Chapter 1016 - Warriors

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Chapter 1016: Warriors

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After inspecting the Lunaette site, Fang Ning returned to the Dragon’s Cave on the hill with great satisfaction.

However, looking at Sir System who was lying there, he lost interest again. It was boring in System Space because there was no network now…

He could only go online through Baby Heavenly Book. If so, what was the use of him going back?

Thus, he decisively turned around and flew away.

At this moment, Black Dog suddenly sent a message through the communication channel of baby Heavenly Book.

“Master, I heard a piece of major news in the Land of Heritage. A group of God’s Missionaries is planning to abandon the human race and they carry great technologies with them.”

“Probably this is the case,” Black Dog replied. “I heard them saying that they want to build a society where cultivators are superior…”

“What major technologies did they carry?” Fang Ning asked.

“Oh, it seems that there are mainly two kinds, one is the vitality transformation technology and the other is the population reproduction technology,” Black Dog said with hesitation. Apparently, it was difficult for a na?ve dog to understand those scientific terms.

“Eh? The Land of Heritage has also successfully studied vitality transformation technology?” Fang Ning was puzzled but after that, he felt that it was normal.

Since Madson’s small laboratory could do it, the other party which had gathered the scientific research power of the whole human race could naturally do it too.

Moreover, such research had always existed. The human’s science system had decided that it was necessary to study the origin of vitality and its various transformation processes.

Black Dog did not answer and Fang Ning sunk in thoughts.

Should he prevent it? There was honestly no reason for him to stop them. After all, this was the spontaneous behavior of the other party.

Moreover, the other party’s action would leave a new retreat for human beings. If he were to stop them, would not it be equivalent to him eliminating another possibility?

Thinking about it repeatedly, Fang Ning decided to push it to others.

He knew his own limitations. He had always been taken over by Sir System and he had never ascended step by step from the bottom of the power system to the high end. Therefore, his mentality had never been transformed. It remained as the mentality of an ordinary person.

He could not be ruthless like those decision-makers nor could he shoulder the fate of the entire human race. What he could do was protect the people around him so that there would be a sanctuary amongst this dangerous chaotic world.

No matter how strong he was, his heart would always be only as big as a square inch. He would not be like some overpowering protagonists who could change from a mortal to the Celestial Venerable, the Saint King, or the Divine Emperor…

“If they want to go, let them go.”

At the Cultivators Assembly, after receiving a message from a mysterious channel, an emergency meeting was held.

In fact, such a big commotion was impossible to hide from everyone, even if Fang Ning did not secretly notify some people, they would know the news in one night.

“Since they have a different ideology, forcing them to stay would only lead to strife. It’s better to be separated. They would just be the pioneers of the human race…”

Among the members of the Cultivators Assembly, some agreed while some objected, but most people’s opinions were to let these God’s Missionaries be free.

After all, the other party’s leaving would not violate their interests. On the contrary, forcing them to stay would probably start a war.

Since Shenyuan era, although there had been infighting within the human race, such as between China and India, China and the USA, the USA and South America or Africa, and so on, the overall situation had not turned into a fierce, large-scale battle yet.

Even between the top cultivators, restraint was maintained. After all, everyone knew who the real enemy was.

In this kind of situation, if they really started a war, the impact would be devastating and it would greatly hurt the confidence of ordinary people.

The only one who firmly opposed it was “Maxwell” from the Alliance of Justice and Order, who was also a bald old man.

“Based on their ideology, they will definitely build a dark human society in the future. Are we just going to stand aside and watch the tragedies that will happen and not stopping it?”

“However, how are you so sure that their ideology is not another escape route for human beings? Since they already have a destination and they could do it, we should let them try. History tells us that introverted civilizations will only lead to destruction. They can at least give humanity the hope of continuation,” some people objected.

“Even if this is the case, we should send overseers to supervise them so that they’ll not cross the line,” the bald Gandalf said seriously.

After hearing that, others could not help but nod but someone said, “Who can supervise them? Who is willing to supervise them? That person will have to follow the other party and leave this world to go to another unknown mysterious place. The risk is incomparably high. You should know that the supervisor must fulfill two criteria: One is that his cultivation endowment should be high enough to pass the review of those God’s Missionaries, and the other is that his willpower needs to be firm enough and he should have the determination to sacrifice for all mankind. Can anyone find someone like this?”

The crowd fell silent.

Without a doubt, such a candidate was rare. Those with sufficient cultivation endowment rarely had this kind of spirit of sacrifice. Under an organizational system, there were still various means to restrain them to fight for humanity.

However, if they turned to another organization, they would soon be assimilated by the ideology of God’s Missionary, that cultivators were superior.

After all, unlike ordinary people, cultivators had a long life expectancy and the possibility of them changing their minds was too high.

“Since no one is willing to go and I raised this question, I’m willing to go,” the bald Gandalf said seriously.

“Oh…” The crowd could not help but cast an admirable look at him.

Clearly, although Westerners had done a lot of shameless things in the past, some Westerners really had a great spirit and brought the gospel to all mankind. This was an objective fact.

Ren Ruofeng did not speak. He was also full of admiration for this old man, but he could never leave, after all, he carried huge responsibilities.

Through baby Heavenly Book’s Alliance of Justice and Order’s communication channel, Fang Ning learned that Maxwell would follow those who seceded and act as the supervisor.

It was actually the role of an undercover agent. Fang Ning was well-aware of the danger of this matter.

With reference to the Black Cat Tom and the Bloodstone Devil Claus who stayed beside him as undercover agents, one would know. One was brainwashed by him and the other was still laboring, the others had the opportunity to be clan leader while it could only eat itself…

Fang Ning thought for a moment and controlled the fire dragon to fly back to Sir System’s side to talk to it.

“Sir System, are you free?”

“Oh, it’s like this, there is a warrior in the platform…” Fang Ning just continued talking and he finally said, “as chivalrous people, we can’t be indifferent. Find some concealing type of ability and theorize it to perfection. After that, give it to him so that he can conceal better.”

“Er, that’s it for the time being.”

“Then you can scram. There is none.”

“There should be some.”

“There is really none.”

“Fine, I’ll go to Ren Ruofeng for reimbursement. It’s not a problem to sell an exclusive ability for a hundred million Dan unit,” Fang Ning took out his trump card.

“You should have said so earlier… As a heroic System, I certainly can’t turn a deaf ear to this. I must reward this warrior.”

“Do you not blush when you say this?”

“No, I don’t have a face. It’s all yours.”