Chapter 1015 - Green Comes From Blue

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Chapter 1015: Green Comes From Blue

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Fang Ning controlled the fire dragon and just flew away when baby Heavenly Book suddenly reminded, “Master, you seem to have dropped something just now…”

“Hm?” Fang Ning was stunned for a while first and remembered it later. He opened a light gate to Mars for a demon and a spirit just now and suddenly left. What was the use of leaving them there?

“Sigh, it’s bad to make subjective decisions, driving ahead without considering the consequences,” he said resentfully and then flew back to look for a spirit and a fish.

Dragon Carp and Achilles crossed the light gate and arrived at Mars.

“Sigh, it’s really a barren place. There’s so little vitality that it’s almost suffocating for me,” in the fish tank carried by Achilles, the Dragon Carp complained unhappily.

“Such scarce vitality. I’m afraid that those Whitestone people can’t breed normally,” Achilles shook his head. “I’ve seen them give birth to children on their heads. They would need enough vitality to do that.”

“Hey look, there are quite a few rock monsters here. How do they survive here?” The Dragon Carp stared at the rock monsters hiding in the sand in the distance.

“Oh, they have a trace of Devilish Energy. The source of this Devilish Energy seems to come from Earth,” Achilles, as a spirit, saw something that ordinary people could not see.

At this moment, Fang Ning had come down next to the two of them and heard the words of the Space Spirit.

This fact had not even been noticed by him before. He suddenly understood after thinking so.

“These rock monsters all come from a devil that worships the moon. It seems that as long as the moon disappears but the resentment didn’t disappear in the hearts of the people, they’ll always exist,” Fang Ning analyzed.

“With these rock devils here, I’m afraid that the Whitestone people could not live and work here easily. Master, what should we do now?” The Dragon Carp shook its tail and said in an attempt to please him.

“Er, let the alliance’s platform handle this place. Let’s change a place for our experiment. We’ll come back here after it’s cleaned,” Fang Ning said decisively.

“Master, you’re wise,” the Dragon Carp flattered.

“Er…” Fang Ning was a bit embarrassed. Now, he understood why the decision of a solitary king was prone to strategic mistakes. There were too many flatteries and rarely any frank advice.

“Sigh, the matter is getting bigger and bigger. Making decisions myself will lead to problems easily. I really have to consider finding some assistants to form a cabinet,” Fang Ning said gloomily.

“Master, don’t worry, I’ll help you,” baby Heavenly Book said quickly.

“Er, although baby is smart, you’re young after all. Life is difficult and people are sinister. You still have a lot to learn,” Fang Ning comforted.

Baby Heavenly Book came from Sir System so its inherent advantage was that it knew the existence of the System. It did not have to worry about the lack of intelligence when making decisions.

The disadvantage was that its existence was too short. Fang Ning could not rest assured.

“Age is no barrier, master. In fact, I have a lot of knowledge and I also participated in the construction process of the Giant Octopus Empire. There’s certainly no problem,” baby Heavenly Book immediately became anxious after hearing that.

“Er, I underestimated you. Let me test you. This time, the construction of the Magical Energy Planet will be under you. You will be fully responsible for it. I’ll only be responsible for the supervision after everything,” Fang Ning suddenly thought of a new way to slack off…

“Thank you for your trust, master. I’ll definitely get it done well,” baby Heavenly Book said confidently.

After a while, Fang Ning saw baby Heavenly Book giving out orders.

“Firstly, determine the equipment for the vitality transformation. Previously, Madson and the others in the laboratory of the Draconic Arcane Realm had obtained initial results in the process of the research and now, it should be put into use.”

“Secondly, determine a site for the pilot experiment. It should be close and there should be a supply of vitality. Also, a large space is needed. In summary, Lunaette is a good choice.”

“Finally, the three-person management committee needs to be able to work on Lunaette. It’s necessary to improve the strength of the only human old man. The Truth Department has a Magical Energy Infusion method you can use…”

It was eye-opening to Fang Ning. He felt both gratified and a sense of loss.

Baby’s decision-making ability was very strong and it was more comprehensive than his own subjective decision-making.

Sure enough, green came from blue.

At this instant, the fire dragon Fang Ning was residing suddenly spoke.

“Take a look at yourself, you can’t even compare to a book. What use do I have you for?”

“You don’t have to come back, just stay outside so that you won’t bother me.”

“Damn, you good-for-nothing, didn’t you say you won’t interfere with my use of the Battle Double? You actually still monitor me, breaking your promise. Is this still the act of a hero? You dare to break the contract. I want to complain to the System Maxim!” Fang Ning was fuming.

“Hey, I’m just saying, you can just listen. Don’t take it seriously,” Sir System immediately retreated.

“That’s more like it. Don’t bother me if there’s nothing important,” Fang Ning retorted with its own words.

After dealing with Sir System who suddenly popped out, Fang Ning told the fish and the spirit to go back to the Draconic Arcane Realm through the light gate. After that, he controlled the fire dragon and flew to Lunaette.

On Lunaette, the construction had begun vigorously.

Several towering spiritually-controlled mechs were building houses, leveling roads and constructing other living facilities.

Although the Whitestone people were simple, they were not grown from nothing.

When they were in the Upper Realm previously, they needed to plant vitality crops to maintain their survival. In fact, they used the vitality absorbed to move their stone body.

It was just that the Upper Realm’s vitality had shrunk, causing several crops that they needed to survive could not be planted. After escaping into the Lower Realm, only then they had the opportunity to expand the population.

This showed that they could not survive by solely relying on vitality, they must be able to grow vitality crops to feed.

Although their tolerance to the environment was far stronger than that of human beings, it was still impossible to compare with the Martian Bloodstone Devils. The latter was the true toughest survivor, they could survive with little vitality…

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There were many disadvantages to devils. For example, most of their intelligence was low and it was difficult for them to form an orderly social force. However, their advantage was that they had strong viability and this must be acknowledged.

Therefore, Fang Ning’s previous action was indeed lacking and there were many things that were ill-considered.

This was not because he was stupid but it was due to the bad habits he had when he was a programmer.

The customer would never wait until you had considered everything and then modified the program. He could only complete the work quickly after the demands and urging of all parties and then correct the bugs after submitting his work…

This was how “Bug Liu” and “Bug Yang” were developed…

While baby Heavenly Book had no such congenital defect, no one had ever urged it.

The previous octopus, Twelve Arms, obeyed its every command.

It was even more impossible for Fang Ning now to urge it.

Only a certain good-for-nothing would often urge people to do things, but now it could not command it too.

A fire dragon floated above Lunaette, with Dragon Carp and Space Spirit beside it. They were looking at the construction site.

As for the bald old man Dylan, his power was being boosted, receiving the infusion service at the Truth Department…

It was said that in another two months, he would be Lake-level and be able to enter and leave Lunaette freely.

Of course, with his cultivation endowment, the price was that he would never advance in his cultivation in the future.

For this, Fang Ning invested a lot. After all, he was restricted by heroism and could not ask for other people’s services for free. Moreover, he was not a guy who liked to owe others.

At this moment, Lunaette had been transformed by Heavenly Axiom and began to have green vegetation. From this, it was possible to plant vitality crops.

The Clan Leader Shi Gan was discussing with some clan members about what to plant.

“The soil here is barren. It’s almost all rocks. It seems that our best option is to plant ‘Whitestone Flower’. It only needs sunlight, vitality, and stone to grow and survive. Although it tastes a little bad, the yield is high and it’s easy to plant. Now it’s the time to expand the clan, we can’t ask for too much,” the Clan Leader Shi Gan said to everyone.

“Yeah, the conditions here are much better than the hopeless Upper Realm. We don’t mind at all. Clan Leader, we’ll follow whatever you said,” a group of large and small Whitestone people agreed.

Previously, Fang Ning was a little puzzled as to why Clan Leader Shi Gan’s words were absolute and there were very few Whitestone people against it.

Now, he had completely understood after seeing the scene of a group of Whitestone people like Shi Da giving birth.

These Whitestone people were mostly the children of the Clan Leader Shi Gan, could they disobey?

“You thinking is wrong. That broken book is still my child, when did it obey me?” Sir System suddenly voiced out indignantly.

“It’s good that it didn’t obey you. This kind of violent system like you shouldn’t be listened to so that it won’t become a brat,” Fang Ning said in disdain.