Chapter 1014 - Battle Double

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Chapter 1014: Battle Double

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One person, one demon, and one spirit all listened very seriously.

Although the Great Venerable Dragon God was a person of high caliber, he had high moral standards and would never bully people using his power nor would he be tyrannical, unlike some scum powerhouses who just had a little bit of power and would use it to bully the good and oppress the civilians, flaunting their prowess.

Working for the other party, they did not have to worry about being cast aside after they had served their purposes or being discarded at will. That would never happen.

Therefore, they could rest assured as they worked for the other party. The only thing to be aware of was that they could not be lax in their demands on themselves because of the other party’s benevolence.

The Dragon Carp took the lead and promised, “Rest assured, master. I know the ins and outs of the Whitestone people. I’ll manage them well and make them have more children and cultivate diligently, balancing work and rest, and investing in the magical energy production as soon as possible.”

The other two was not as shameless but only expressed their determination slightly.

“Very good. It’s useless even if you say it a few hundred times if it’s empty talk. Now I’ll take the three of you to your working place.”

Fang Ning said and then waved his hand. A light gate appeared.

On the other side of the light gate, a red-brown desert was faintly visible with some slabs of rock.

“Mr. Dylan still can’t adapt to this extraterrestrial environment. He can only go to work after the temporary settlement is built. The two of you go in with me first.”

Fang Ning said as he was just about to enter the light gate and then turned to enter the System Space.

After that, he commanded, “Sir System, go to Mars.”

“Hey, I’m very busy. No time for that,” Sir System refused.

”?Sharpening the ax doesn’t delay the work of chopping firewood.?1?There are still a group of Lunar Devils on Mars. Previously, we couldn’t make them submit due to lack of power but now, we can make them submit directly. Have you forgotten that when we seized the core of Mars, there is still a guide? Now’s the time to promote this guy,” Fang Ning patiently advised.

“You can go by yourself. Why do you need me to do it?” Sir System said impatiently.

“Damn it, who am I doing this for? When you don’t have enough magical energy in the future, don’t come to me again!” Fang Ning was a little angry.

This idiot always could not distinguish the priority.

“Oh, look at yourself, you’re getting angry randomly again. I’ll go, okay?” Sir System got its sore spot hit and retreated at that instant, saying sourly.

“Hmph, this good-for-nothing, it wouldn’t know who the boss is if I don’t teach it a lesson…” Fang Ning grabbed baby Heavenly Book and said fiercely.

“Yeah, System Daddy is always a fool, we don’t have to lower ourselves to its level,” baby Heavenly Book comforted.

“As always, baby is the sensible one. It’s too bad that there are still no influential powerhouses in the alliance’s platform,” Fang Ning had a hard time due to Sir System and muttered. “However, it doesn’t work. People are unpredictable and always changing. They may be kind when they’re weak, but it’ll change when they become strong.”

“Hey, what are you muttering about?” Sir System felt that something was off.

“Hmph, didn’t you say that you’re busy? I’ve to train another reliable muscleman,” Fang Ning justified.

“Oh, I’m actually quite free. After all, I’ve two more threads now. With 15 threads, I can just assign a combat thread to you. You don’t have to save money to train others,” Sir System said hurriedly.

“Won’t it delay your cultivation?” Fang Ning pretended to decline.

“It doesn’t matter, my “Dragonization Ability” has reached the Mythical Level. I’ll give you a Battle Double that absolutely listens to you. It can manage most of the opponents. When it meets one that it can’t manage, I’ll go myself,” Sir System said hurriedly.

“Well, that’s more like it. Where is that Battle Double of yours?” Fang Ning asked excitedly.

Sir System was the god of battle but the problem was that this guy was too initiative. It was always inconvenient to use it because it would have its own independent judgment, unlike the system of others that would only passively cooperate with the host.

“Take a look outside,” Sir System said instantly.

Fang Ning looked through the System View and saw that beside the Dragon’s Cave on the hill, there was a fire dragon with a body full of flames, flaunting its prowess in the air. It looked very magnificent at first glance.

Apart from that, there was a Black Sword on its dragon claw.

The sword was even talking.

“No, you’ve to place Sir Soaring Dragon on your head and put it on your dragon’s horn.”

“How dare you grab me with your claws? This is too embarrassing for Sir Soaring Dragon!”

The fire dragon did not speak.

“If you don’t agree, I won’t fuse with you. You’re not the original form anyway. You can’t control me,” Black sword threatened.

“Hey, this is also a sword with personality. Birds of a feather flock together,” Fang Ning said with contempt.

“You should be grateful,” said Sir System moodily. “I can’t control it fully. After all, it’s already an Ancient-grade sword.”

“Forget it. Baby Divine Monument, baby Heavenly Book, let’s go,” Fang Ning picked up the golden Heavenly Book, called the green-skinned frog, and then became a stream of light.

A violet stone monument appeared out of thin air above the foggy hills and then shot towards the fire dragon.

The fire dragon and the stone monument fused together seamlessly. Its whole body emitted greenish-blue light. After that, it roared as it soared into the sky, shaking its head and waving its tail.

In the next moment, it grabbed the Black Sword and flew beyond the highest heavens.

After the fire dragon left, the Azure Dragon lying in the deep dark Dragon’s Cave opened its eyes and glanced outside, and then it closed its eyes again.

[The system is thinking…]

On Mars, a group of small rock monsters of different colors was working under the supervision of a group of big rock monsters. They were cutting mountains and drilling rocks, dredging the volcanic vent and building a warm home for the aristocratic rock monsters.

As for them, of course, they could only live in cold places, enduring cold winds and radiation from cosmic rays.

When a fire dragon appeared again, a commotion was suddenly evoked too.

“Hurry, you swine, quickly hide into the ground!” The overseers swung their whips and whipped those little rock monsters.

The rock monsters drilled underground along the caves.

Fang Ning controlled the fire dragon and looked down at the rocky desert below.

It was a very familiar scene. After the last trip, he did not manage this place for a long time. It seemed that these Bloodstone Devils developed very fast and almost filled the entire planet. Perhaps they would soon attack Earth.

It seemed that it was time to clean up this planet.

At this moment, baby Heavenly Book asked in puzzlement, “Master, this planet seems to be inhabited, should we change a place?”

“No, this Mars is the gateway to Earth. It’s one of the cores of the alignment of the five planets, within the defense range of Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. As for these Bloodstone Devils below, we must gradually wipe out the evil rock monsters and leave the harmless, so that there will be a stable base,” Fang Ning explained patiently.

“It’s so troublesome. Do you think they’ll fight with the honest Whitestone people in the future?” baby Heavenly Book asked.

“Er, your considerations are very reasonable. Forget it, let’s leave this to the alliance’s platform to deal with. Let’s change to a place with less worry.” After hearing that, Fang Ning’s fear of trouble suddenly rose. Calling the fire dragon, he turned around and walked away.

“Hey, that fearsome fire dragon flew away again,” a group of Bloodstone Devil overseers said in relief.

When the devils thought that they had escaped a crisis, Fang Ning had silently released a new mission on the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform.

“Mission, wipe out the Martian devils. Mission reward: 1 million Justice Points and Ability Exchange Authority. Mission note: You need to distinguish the evil people among the rock monsters and try to turn them into good people.”