Chapter 1010 - What Is Happiness

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Chapter 1010: What Is Happiness

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Fang Ning was using his Heavenly Book baby to review all aspects of his work progress.

When he reached the part about the communication channels of the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform, he noticed a group chat channel that caused his eyes to suddenly light up.

“Number Three, what’ve you been doing lately? Which step have you reached in your mission?”

I’m doing the promotion mission, which is to find three people with a kind-hearted characteristic to join the platform.”

“Hey, I reached this step too. It’s so hard. I’ve gone through all kinds of strategies, but they don’t seem to be useful.”

“Hehe, I found a shortcut, and recruited a person already.”

“Hurry up and tell me what it is.”

“Fine, I’ll transfer ten Dan units of magical energy to you.”

“Then I shall show mercy and tell you. I’m playing “The Discord of Beasts”. It’s a game that you control using spiritual sense, which has been operating for quite a few years. Once you learn the skill of discerning the emotions of others through spiritual sense, you can easily tell which people are kind-hearted and which ones corrupted with evil thoughts.”

Fang Ning saw this, and suddenly felt an itch in his heart.

“The Discord of Beasts”?

Due to the pressure from a certain someone, how long had he been away from playing online games and paying to win?

Looking back, he was once a valiant Pay-To-Win warrior. He still remembered having a Pay-To-Win little brother. What was his name again?

Oh, right, he was called “Filling the Sea with Ashes”. After the release of “The Discord of Beasts”, which had then demolished that Pay-To-Win online game he had been playing, his guild was dismissed, and even that little brother was gone.

How he missed those carefree days…

Looking at how things were right now, although he had a higher status, greater fame, and plenty of wealth, he no longer had the mood and time for fun anymore…

Fang Ning looked around, and sneakily logged in to the computer before opening a website.

Then came a prompt saying that there was no network connection…

“Damn it!” he grumbled. “How can this be?”

At that moment, the Heavenly Book flew over in the blink of an eye.

“Master, if you want to go online, you can only use the Spiritual Network, which is also the?China Nets Above Snares Below,” it reminded.

Fang Ning thought back for some time before closing his eyes and starting to log in to the China Nets Above Snares Below.

He had registered his identity on it before.

“Identifying your spiritual sense…”

“You have not logged in for a long time, and need to go through verification.”

“Verify what?” How canI be someone else?” Fang Ning was very annoyed, yet had no other choice but to go through with it step by step.

“Please answer the questions you have set up before: What is the most important thing in life?”

Fang Ning thought it over for a moment, and finally recalled it.

Fang Ning sighed despite himself. “How innocent I used to be. Indeed, if I don’t live a happy life, no matter how much money I earn, then of what use would it be?”

“You really used to be that innocent? I can’t believe it at all,” Sir System suddenly spoke up.

“That’s the truth,” Fang Ning said.

Following that, a new question popped up.

“Second question, what is the way to live a happy life?”

“Ugh, why is there another question?” Fang Ning grumbled, his head hurting. “Let me think. It’s by reading novels.”

“Incorrect answer. You have two more attempts.”

“Incorrect answer. You have one more attempt.”

“Damn it. How did I set up the answer to this question back then? I can’t remember at all.” Fang Ning became frustrated.

“Hehe, allow me to tell you then. I still have some recollection of it,” Sir System said confidently. “It’s money. Money can make you happy.”

“Impossible. Since when have I been so shallow?” Fang Ning shook his head immediately.

“If you don’t believe me, try it.”

Fang Ning half-doubtingly inputted the answer provided by Sir System.

“How is that possible?!” Fang Ning gaped.

“That’s the truth,” Sir System said gleefully.

“Who cares what the answer is. Anyway, I can log in now…” Fang Ning was just thinking of playing some online games, but then stopped suddenly as the atmosphere in the System Space unexpectedly fell silent.

“You go ahead and play then. I’ll watch you play.” Sir System’s tone was icy cold.

“Aren’t you training in isolation? Why have you come out?” Fang Ning said gloomily.

“Training in isolation won’t stop me from sensing everything that’s happening within this space,” Sir System justified.

“Oh, I’m not playing. I’m browsing to see the current public sentiments on the internet by going through the public forums.” Fang Ning quickly found an excuse.

“Bluffing, keep on bluffing…”

Fang Ning then jumped to a forum he used to frequent.

“Shocking! The family member of a victim who helped seal the Spirit Cauldron has received such treatment!”

A sticky post was placed at the top of the forum.

“Ah, their style hasn’t changed much after all.” Fang Ning speechlessly clicked on the post.

After finishing the summary of the post, he was at a loss for words.

Fang Ning read on. Below the post, there was even an interview with the person involved, which included a video.

“I’m a fool. Since the beginning, Dad was already telling me to practice cultivating, but I was only addicted to my games. In any case, if I were a Bucket-level, I probably wouldn’t be treated as such,” said a youngster who appeared to be not even twenty years old, but was around eighteen or nineteen years old.

“Do you see that? That’s what happens when you play too much games!” Sir System started lecturing Fang Ning immediately.

“I know, I know. Stop nagging at me, and focus on your cultivation,” Fang Ning said morosely.

After that, there were others who exposed that this youngster was once a heavy Pay-To-Win player, and in a certain game, he once used a gamer name called “Filling the Sea with Ashes”, which had ranked second on the Pay-To-Win list for a very long time.

In first place was a legendary person called “Dragon Ascending The Heavens”, although the person was never heard of ever again, and was most likely dead now…

“Hey, isn’t this your dark history?” Sir System said gleefully despite his situation. “I didn’t expect to see it being dug up here. Wasn’t Dragon Ascending The Heavens you? I even named the Heavenly Sword after your awesome, cool username…”

“Get out…” At first, Fang Ning simply wanted to watch the fun like the other visitors, and make some fair remarks while he was at it.

Nonetheless, after seeing the dark history of this youngster, he was instantly reminded of that short period of happiness.

“No way, I can’t let a good person suffer such grievance. As heroes, we should stand up against injustice,” Fang Ning said with conviction.

“If you want to help, you can do it yourself. I still need to cultivate, and I won’t let you use the body,” Sir System rejected him at once.

“How can you be like that? Buddy, you have to be kind!” Fang Ning tried to persuade.

“What do you know? I’ve said this many times. I have to work on my cultivation, so that I’ll be able to handle stronger opponents in the future. As heroes, we must learn to focus on the bigger picture. Anyway, this guy isn’t being pushed to the point of death. It’s just some unfairness, which can actually motivate him to strive to be stronger,” Sir System argued.

“Damn it, you’ve really changed. I’ll do it myself.” Fang Ning stopped pleading with this cold-blooded system, and decided to intervene personally.

He called his Heavenly Book baby over, and released a mission on the mission module…

“Uh, is this your form of personal intervention?” Sir System was dumbfounded by this sight.

“Not bad, right? You think I won’t be able to do anything without you? Right now, the resources in Master Fang’s hands are enough to give justice to this person who was once my little brother,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“Seems like I’ve underestimated this mission platform. Later, get that Heavenly Book baby to help me release a mission as well.”

“Every person turns in one million Dan units of magical energy.”