Chapter 1003 - The Era Of Terror

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Chapter 1003: The Era Of Terror

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“Today, under the invitation of the Institute of the Heavenly Edict, and it is your honor that I, amid my busy schedule, can attend this grand opening of yours!”

The Azure Dragon was hidden in a cloud of mist as its voice resounded from the sky.

The crowd was taken aback by these words, for the tone of this Venerable Dragon God sounded slightly too overconfident…

Among them, quite a few were either in high positions, or were some of the top cultivators, and had come into contact with the other party before.

Overall, the other party had used to appear as more of a humble person.

Now, it seemed as if this person had completely forgotten himself?

Could it be that the undisclosed rumor was true?

A few dignitaries looked at one another as they knew what had happened at Vigilante A’s villa in Qi City a few days ago.

It related to what the Azure Dragon had said about the death of its real body Fang Ning…

It seemed like that Aborigine could not withstand the encroachment of an Upper Realm True Dragon’s spiritual sense, and after enduring it for over four years, he had finally perished…

“He’s so pitiful…” said some people through spiritual telepathy.

“Indeed. I’m afraid its relations to humans end here.”

“I suppose so. In the future, it wouldn’t be as easy to talk to this Venerable One anymore.”

“Exactly, from its tone of voice today, you can easily hear the arrogance as well as the extreme self-confidence that truly belong to a True Dragon from the Upper Realm.”

Fang Ning tuned in to all the telepathic exchanges happening in the crowd below. With Sir System’s ability, capturing these messages was an easy task.

He was not bothered by their words at all. After defeating the Spirit Lord’s avatar, his confidence had indeed grown immensely.

“Huh, look at you gloating right now… You’re just borrowing and flaunting my might.” Sir System could not help scorn.

“Nonsense. The main reason you were able to defeat that Spirit Lord’s avatar was still because of my idea. If it wasn’t for me coming up with the idea of using someone else as blood bull by sharing their health, would you still be here? I fully deserve this, so how am I borrowing and flaunting your might?” Fang Ning retorted straightforwardly.

“…” Sir System had nothing else to say.

After shutting Sir System up, Fang Ning continued with his pretense onstage.

“I have only three things to say today. Firstly, you should grit your teeth and try your best to move forward! Secondly, you have to persevere in working diligently and practice frugality! Don’t waste anything, but direct your limited effort and time toward the everlasting area of cultivation! Thirdly, you must always remember that only by standing relentlessly on the side of love and justice can you persist until the end!”

“Alright, I’ll end my speech here. All the best!”

After Fang Ning finished speaking, the Azure Dragon’s long body whirled around and floated away into the distance, leaving in its wake a fairytale-like retreating figure.

The people looked at each other in speechless dismay, all seeming to be at a loss.

The host rushed over to mediate the situation and said, “What a great speech from the Great Venerable Dragon God that everyone should remember with reverence…”

As he was still speaking, the host suddenly went blank, and on his carefully groomed face appeared a red line that extended downward from between his eyebrows.

In the next moment, the person was entirely split in two!

Blood spattered everywhere!

A terrifying atmosphere shrouded the whole area!

The countless VIPs and cultivators, as well as a small group of civilians who were all crowded on the balcony of Building No. 999 to attend the ceremony instantly, started to panic.?Many of them quickly flew out of the building’s balcony, leaving this place of terror.

Among those who were able to attend the ceremony on the balcony in person, many had at least a Pond-level cultivation base, so flying was an obligatory skill.

As for the civilians, they could only flock toward the balcony exit.

“Everybody, calm down! Remain orderly!” A young cultivator suddenly appeared on the balcony. He pointed a finger and the corpse of the host that was still splattering blood immediately vanished. The bloodstains all over the ground also disappeared along with it. This cultivator did not seem older than thirty years old, but his cultivation base was clearly above Lake-level, making him a real powerhouse of the new generation!

He heaved a deep breath, transmitting his voice in all directions.

Soon, everyone became slightly calmer.

However, a moment later, someone suddenly pointed at the powerful young cultivator in fear.

The same red line had also appeared between his eyebrows. This young Lake-level cultivator noticed this from the expressions and movements of the others. He quickly pointed a finger and cast a few spells on himself.

“Suppression of evil!”

He said these words repeatedly, pointing at himself.

Subsequently, a few rays of azure light started to appear on him, and the red line faded significantly. Nevertheless, a moment later, he suddenly became stunned and immobile. Instead, a dark red bloodstain began to appear on his body!

Compared to the host, his situation was slightly better in that he was not severed in half, but was gushing a constant stream of blood!

However, this scene only caused the entire situation to seem stranger and more horrifying!

“Ah?!” The crowd suddenly cried out in alarm!

“Even a Lake-level powerhouse can’t hold out against this unknown curse?!” The people’s frantic emotions intensified.

Then, a dragon’s roar echoed from the sky, and the cloud of mist reappeared in the sky above the balcony. Thereafter, a ray of golden light descended upon that young Lake-level powerhouse, shrouding his body!

The gushing stream of blood was staunched in an instant.

This young powerhouse then regained his mobility and quickly hit a few pressure points on his own body to stop the bleeding and treat his injury.

“I thank the Venerable Dragon God for coming to my rescue.” While healing himself, he did not forget to express his gratitude. This younger generation of powerhouses might secretly be anxious to surpass Vigilante A and supplant him.

Nonetheless, they were not foolish. Before being able to surpass him, they would try their best to place themselves under the protection of his power.

“Hmm.” came a faint voice from the cloud of mist. Following that, the voice bellowed. “Where are you from? How dare you come here to cause trouble?!”

The crowd finally managed to calm their senses and stopped panicking before looking back at the Azure Dragon who had returned.

“Hahahaha!” A wild laugh echoed through the realm.

Soon after, a face that was wearing a bronze mask came into view in midair.

“It’s me. You should know me… True Dragon from the Upper Realm, you’re choosing to protect these ants. What a joke!”

“You wicked spirit, stirring up trouble everywhere. Do you really believe I can’t kill you?” roared the Azure Dragon.

“Hahahaha, but you really can’t kill me!” The Bronze-masked Man laughed coldly. “You’re indeed very powerful. You even managed to destroy the Spirit Lord’s avatar that I’d gone through so much trouble to obtain, making it impossible for me to justify myself to the Spirit Lord. However, these ants you’re protecting will never have your capabilities!”

“You despicable thing, only attacking the weak. What kind of powerhouse are you?” the Azure Dragon criticized.

“Hahahaha, you’re really funny. Don’t these ants you’re protecting like to attack those weaker than them the most? The weak are prey to the strong. If you fall behind, you deserve to be attacked. Being weak is the original sin. Such is the truth they themselves have concluded!” The Bronze-masked Man laughed boisterously.

“Every civilization has its own period of savagery and process of becoming civilized. For you to use these theories from the savage period to distort reality, you should be executed!”

At this point, the Azure Dragon decided not to waste its breath on the Bronze-masked Man anymore, and went ahead spitting flames at him!

The gigantic illusion of the Bronze-masked Man vanished at the sound of this. Nonetheless, in the next moment, his voice came echoing again.

“Hahahaha, you’ll never free yourself from this nightmare. Either be obedient and offer your sacrifices or come and fight against us! You only have these two options! I look forward to your decision!”

As the voice faded, an enormous bronze cauldron suddenly appeared in the sky before plummeting and crashing toward the ground of the square.

Judging by its size, it was easy to guess that, if it made an impact, countless buildings would be shattered by the resulting quake, not to mention the number of deaths and injuries this would cause. Just then, the Azure Dragon appeared abruptly and caught the cauldron with its two dragon claws.

After that, it gently placed it on an empty piece of land. With this, the crowd was relieved.

A moment later, however, they were on tenterhooks again as the voice returned.

“Fill that cauldron with your magical energy within a month, and we’ll not attack you. Otherwise, consider the fate of those two people just now a cautionary example for you! Perhaps you can also try cultivating yourselves until you reach a Sea-level cultivation base. With that, you may be able to immunize yourselves against that type of curse!”

“However, you should remember that while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten! Terror will forever be with you!”

Fear and panic started to show in the people’s faces as whatever sense of relief they had earlier vanished entirely.

They were finally coming to understand that it was not until today that the true terror of the Shenyuan Era had just arrived!