Chapter 1008 - Birthing A Nation

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Chapter 1008: Birthing A Nation

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Fang Ning was pondering an important question.

Now that the loaning of magical energy points had been restricted, he was extremely worried once again.

The ancient sages were right to say that people should rely on themselves to be well-fed and well-clothed.

Just as he had mentioned earlier, he needed to find an empty planet and reconstruct it all over, so that he could use it as a supply for magical energy and various types of raw materials.

Unfortunately, for the moment, Sir System could not provide him with sufficient magical energy points. Thus, he was unable to explore further to search for a suitable planet.

With the magical energy of a magical bubble from Death, he could teleport a hundred light-years away, but to find a suitable planet, teleporting once might not be enough.

Fang Ning had gone through the information on habitable planets given to him by Ren Ruofeng. There were over a hundred of such planets in total, and a majority of them, roughly eighty planets to be specific, were located within the range of a few hundred to a few thousand light-years away from Earth.

For any planets further than that, with humanity’s astronomical observation methods, it would be hard to ascertain the surface conditions of those planets.

As for the closer ones, their levels of similarity with Earth were not high enough, so while they appeared to be habitable, the alteration process would be too difficult.

With so many planets that he had to filter through one by one, the amount of magical energy required would be equivalent to at least over a hundred of Death’s magical bubbles. Fang Ning had to find a way to get his hands on such an amount.

If he were to expect Sir System to slowly cultivate it, there was no way of telling how long that would take. In fact, Sir System was going through a critical period of cultivation right now, so he could not count on it to supply magical energy.

He could not afford the wait.

Fang Ning thought it over, then flipped open his Heavenly Book baby to contact Sky Eagle, whom he had not contacted in a long while.

“What instructions does the Venerable One have for me?” The image of a Giant Eagle appeared on the head-page of the Heavenly Book.

“Oh. Let me ask you, how many demons have cultivated the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique so far?”

That was right. Fang Ning was now thinking of using the demons, because when this technique was first released, it was meant to overcome the evil practice of humans killing demons to acquire the latter’s core and increase the former’s magical energy.

Humans could cultivate, and demons could cultivate as well. The magical energy cultivated could even be commonly used.

Since it was possible to obtain magical energy to raise one’s cultivation base peacefully, the cost of choosing to use force to plunder for more would be too high in comparison.

This was also the cause of colonialism’s transition from military colonization to economic colonization. While it seemed cooler to seize by force, in reality, the other party would resist. Their resistance would only lead to passive extinction, so they could only be seized for a period of time. Meanwhile, through economic colonization, they could be repeatedly exploited from generation to generation with higher efficiency.

“Venerable One, most demons are too dull-witted, for they haven’t received any enlightenment, and have just sprouted some intelligence. Out of a thousand demons, it’ll be lucky to even have one that can succeed in its cultivation, especially if it’s an exceptionally smart one. Although there’s a lot of demons, their overall population is far lower than the human population,” the Giant Eagle said, shaking its head.

“I see. If that’s the case, I’ll deliver them from their suffering and help them for once…” Fang Ning gave it some thought before commanding his Heavenly Book baby to open up a separate mission module system for demons.

“See, the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform can greatly facilitate cultivation. Mobilize your eagle groups. Take a high mountain as your center point and spread out in all four directions in search of any good demons. Of course, I have my ways to let them get in touch with the platform. From there, they’ll be on their way to the peak of the demons’ life,” Fang Ning said with a look of compassion for all beings of the universe.

“Yes, I’ve memorized your instructions. I’ll tell the kids to get on this right away and give the Venerable One an answer as soon as possible.” The Giant Eagle was nodding incessantly while speaking.

“Very good. You can leave now,” Fang Ning said, persisting with his pretense.

With that, the image of the Giant Eagle faded away from the head-page of the Heavenly Book.

“Are you preparing to exploit the demons again?” Sir System said with distaste.

“I’m doing this for their own good. The demons hold strongly to the Law of the Jungle where the weak are prey to the strong. By allowing the good demons to join the platform, they only need to pay a small amount of magical energy to receive long-term protection. Isn’t that a good thing?” Fang Ning said confidently.

“Uh, how would you define the goodness of a demon?” Sir System asked suddenly.

“Are you stupid? Earlier, when demons were appearing in large numbers, this was defined. As long as they don’t devour life forms with intelligence, don’t attack one another, and are able to live together in peace, they’re considered good. For demons, this bottom line is enough,” Fang Ning replied indifferently.

“Oh, seems like you haven’t forgotten that. Well then, I’ll leave this matter to you. The sooner you gather enough magical energy, the sooner I can send you away to develop a new land.” Sir System sounded delighted.

“Uh, I won’t be the one developing the land. I’ll have to find an agent for this. Do you think simulation management games are fun? Well, those are games. In real life, it’s very complicated. I may die of exhaustion.” Fang Ning shook his head vigorously.

“As I expected. I felt like you were becoming a little too hardworking…” Sir System said in realization. “Who would you ask? It can’t be Old Man Zheng again, right? We’re still counting on him to deal with the affairs on Earth.”

‘It definitely won’t be him. He still has so many things to attend to. For this upcoming planet, the race living on it can’t be humans anymore. Humans have too many problems. I should find a simple-minded, mild-tempered group of creatures.’ As Fang Ning thought of this, he suddenly said, “That group of Whitestones are pretty okay. They’re stone people, so they aren’t restricted by a lot of living conditions. Once the Vitality Transformation Equipment is installed, they can survive in great numbers. If it’s them, there’s no need to travel too far. I think Mars will suffice.”

The reason he thought of the Whitestone people was that he had thought of the Bloodstone Devils on Mars as well as how they had dared go to and succeeded in colonizing Venus. This type of racial characteristic was something the fragile humankind could never compare with.

Truthfully, compared to many beings from the Upper Realm, human survival had too many constraints.

“Oh, that group of stone people. Do you know how they bring their children into being?” Sir System asked curiously. “If you resolve this problem, how are you supposed to fill a planet with Whitestone people?”

“Uh, I’m not into gossiping like you. I’ve never asked about that before. I’ll go ask them now.” Fang Ning stood up and entered the Draconic Arcane Realm.

In the realm, Chong Daqing was lazing about on a hill.

It was already the fourth year and seventh month of Shenyuan now, so the weather was rather hot. The little girl Hong Hu was holding a flowery paper fan, which she was using.

“This little insect seems to be doing pretty well,” Fang Ning observed in envy, “not having to worry about so many things like me.”

The herb garden had been reconstructed. The Whitestone people had also been revived and were now busy working in the garden.

Fang Ning did not have time to pay attention to the idle great green insect and walked straight toward the herb garden.

“Shi Da, come here for a moment. I have something to ask you,” Fang Ning said to a tall, wide stone person.

The stone person heard him and trotted over.

“My Lord, what would you like to ask?”

“Uh, this, how do you Whitestone people have children?”

At that moment, Chong Daqing, who was nearby, heard him and crept over to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“Oh, the children in our clan all grew out from the top of our heads… As long as we absorb enough vitality, we can grow however many we want, but the clan leader specifically said that we have to plan our growth. We shouldn’t carelessly grow more of them, or it’ll affect the natural balance,” Shi Da replied honestly while touching its head.

“Hmm, okay. Now, I have a task for you. Gather everyone together and have them each try to grow a baby first. I want to bring you all to a brand-new world for further development and strive to let each and every one of you to birth a new clan…” Fang Ning said enthusiastically.

“Oh, this is good. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a clan leader…” When Shi Da heard this, he was happily spinning in circles.

When the other Whitestone people heard this, they too, became excited.

However, only one stone person among them began to worry upon hearing the news.

Although it was remarkably skilled at disguising itself as a Whitestone person, it could not grow a Whitestone child…

This was just like the case of some men dressing up as ladies among the humans. They might be able to deceive many people on the internet, or even in real life, but when was time to get real about their abilities, they would undoubtedly be exposed.

This stone person was, of course, the Bloodstone Devil Claus who had been undercover and working laboriously for quite a few years.

When the Draconic Arcane Realm had previously met with catastrophe, it had also shattered into pieces. Nonetheless, like the Whitestone people, it also had the ability to automatically revive itself as long as its Bloodstone Devil core was not destroyed, so it was smoothly resuscitated like everyone else.

However, today, it seemed like it would not be able to get through the problem of birthing a baby…