Chapter 1017 - Keep in Touch

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Chapter 1017: Keep in Touch

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“Comrades, I’m leaving. I hope that one day we can meet again.”—Maxwell

“Brother, have a good journey. We’ll miss you.”—Einstein.

“The place you’re going is very far away. We probably can’t stay in touch in the future. It’s a pity.”—Newton.

“Thank you for your concern, Sir. I also feel that it’s regrettable.”

“You misunderstood. I mean, in the future, it seems that you can’t use your accumulated Justice Points, donate it to me if you won’t use it…”

“This guy’s shameless. He has Sir System’s style,” Fang Ning could not help but say after watching the alliance’s high-level communication channel.

“Yeah, this ‘Newton’ seems to be a hypocrite who broke into our Alliance of Justice and Order,” baby Heavenly Book said angrily. “I’ll find ways to get rid of him later.”

“Oh,?the sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers?1?. We don’t have to target him specifically. If he can be hypocritical until he is always borderline crossing the line, there is nothing wrong with it,” Fang Ning consoled.

“Fine, we’ll let him off this time,” baby Heavenly Book said grumpily.

“Oh yeah, baby, you actually have a way to keep in contact with this guy,” Fang Ning had a realization. “Do you remember that Black Robe and the others have a quantum communication instrument?”

“I know. It’s something invented by Zhi Nan and it can communicate across the universe,” baby Heavenly Book replied.

“That’s right. If you can integrate the function of this instrument, then you can let this forerunner continue to keep in touch and continue to have the authority of the alliance’s platform,” Fang Ning suggested.

“This is a good idea but for the integration of this Communication Module, you’ll need System Daddy to do it…” Baby Heavenly Book said awkwardly. “It has always been very stingy. It’ll never spend that much experience points to let me integrate this high-tech Module.”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me. I just need to trick that good-for-nothing,” Fang Ning assured.

Thus, the fire dragon that was cruising around Earth returned to the Dragon’s Cave on the hill…

Dragon’s Cave on the hill.

It could be seen that strands of white presence were breathed in and out by the dragon in the cave from time to time. The dense vitality flowed towards here from all four corners. Looking from the sky, it faintly formed a global vitality gathering point.

If a satellite image could be used to show it, it would be a vitality whirlpool here.

Fang Ning suddenly understood why those who came from the Upper Realm said that the Upper Realm’s vitality was exhausted. The culprits were the gods and saints.

Sir System was just getting close to the Near-God-level and it needed to take in and spit out a planet’s worth of vitality. It was conceivable that no matter how vast the Upper Realm was, supplying countless gods for many years and the saints who were far superior to gods was too much of a burden.

“Sigh, if we want to preserve the world, we have to increase supply and reduce usage. We can increase supply by invading Earth’s universe but it’s difficult to reduce usage. Who would let go of the profit that he/she is going to earn? Just like the last reign of Ming dynasty, even if those landlords were in their last hour, they wouldn’t choose to give up the land and distribute it to the landless refugees to farm nor would they share the food. In the end, everyone could only wait for death to come,” Fang Ning sighed.

“Master is foresighted. How can our world avoid repeating the same mistakes?” Baby Heavenly Book complimented.

“The answer to this question seems to be a lot, but in fact, it’s a problem without a solution…” After careful thinking, Fang Ning felt a moment of fear and shook his head. “Forget it, let’s not think about it. Think about how to fool that idiot first.”

Subsequently, he talked to the Azure Dragon in the Dragon’s Cave below with spiritual telepathy.

“Sir System, didn’t I say last time that I want you to develop communication across different worlds, today I had a good idea…”

“Didn’t I tell you to not bother me when there’s nothing important? I don’t want to listen to whatever good idea,” the Azure Dragon did not raise its head and just kept breathing.

“God’s Missionaries are going to discover a new world in other places. If you can realize this communication across different worlds, you can have another place to?harvest the leeks?1?. For example, if you post a mission to turn in magical energy points on the alliance’s platform, it may not be impossible to do it,” Fang Ning swindled with a serious tone.

“Oh, after what you said, I’m suddenly interested, but you know, I’m just a?Kimchi Game System?1?, I can’t learn the high technology you said,” Sir System said sullenly.

“You don’t need to learn, you just need to pay for it and implant the quantum communication equipment that Black Robe gave previously onto baby…”

“Oh, so you’re just using my money and it gets to enjoy. No way!” Sir System refused.

“Hey, you’re a family. Why do you have to be so selfish?” Fang Ning said boldly. “Aren’t you the one who benefited in the end? Tell me, how many reserved magical energy points have you secretly extracted from the alliance’s platform these days? Don’t think that I don’t know, it’s stated clearly on the account book.”

“Er,”?the mouth that ate the food of others was softened?1?, Sir System could only withdraw. “In this case, I’ll work hard.”

“Now you’re talking. No pain, no gain. If there is no big investment, how can there be a big return?”

“Can’t you have a big return with small investment?” Sir System was not convinced.

“That must be accompanied by great risks. I still want to live for a few more Cosmic Eras. Steady investment is the way it should be.”

System Notification: [The system consumed 300 billion experience points to add the game book’s Communication Module—Quantum Communication Ability.]

“Hmm, not bad. If you have a problem, just spend money. If you think that the problem can’t be solved, then you must be not spending enough money… Please remember, this is what I, Fang Ning, said,” Fang Ning said smugly.

“Damn, I kept having the feeling that I got swindled by you again!” Sir System raged.

Maxwell and bid farewell to his acquaintances one by one, and then got ready to depart to meet those God’s Missionaries.

Now, he was also very curious about the destination of the other party and how they would solve the problem of long-distance travel.

It was necessary to know that the other planet 600 light years away was what the River God of the Sky River spent more than half a year to climb over using its hard-earned Divine Power and then set the space coordinates.

After that, the Great Venerable Dragon God used the characteristics of the Land of Sanguinity to open the light gate to go there.

Did these God’s Missionaries have similar resources to support them?

It got him scratching his head but everything would be revealed soon.

However, before that, what the bastard Newton said was right. His few hundred thousand accumulated Justice Points should be dealt with in a timely manner and should not be wasted.

“Unfortunately, there’ll be no such a good platform in the future for me to improve myself.”

He felt that the most regrettable thing was separating from this platform. Thinking about it, the destination this time may be countless light years away. It was impossible for the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform to ignore the time and space and set up there.

When he logged into the AJO platform and was about to deal with those Justice Points by donating it to a few juniors who he thought highly of, a message appeared in his mind.

“Your accumulated Justice Points exceed 100,000 points, you can choose to redeem the Ultra Spatio-temporal Communication Module. Redemption requires 100,000 points. Would you like to redeem?”

“Hey, is this what the easterners say ‘all wishes come true’?” He felt a little surprised.

Soon, he understood. It seemed that this was an upgrade that the alliance’s platform had just made according to his situation.

After all, the alliance’s platform definitely knew his conversation with the others.

For a moment, he suddenly cheered up.

He knew clearly about the true power of this platform. If you want talent, there was someone; if you want money, you can get money; if you require wisdom, wisdom would be yours; if you need a powerhouse, there was a powerhouse or even an ultra-powerhouse.

He quickly exchanged 100,000 points for this “Ultra Spatio-temporal Communication Module”. In an instant, he felt that something was added in his mind which then disappeared.

Following that, he logged into the high-level communication channel and sent messages to those close friends.

“Sorry, Sir Newton, we may have to keep in touch in the future…”