Chapter 1012 - The Perfect Ending

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Chapter 1012: The Perfect Ending

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The Land of Heritage.

In the 365-floor building where the headquarters of the Truth Department was located.

Clad in a white robe, a bald old white man, who had a striking resemblance to Gandalf, was walking towards the building.

He was one of the 78 people who had attended the Lake-level Cultivators Assembly.

However, no one knew that he also had a codename —”Maxwell”, who was a member of the Alliance of Justice and Order.

If Robin Hood had known this before, then he would have understood why this person had been estimated by the algorithm to have a mission completion probability of 92%.

Thus, he would not have overestimated himself and challenged this man alongside his temporary team…

If this “Maxwell” already had such a formidable identity, one could only imagine the respective identities of the other three members, namely “Archangel Gabriel”, “Einstein”, and “Li Daoyuan”.

A moment later, in the headquarters’ guest reception room.

There were only Ren Ruofeng and “Maxwell” in the room.

“Mister Ren should be well-aware of what has been happening over the past two days, right?””Maxwell” said with a calm expression.

“Ah, you must’ve found it funny, Mister Max. I know what happened, but the reason I didn’t get involved it was because of my uncertainty about an issue.” Ren Ruofeng sighed, shaking his head.

“Oh, if I haven’t guessed wrongly, Mister Ren is probably unsure about which path humankind should undertake, isn’t it?””Maxwell” said.

“Yes, their method of centralizing all cultivation resources has disregarded the baseline of justice, yet it has also provoked others to be fully invested in cultivating, thus producing more magical energy. However, there is a huge drawback to this. From now on, human civilization may transform into a barbaric world.” Ren Ruofeng understood the situation very clearly.

“I understand what you mean. You’re thinking that in the face of such a crisis, maintaining civility may not guarantee survival, so perhaps by becoming more barbaric, our survival rate would increase, right? You are truly a wise man,””Maxwell” said, sounding impressed.

“Yes,” a hint of discomfort appeared on Ren Ruofeng’s face, “sometimes, in desperate situations of survival, one may have to let go of many principles to ensure the continuation of civilization.”

“If I told you that those desperate situations wouldn’t arise, you probably wouldn’t believe it, would you?” Maxwell asked, testing him.

“Oh, who could give you such an assurance?” Ren Ruofeng said, shaking his head.

“Alright, no one can give me such a guarantee. Let me just tell you a secret, and after you hear it, you’ll know how to decide.” Maxwell said, unfazed.

“Please tell me then, Mister Max.” Ren Ruofeng doubted that the man could tell him anything useful, but he had to give the other party a chance to speak.

Nonetheless, as Maxwell slowly revealed the secret, Ren Ruofeng’s expression changed in an instant.

After a short while, he nodded and said, “I see. It seems like even the wise aren’t always free from error. I’ve miscalculated. Compared to those cultivation resources, a fair baseline is more important, and so are the people’s hearts.”

“Hehe, Mister Ren is indeed wise.” Although Maxwell said these words, he was, in fact, speechless. After all, who would ever use such an idiom to excuse their own mistakes?

Were not those words usually said by others?

This person’s confidence was really something else.

However, now that the matter had reached this point, the mission would definitely be completed, for he still trusted in this old fellow’s tactics.

Ren Ruofeng sent Maxwell away, and then quickly issued a few orders.

The next day, Fang Ning saw the latest news on the forum.

“Another International Cultivators Assembly has been held. The Assembly has passed an emergency resolution to reinstate the upholding of humankind’s spirit of justice and fairness. It is determined to not walk down the Upper Realm’s old path of allowing the strong to prey on the weak!”

“The issue regarding the Spirit Cauldron victim’s compensation has received priority attention from relevant organizations. The personnel involved have been dismissed and placed under investigation while the corresponding cultivation resources have been delivered to the victim’s family.”

“An interview with a family member of the victim.”

Fang Ning watched the interview with great consolation.

“Filling the Sea with Ashes” said to the interviewer, “Thank heavens that justice endures. Although some low-lives may cause trouble at times, I believe that there will always be people who will uphold justice. I thank everybody, the higher authorities, the Cultivators Assembly… I will make good use of these resources and work hard on my cultivation. I’ve also been informed that my father’s deceased soul can choose to be reincarnated so that my family can reunite. Once again, I thank everyone.”

“This unfortunate child should’ve been most grateful to me,” Sir System said resentfully.

“You, Rice Bucket, I didn’t see you helping with anything when we were working on this, but when it comes to claiming credits, then you come running over right away,” Fang Ning said with even more contempt. “The biggest contributing party in this matter is our Heavenly Book baby, and coming in next is me. You were just a bystander. It was already a blessing that you didn’t cause any trouble.”

“What do you know!” Sir System exclaimed angrily. “You ask that stupid book then. Who deserves the most credit?”

Fang Ning called Heavenly Book baby over, and asked it right there and then.

“Uh, Master, as much as I hate to admit it, the key to accomplishing this mission really lies in System Daddy’s contribution,” Heavenly Book baby said dejectedly.

“Why? It clearly didn’t do anything at all.” Fang Ning seemed more depressed.

“Oh, it’s like this, I’ll replay the video recording that Maxwell submitted after completing the mission,” Heavenly Book baby said.

After watching the recording, Fang Ning finally understood why Sir System wanted to fight for his credit.

He saw what Maxwell was saying to Ren Ruofeng at that moment.

“I heard that China has a strategy weapon, that is, the Celestial Dragon. I believe you understand that the Celestial Dragon’s existence is rooted in the faith of millions as it draws its source of morality from them. Cultivation resources can always be increased using various development and production strategies, but once you lose the people’s hearts, it can be hard to regain them. Many ancient civilizations have collapsed due to the loss of their people’s faith.”

“The secret about the Celestial Dragon was one of the high-level classified secrets that System Daddy provided to the AJO platform. It was redeemed by Maxwell using fifty thousand Justice Points,” explained Heavenly Book baby. “Of course, such a large number of Justice Points did not come from him alone, but was collected by the whole mission team.”

“I see,” Fang Ning said in realization. “Wait a second, but this Rice Bucket seems to know all the information in this video like the back of its hand. Otherwise, how could it have been so sure that the credit belongs to it?”

“Huhu, it was created by me. How can I not know what’s in it?” Sir System said gleefully.

“I’ve really underestimated you, Sir System. A good fighter has no need for any glorious honor, and it must have been no easy feat for you to reach this level of integrity!” Fang Ning gave a rare compliment.

“It was alright.” Sir System was inexplicably proud.

“Alright, this seems like a pretty good ending. Big Hai’s family won’t be separated after all. This is a benefit of the Era of Mystery. While it may be scary, death isn’t the end. As long as people work hard and regularly have savings without excessive spending, there will always be opportunities for them to reunite with their families,” Fang Ning could not help saying with a sigh while watching the interview.

After that, he flipped open the Heavenly Book again and checked the mission management module.

A string of records appeared.

“Mission — fair judgment, recipient AB…,?successfully completed, degree of completion 93%. Mission reward: 120000 Justice Points, ability redemption limit has been increased…”

Where there was a start, there was an end. It was a complete cycle.

Seeing this, Fang Ning felt enormously proud of his success. With this platform in hand, would he still need to fear failing to accomplish a bigger goal?

He proceeded to release another mission.

“Mission: Planet captain. Content: Search for a top-notch manager to manage an empty planet. Requirements are as below: Able to complete various development tasks assigned by the Great Venerable Dragon God, possesses the ability to coordinate all aspects…”

“Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have left this book with you.” Sir System became bitter watching this.

“What do you know? Even if it was given to you, you wouldn’t make good use of it anyway, so just carry on with your training, and properly play the role of a hitter System.” Fang Ning shut Sir System up immediately.