Technology and became the core indicator for measuring the competitiveness of a country in the Shenyuan era.

“Doesn’t that mean we’ll become the minority of the human race in the future?” Someone asked indignantly.

“Hmph, no matter how you go around, you still won’t get past that person. You should know, the reason China’s population blew up can’t stray too far away from the core resources provided by that person.”

“D*mn it, if that’s the case, the old saying was right about how the poor rely on mutation, whereas the rich rely on science and technology. We don’t need to care about those so-called ethics anymore then. For the free world, we’ll rely on our own science and technology skills to increase the human population.”

“Hmph, that’s highly unlikely. China’s population could blow up because they had their own Land of Heritage, and so they could produce their own food and provide secure shelter. We now depend on others, so how can we expand our population? If the other party doesn’t provide additional space in this Land of Culinary, we won’t even have the space to accommodate our people.”

Instantly, the meeting place of the Progressive Society was filled with complaints and grievances, and even a sense of despair.

As the moderator noticed the situation, he picked up a raft and knocked several times, motioning everyone to quiet down.

“Alright everyone, calm down. Let’s go through today’s issue once more, and then we can vote to come to a decision.”

The crowd stopped talking and listened to the moderator as he spoke.

“The first topic: in the light of Vigilante A failure in conciliation, we have confirmed that the other party has completely transformed into an Upper Realm True Dragon and that the person has completely lost human nature. About the American land being occupied by demons, we’ll have to discuss another solution for this case.”

“The second subject under discussion is something that occurred suddenly. God’s Missionary’s decision to establish a Heavenly Edict Institute cultivating system, and how we should deal with it.”

“The third issue is China’s decision on expanding its population, and how we should target this.”

“We’ll focus on these three problems today, does anyone have any questions?” The moderator asked the crowd.

“No, let’s get started now, it’s already nearly 11 o’clock and it’s going to be lunch soon. If we’re late, the cafeteria will close, and that means we can only get that disgusting nutrition paste.” someone groaned after glancing at his watch.

“Hahahaha…” The crowd responded with laughter.

Reluctantly, the moderator continued. “Well, the first issue then, can anyone propose a new solution? One that’ll allow us to keep our American land so we don’t have to hand it over to the demons.”

“It seems that we can only take one step back. The True Dragon wants food and medicinal materials, so the demon class productivity’s still pretty different. He has a better relationship with China, so we should first subcontract the land to China and let them come forward to negotiate the deal with this greedy dragon. In this case, we’ll get an extra share, and we’ll definitely be able to retain our property rights. Once the power changes, we’ll just come back and reclaim it,” an elder politician suggested softly.

The crowd kept quiet and listened, all nodding their heads in agreement. This was a mature approach. The opponent was too strong, and since they could not use combat force, they could only choose the means that maximized the benefits.

With that, the moderator immediately dropped the raft and announced decisively, “If that’s the case, we’ll take Mr. Hu Fo’s suggestion as a reference, and then carry out the detailed plans. Let’s come up with a plan to implement as soon as possible and not delay anymore, I heard the demons have begun to station themselves.”

“Next, the second issue…”