Chapter 1013 - Recommending Each Other

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Chapter 1013: Recommending Each Other

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Land of Heritage — a certain basement.

The three masked men, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, were watching the latest news.

“Justice may be late, but it’ll never be absent… In the follow-up interview with the recent victims of the Spirit Cauldron Seal, the Cultivators Assembly has made new regulations. The Soul Reincarnation service will be provided free of charge to those who sacrificed their lives due to work. The other party can choose to continue to live with their family in the form of a mech, or to reincarnate into Spiritual Insects Clan…”

Bronze-masked Man watched until here and switched off the TV directly.

“Damn it, in the original plan, we can completely separate human beings into two classes of cultivators and mortals, but in the end, it was resolved by them!” Bronze-masked Man said indignantly.

“That’s true. These people think that they have sealed the Heaven Mending Cauldron and avoided the spread of the curse, but they don’t know that this is the loophole we deliberately left behind,” Bronze-masked Man said smugly.

“That’s right. The power of the seal itself will be absorbed by the Heaven Mending Cauldron. If they want to prevent the spread of the curse of Heaven Mending Cauldron, they’ll need to strengthen the seal every month, which is equivalent to automatically renewing it for us,” Gold-masked Man sneered.

Silver-masked Man shook his head and sighed, “It could not be blamed that they’re stupid. This is the difference in the foundation. They’re just beginning to come in contact with the Mysterious World. Their achievements in the Mysterious Knowledge are still far behind. The Bodhisattva Spirit King might see through some of it but he won’t expose us because he needs time to recover his strength and won’t turn against us right away.”

“Yeah, they can’t think of it anyway. Trying to seal the Spirit Cauldron is equivalent to giving us blood tax,” Gold-masked Man said coldly.

Sealing the Spirit Cauldron itself was a conspiracy. The seal was supplying power to the Spirit Cauldron.

It was as Silver-masked Man said. This was the difference in the foundation. With humans’ insights, how could they understand the ins and outs of this Spirit Cauldron?

The Bodhisattva Spirit King might be able to see through it but an existence of his level must maintain a balance and could not turn against the Spirit Lords so as not to cause more trouble.

Ren Ruofeng sent people to invite him but the other party did not come out. Obviously, something was not right but no one could think that the truth would turn out to be so!

At this moment, Fang Ning certainly did not know the truth. He was trying his best to find a suitable planet agent now.

Unless he had the time to look at the sealed giant cauldron and ask the two gods, he would not know the truth.

Now, he still did not have that time.

He played business simulation games before and knew that if there was no delegation mode, it was a torture for the players…

There would be countless characters to be manipulated and countless parameters to worry about. It would not be playing games, but being played by games.

Fortunately, the population of several billion people was gathered in the Land of Heritage and the choosing of talented people became easier.

Particularly when Fang Ning did not require the other party to be a cultivation genius, because the number of companies that had gone bankrupt due to global retreat was numerous and unemployed executives were everywhere.

Although choosing a conscientious planet manager was hard, it would not be until the extent of not finding one.

Two days later, baby Heavenly Book notified that there were three people who chose to submit their missions.

Fang Ning opened their mission records. All three people who submitted the mission had each found a Planet Leader whom they thought was the most suitable.

However, the one who would finally complete this “find the Planet Leader” mission and get the huge reward was all in the hands of Fang Ning.

The three Planet Leader candidates had a common feature.

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They were all acquaintances of the Venerable Dragon God…

“Hey, they’re all very cunning!” After seeing the three candidates, Sir System could not help but sigh, “why do I feel that not all in this Alliance of Justice and Order are honest people?”

“How you do run on,” Fang Ning said with great disdain. “If you want to perform justice, you have to be more intelligent than the evil people.”

After saying that, Fang Ning began to carefully browse the three Planet Leader candidates.

The first person, “Dylan Terry”, a bald old white man, was the manager of the early Dark Tournament’s arena. He was expelled from the higher-ups of the competition because he had a sense of justice and did not let the evil extraordinaire participate.

When Fang Ning saw this name, he remembered instantly that he once invited the other party to join the arena of the Draconic Arcane Realm and let the other party be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the arena together with the spirit of the arcane realm,?door god Achilles.??1

In the end, for a long time, except going to the arena several times occasionally, Fang Ning almost forgot about the old man.

“Oh, my bad. I was really busy with things and forgot about the old man,” Fang Ning said in embarrassment after reading the resume of the other party.

“Hmph, you think I’ll believe what you said?” Sir System scorned. “You’re the type of guy who can throw everything behind your mind when you start to act up. If it wasn’t for me demonstrating my existence every day, I’ll also be forgotten.”

“That’s impossible. I’m not such a person,” Fang Ning denied it.

The second candidate for the Planet Leader was the arena manager, the Space Spirit “Achilles”.

Fang Ning was a bit puzzled after seeing this. Only a few knew the existence of this guy.

He looked at the person who submitted the mission and found that it was none other than Dylan Terry.

It turned out that the other party also joined the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform…

No wonder he would recommend the other party.

He then looked at the advocate of “Dylan Terry” and it was “Achilles”.

“What is this called? Recommending each other?” Sir System scoffed.

“Don’t make it sound so bad. This is called employing people without caring if he/she is a relative. A recommendation out of friendship,” Fang Ning said seriously. “Let’s see the third one.”

The third candidate was “Dragon Carp”. For safety’s sake, he looked at the recommender on purpose and found that it was the manager of the Morality City, Bai Ruocang, the unlucky child.

“Hey, this guy has many previous convictions and is very greedy. It could even get a recommendation?” Fang Ning wondered, perplexed.

“Oh, although it’s greedy, it’s still very effective in its work,” Sir System spoke in its favour.

“In this case, let’s just choose all three and form a three-person management committee. Coincidently, it’s one person, one spirit, and one demon—it’s very fair and just nice to reflect the sense of unity,” Fang Ning finally decided.

Draconic Arcane Realm’s second floor—the arena.

The bald old white man, Dylan, the ancient Greek brawny man, Space Spirit “Achilles”, and a big fish in a fish tank were waiting together for the summoning of the Great Venerable Dragon God.

Of course, they all knew the reason for the matter.

“I didn’t expect that even an old guy like me has the opportunity to manage a whole planet. It really makes me a little uneasy…” The old man Dylan was excited and nervous.

“I don’t see any problem with this. It’s just to open an East India company on another planet. Isn’t this what your ancestors are best at?” The Dragon Carp said disdainfully.

“Oh, that shameful history. We have to admit it, but all in all, we must move towards civilization.” The old man was very depressed. How was this fish from the Upper Realm so familiar with human history? It was really rubbing it in.

Achilles, floating in the air, ignored the quarrel between that one person and one demon. He just muttered to himself, “I must build a big planet arena. I heard that it’ll all be Whitestone people on the planet in the future. That’s good, no blood will spill in fights. I believe it’ll be very exciting.”

Fang Ning soon appeared in front of the three.

Otherwise, why would Sir System say that the recommenders were very cunning?

All three of them could get the trust of the Great Venerable Dragon God and this was the priority.

The first requirement of the mission was “to be able to complete the various development missions given by the Great Venerable Dragon God”.

If there was no trust and support from the Dragon God, how could they complete the mission?

“That’s enough. The three of you will work together for a long time in the future. I don’t have any other requirements. The Whitestone people are honest people, they’ll not lie to you or be lazy, nor will they play tricks, so as long as you follow the same principles and treat them with care, you can manage the future planet well.”

“There is only one goal for you three and that is to maximize the vitality production of the planet and mass-produce magical energy in order to provide a solid rear for the future battle with the Upper Realm.”