Chapter 1002 - Play Pretend As A Dragon

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Chapter 1002: Play Pretend As A Dragon

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For the following days, ever since Sir System told everyone who came by that Fang Ning had passed away, he finally had his rare peace and quiet once again…

On this day, he was holed up in System Space, half lying on the sofa as he held on to his precious Heavenly Book, carrying out various system management work.

From the beginning to the end, he devoured it with delight. Every page represented a fresh perspective on life, a take on society itself.

When he flipped open the “Task Module Management” page, he was attracted by a certain someone’s task module record.

“Task Acceptance Time: Fourth year, fifth month and the twelfth day of Shenyuan.”

Fang Ning went through the file content, the entire mission was recorded in detail description, and everything was written in the task recipient’s point of view.

“I got into a huge fight again today, if it was the old me, I’m afraid she might’ve beaten me, but thank goodness I had that Biological Management Chip, at least I don’t have to worry about her beating me when we quarrel. How embarrassing…”

“I’ve been hearing this weird noise around, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s coming from the Biological Management Chip.”

“Your qualities of kindness, justice, and love are detected. You are qualified to join the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform; would you like to accept this offer?”

“Kindness, justice, and love, do I really have those traits? I don’t even know it myself. I guess always being beaten up proves that I’m kind, it’s kind of a sad joke.”

“Alright, there’s no loss in accepting anyway. If I refuse, there’s really nothing interesting going on in my life anymore.”

“You have joined the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform. Your existing points platform: 0 Justice Points. Your mission will be announced shortly.”

“Cultivate the auxiliary Mind Easing Ability. When the heart is clear it’ll naturally be at peace, and when the heart is at peace, the Heavens and Earth opens up, and Morality shall emerge…”

“Main point of cultivation: clear all distractions. Life happens in just an instant, and it should only bloom with brilliance so that your life won’t be in vain.”

“This is hurting my head, I don’t catch the point.”

“A spell that costs three Dan units and allows me to enjoy the platform’s demonstration service? Alright, seems like it’s the same trick.”

“I don’t have any spells now though. There’s no shortcuts for the Egg-egg Technique, so does it mean I have to spend money to buy it? I don’t have much money left though.”

“Forget it, I’ll just endure it and buy it this once. Eh, the effect’s really good. This Mind Easing Ability doesn’t seem too hard too huh?”

“I get it now, in the vast universe, so what if there are fights, and so what if I get beaten up? Everything’s just dust…”

“Uh, the Egg-egg Technique that I’ve been stuck at for about a year seems to be loose now.”

“That’s good, I can be sure now. According to online research, I’ve already cultivated my Egg-egg Technique to the 75th step, so now I still have 25 steps before I officially become a beginner.”

“I’ll continue working hard then. It’s the 15th day of joining the Justice and Order Alliance platform and I see hope already.”

“I’ve completed my first task; I’ve finished cultivating the Mind Easing Ability!”

“I feel like a whole new person. Sigh, I used to be really stupid. I shouldn’t always take things so hard, there’s so much more to life…”

“Now that you’ve learned the Mind Easing Ability and your character has greatly enhanced, the Justice and Order Alliance platform extends its communication channels to you. Please note: exchange of friendly comments is the starting point of all communication, a man must be kind, and one’s heart must be filled with love and justice so that one can journey further.”

“Ugh, why do I feel that I’ve fallen into a bigger pit…”

“There’s a newcomer, let Big Sis touch your head…”

“Hehe, welcome, welcome.”

“When the newcomer posts a full photo, one shall receive a red packet that’s worth at least 100 Dan unit to start off.”

“Doesn’t all communication start with friendliness?”

“That’s really not too bad. This Justice and Order Alliance exchange platform has unknowingly expanded to the scale of over ten million people,” Fang Ning said in a pleased tone after going through the reports from his precious Heavenly Book.

“The progress speed is a bit slow, after all, there are still not enough good guys,” Sir System said resentfully.

“There’s nothing we can do, it’s all about the survival of the fittest. As the moral degeneration of the world gets worse day by day, it’s only natural that bad money drives out the good. Let’s just take this slowly now. As long as we hold on to our base principle of good karma comes to those who do good, we’ll manage to turn the situation around. After all, you’re a heroic system.” Fang Ning comforted.

“That’s true, as long as I’m here, they can’t get any worse because I’ve already sent those terrible ones back to samsara,” Sir System said proudly.

As the human and system continued their conversation, the beloved Heavenly Book suddenly spoke.

“Master, Ren Ruofeng sent a message just now saying the first Heavenly Edict institute of the Land of Heritage will be holding their opening ceremony in three days and they’ve sent us an invitation to attend it. Here is the relevant information.”

With that, rows of handwriting appeared on the pages of his beloved Heavenly Book.

After humans left Earth, the original internet service and communication facilities have stopped working, so naturally, cellphones did not function properly anymore.

In order to get in touch with people in the Land of Heritage, the Justice and Order Alliance connected to the Nets Above Snares Below, so as the alliance’s management center, the precious Heavenly Book was naturally a communication channel itself.

“A Heavenly Edict institute? It sounds like a good thing, at least it’s one more channel for all civilians to cultivate.” After going through all the information, Fang Ning decided that there were no problems.

At least from the various public systems and regulations, it was an organization established to serve the people and was solely based on cultivation.

There were many strong forces behind supporting, including the Dualist Society that Black Dog had always been monitoring. It seems that they have taken the responsibility of acting as the main faculty.

Fang Ning knew that the internal Truth Department had long dedicated institutions to train cultivators. He once attended one of the classes, but ever since Sir System started progressing quickly to the point that it had surpassed the others, they stopped.

For most people, relying on a familiar classroom teaching module indeed made things easier. At least it guaranteed a certain mandatory sort of learning environment, where most people were still lacking self-discipline. Even if they knew that only cultivators could possess a higher status in the future world of cultivation, there were still plenty who just muddled along however they could.

This was the same as the money era in the past, where although everyone knew that it was good to have more money, those who would put more effort into earning money were still minimum. On the other hand, they were brainwashed by various public marketing numbers and ended up paying a large amount of IQ tax.

“Alright then Mr. Rich Boss, are you going to go? I’ve informed a lot of people you’ve already passed away so…” Sir System gloated.

“Well, so what? I’ll just transform into a dragon for public appearances in the future. I don’t want this body anymore,” Fang Ning said as he remained unbothered.

“Oh, I’ve forgotten, your face is now thicker than mine,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Thank you for the kind compliment,” Fang Ning replied proudly.

Three days later, at the Land of Heritage, in Building No.999.

“Today, we are honored to invite the Dragon God of War, the one who defeated the Spirit Lords, the true embodiment of kindness, the guardian of love and justice, the shining beacon to the world… The Venerable Dragon God, who is present today to attend the Heavenly Edict Institute’s opening ceremony!”

The host stood on the rooftop of the building as he made the announcement loudly to the entire arcane realm.

“Eh, Sir, what kind of dragon wail is this? Come on, what noise is this?” Fang Ning whispered as he controlled the Azure Dragon’s body.

“How can you not know this. You should’ve seen this at least eighty times, haven’t you?” Sir System scorned.

“Sorry, I really can’t learn your type of beast noises.” Fang Ning responded angrily.

“Ugh, you’re asking me for help, yet here you are indirectly insulting me,” Sir System said hatefully.

“Stop talking nonsense and give me a roar.” Fang Ning urged.

The next moment, a long dragon roar that sounded almost everlasting rang through the entire arcane realm, proclaiming the arrival of the dragon god.

It was then followed by Fang Ning controlling the Azure Dragon’s thousand feet long body that was once hidden in the clouds, which now appeared above the rooftop.

The mysteriousness, the sense of ritual, was a ten over ten, which made Fang Ning exceptionally satisfied.

He had already pretended to be someone else, and he even acted as an emperor for a summoning ritual, so it was only time for him to act as a dragon.

At the rooftop, countless people awaited with their heads held high, and when they finally set eyes on the majestic behemoth, their hearts were filled with awe and respect.

At the same time, a boost of confidence towards the establishment of the institution arose naturally.

With such a powerhouse as endorsement, who would be afraid that they would not learn anything in the future?