Chapter 1018 - The Diary Of Maxwell

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Chapter 1018: The Diary Of Maxwell

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Three days later, on the Himalayan Mountains.

The harsh, cold wind blew over the top of the mountain. On the way up to the peak, green and red parkas could be seen partially buried under the thick snow.

Those were the remains of mountain climbers.

They were a harsh reminder of the perils and hardships faced by explorers.

Vaguely, there were already quite a number of people standing on the mountain peak.

Their ages varied, comprising of both the youth and the elderly, but most of the people were young.

Maxwell was one of the few elders and no one seemed to be surprised by this.

It was not hard for him to join this team. After all, he had the support of humanity behind him. An undercover agent like him was the first of its kind.

The chill wind howled, yet not a sound was heard from the crowd.

“As agreed, everybody must make up a codename for themselves. From today onwards, we’re going to abandon our past selves and walk towards a new future for humanity.” Finally, someone made an announcement.

This person was very young and looked about twenty-four or twenty-five. He still retained the charm of a student.

He was not particularly tall and was average-looking. Nevertheless, no one expected a person like him would be the leader of the migrants.

“What are the rules for making up a codename?” Someone asked.

“We’re journeying towards the sea of stars, so we shall use the names of famous voyagers in the history of mankind to describe ourselves.” The young man replied calmly.

“Oh, I’ve come up with a perfect codename which can only be used by you as our leader.” A dark-skinned, middle-aged man said respectfully.

“What sort of codename?” The young man asked curiously.

The rest of the people perked up as well. In the face of the terrifying unknown, it was good to have some kind of humor and relief to make them pass the time easily.

”?Zheng He?1?…” The flatterer answered.

The average-looking young man remained expressionless.

The other people glanced among themselves.

“You see, this was the most glorious moment of the?Celestial Empire?1?, and the point where it might change our nation’s course of history. What we are doing now is altering the predestined end of humanity…” The flattered said firmly.

“Fine, I shall use this codename. Right, as a token of my appreciation to you, I shall give you a codename too.””Zheng He” spoke coldly.

“Thank you for your generosity, leader.”

“Wang Jinghong.””Zheng He” said.

“Eh, this person isn’t exactly well-known among voyagers, is it? Does anyone know who he is?” The flattered felt perplexed.

Everyone shook their heads to signify that they have not heard of him.

”?Like Zheng He, he was a part of the Ming Dynasty’s West Pacific fleet. Of course, most importantly, he was a eunuch too.” Zheng He said coolly.?1

“Sigh, this just proves the truth of the saying that everyone remembers who the champion is but not the runner-up.””Wang Jinghong” sighed.

This incident piqued the crowd’s interest and everyone began to pick codenames for themselves.

“I shall call myself Magellan.” Maxwell announced hastily. Magellan was the first person to circumnavigate the Earth and Maxwell wanted to be the first to secure this codename.

However, little did he know that it was not a good sign. Magellan died during his expedition of circumnavigating the Earth and the remaining route was completed by his sailors. He was not a voyager who fully completed his mission.

“I’m known as Columbus.”

In a short while, the names of renowned voyagers were gotten hold of by a number of people. The rest began to name themselves after famous pirates…

This seemed to hint at the bleakness of the journey ahead…

“Alright, there’s not much time left, we should be on our way.” Zheng He looked at the sky above him. It was as blue as the ocean.

Maxwell immediately paid attention to his surroundings, although he looked no different from the others.

He recalled Newton’s advice before he left. In order to become like the others and make himself inconspicuous, he must make himself as greedy and as idiotic as the others.

Newton’s words were obviously critical of the migrants.

To Maxwell, however, these people were not idiotic, but they were certainly greedy.

Therefore, like the rest of the crowd, there was a sparkle of hope in his eyes.

Soon, a bright, blue light flashed at top of the Himalayan Mountains and everyone vanished into thin air.

A few minutes had passed and a fire dragon appeared in the air.

Fang Ning was frustrated. “Where have these people gone?”

“I don’t know, Master.” The Heavenly Book baby shrugged.

“Sigh, if your Axiom Daddy is here, you’ll probably sense it.”

“Probably, since it has a lot of crooked ideas.” The Heavenly Book baby agreed.

“Eh, fine, let’s go back. Assign a mission to Maxwell.”

“The Diary of Maxwell.”

The red, scorching sun; the azure seawater; the lush green grass; the dry air.

If not for the bright daylight and the presence of two moons, Maxwell would have thought he was still on Earth.

He was now sitting on a tree stump and gazing at the young men who were chopping down trees to build houses.

He was writing a mental diary.

“Today is the first of our arrival on this unknown planet. It isn’t nighttime yet, and we can’t draw a star chart.”

“There are a total of 35 migrants. They are working and perhaps they were obliging towards an old man like me, hence they didn’t let me work as well.”

“Judging from this, they at least had the refined charisma of gentlemen.”

“Their working methods are very primitive. If not for the usage of Vitality, I fear they might not be able to finish building houses within a day.”

“There isn’t Vitality here, but the young man known as Zheng He gave everyone a magical energy crystal which contains millions of magical energy points. The crystals are enough to let them build the base quickly.”

“The thing is, I can hardly imagine how thirty over people are going to achieve a civilization renaissance?”

“Or should I say, they are going to use those scary technological methods to populate the planet?”

“The current technological method for the reproduction of humans is cloning, but it requires excellent facilities and wombs. No matter how I look at it, it’s difficult to meet these conditions in a short amount of time.”

Meanwhile, a young man in the distance who was holding a black bottle was giving instructions to a dark-skinned, middle-aged man.

Maxwell focused his attention on them and began to eavesdrop. The two men were Zheng He and Wang Jinghong.

In reality, the other party did not avoid anyone’s ideas.

“Old Wang, now is the time for you to make your contribution. After you drink this bottle of black water, you’ll be the Forefather of the Vitality Slaves in the future.”

“The Forefather of the Vitality Slaves?” Maxwell wrote this important new term in his notebook.

“Uh, leader, can you get someone else to do it?” Wang Jinghong looked around.

The people in his line of sight avoided him quickly.

“Looks like there’s some sort of mysterious power hidden within the black water.” Maxwell contemplated.

“No.” Zheng He responded coldly.

“Alright, as you wish.” Wang Jinghong remarked helplessly.

Then, he walked to the nearby seaside and removed the cork. The black water in the bottle began to boil as if something was about to leap out of it.

Wang Jinghong clenched his teeth, closed his eyes and downed the content of the bottle in one gulp.

After that, something that terrified Maxwell happened.

Wang Jinghong stumbled and fell into the sea.

Like a butter cake, his whole body melted in the water with a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Next, a sinewy mass of flesh spread in the water.

This reminded Maxwell of a scene from the film “Prometheus”, the forefather of humans…

Was Wang Jinghong trying to emulate this scene? Or was there a deeper meaning?

He had no idea of what really occurred before his eyes. He could only record everything that he witnessed.

Some time passed before clumps of green algae appeared suddenly on the surface of the tranquil seawater.

Soon after, trilobites showed up…

Following that, fishes appeared.

It was not until the emergence of a lungfish that Maxwell realized one thing.

The bottle of black water could fully simulate the history of the evolution of mankind!