Chapter 1020 - Master Of The Universe

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Chapter 1020: Master Of The Universe

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Fang Ning quickly understood why he felt cold.

‘The universe has limited matter and the Vitality that can be transformed from it is also limited. But the reproduction ability of clans is infinite and their consumption of Vitality is also infinite. Even if it is possible to fully transform this humongous universe into Vitality, how long can it be maintained?’

Fang Ning immediately thought of this ultimate question. He also understood that the other mighty beings should be able to come up with the same question.

However, even if everyone had realized this truth, who would be able to slow down the speed in seizing Vitality?

The speed in seizing Vitality represented how powerful one was.

If one slowed down, it meant that they were about to show their soft side in front of the enemy.

“Indeed, this is a prisoner’s dilemma. Everyone knows that doing this will only lead to death. Yet for personal gain, everyone still wants to go down this path.” He sighed.

“Master, actually, there’s a way to resolve this situation…” The Heavenly Book baby suggested, “If you can become the Master of the Universe, you can then come up with an Order of the Great Path and forbid everyone from absorbing Vitality, no?”

“Haha.” Fang Ning let out a laugh when he heard this. “You’re right, baby. Unfortunately, the saints and the gods have the same thinking too. Everybody wants to be a Master of the Universe and forcefully forbid others from absorbing Vitality. Because of this, the competition between them will only get stronger and more brutal. Their fights will become increasingly violent which will further encourage the exhaustion of Vitality and result in the destruction of the Upper Realm.”

“No, no, as long as you’re faster than them, Master, you can do it. Regardless of the saints or the gods, they also have opponents that are on the same level as they are. They won’t be able to beat their opponents, but instead, they can only die together with them. You, however, are different, Master. You have a System bound to you which is a unique entity. You can definitely surpass the rest, become the Master of the Universe one step ahead and resolve this prisoner’s dilemma,” the Heavenly Book baby explained confidently.

“Hey, this sounds reasonable. Could this be the ultimate reason for that idiot’s appearance?” Fang Ning wondered.

Meanwhile, the body double of the fire dragon that was controlled by Fang Ning opened its eyes.

“Doesn’t my appearance allow your lazy ass to continue living? Isn’t that the ultimate reason?” The fire dragon was annoyed.

“Eh, weren’t you training in isolation? Why do you still show up from time to time?” Fang Ning groaned.

“If I don’t remind you regularly of my existence, you would have been dead. And now, you actually have the balls to have thoughts of becoming the Master of the Universe? Do you know how heavy you are?” Sir System snapped at him.

“I know, Master’s weight if 74.35 kg, which is about 163.9 lbs,” the Heavenly Book baby answered hastily.

“Know your place. Children should keep quiet when the adults are talking,” Sir System scolded it.

“If you’re going to be mean again, would you believe me if I allowed the baby to cut off your food supply?” Fang Ning defended the Heavenly Book baby.

“Damn you, you want to become some Master of the Universe and this is how you treat me if you don’t want to depend on me?” Sir System retorted furiously.

“It’s solely because of this that I can’t let you be so ignorant. It’s important to know that humility improves the System and I must often discipline you,” Fang Ning declared.

“Master is right, Axiom Daddy is always egoistic. It forgets who it is after some progress and it should be disciplined regularly,” the Heavenly Book baby added.

“…” Sir System finally chose to hide after it was attacked by both parties.

After chasing off Sir System, Fang Ning continued to think about the question he brought up earlier.

If he wanted to progress faster than the others, he had to use Sir System’s properties well.

In fact, he had already set up the relevant solution, he only had to speed things up now.

For example, like developing the herbal field, planting Yin-Attribute herbs and nurturing malevolent spirits — these matters had already been done a long time ago. All they needed now was time.

They had to take things slowly. Fang Ning was well aware that he had to be cautious when handling major and important matters, or else mistakes would be made and time would be wasted.

Time flew by quietly and soon, it was already the fourth year and eighth month of Shenyuan.

On this day, Fang Ning finally received a request for assistance from Ren Ruofeng.

Initially, they had planned to spike the human population to ten billion. They intended to double the current human population and change its age ratio in order to eradicate the aging society.

The River of Blood had to be used to spike the population, and the arcane realm’s Heavenly Axiom had to be controlled in order to use the River of Blood.

Then, the control of the arcane realm’s Heavenly Axiom had to be seized by Sir System.

Fang Ning rode the fire dragon’s body double and met with Sir System’s green dragon before they returned to the System Space.

This time, that good-for-nothing System did not pull any tricks. Instead, it happily cooperated with Fang Ning’s orders.

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Fang Ning felt pleased and he praised the System, “It seems like you’re still a considerate fellow. I feel so at ease…”

“Rubbish, I’m here to earn some money. Do you think I’ll give myself any financial difficulties?” Sir System said dismissively.

“Good that you understand,” Fang Ning said firmly. Then, he ordered Sir System to control the green dragon’s body and met Oldman Ren and the gang at the Land of Sanguinity.

The Land of Sanguinity.

There was a great green oak tree by the River of Blood. It was the same tree that Master Abraham had transformed into last time; it watched over the whole arcane realm.

Earlier, when the Devils had entered this area, he took on a critical hit as well. In spite of that, he had the upper hand and coupled with Sir System’s quick ability in eliminating enemies and with that, he did not suffer any major harm.

Now, the arcane realm was restored to its former glory.

There were Drider Laborers headed towards a new planet that was 600 light years away to work on the further developments there, and there were some coming from the Land of Heritage. Besides that, there were spiritually-controlled mechs that were going to different herbal plantations across the surface of Earth, including some human powerhouses.

After the previous sea, land, and air transportation systems were abandoned, this new form of transport was much faster and safer.

At the same time, a group of humans had just arrived at the bottom of the huge oak tree. The group was led by Ren Ruofeng, and there were other human powerhouses as well.

“In order to uphold the concept of ‘human integration’, the newly-created human being will be an amalgamation of the advantages of all Earthlings and mid-tone skin color will be chosen. However, we currently haven’t researched which genes are the ones that could determine a person’s Cultivation Proficiency, or should I say, whether it’s determined by nurture. Therefore, we can only select the ones with the highest Cultivation Proficiency to plant the seed…”

Ren Ruofeng brandished a red bottle and introduced this plan to the people around him even though he revealed a tone of regret.

The giant dragon crouched under the great tree and listened to the people.

“Do you understand anything?” Sir System felt curious.

“I understand, this geezer is saying that it’s too bad I’m dead, or else, they can borrow seeds from me,” Fang Ning replied.

“Your imagination is too powerful. Did he even mention your name?” Sir System scoffed.

“What do you understand? That’s what he meant.” Fang Ning responded. “Luckily you told everyone earlier that I’m already dead. If not, I have to produce tens of billions of offspring. How else am I supposed to live then?”

“Eh… You’ve got a point. It’s hard enough for me to create a small System, let alone tens of billions of them. I can’t even fill up those experience points.” Sir System shuddered.

“We really don’t have the same level of consciousness as the Whitestone people. Clan leader Shi Gan is going to have hundreds of billions of children and grandchildren ten years later… That is enough for him to worry about.” Fang Ning shook his head in awe.

“They’re a bunch of stones and they’re simple-minded. As long as they aren’t hungry and they don’t fight over power and personal gain, hundreds of billions of them are no different from one or two of them. You humans aren’t the same. You wait and see. Once these tens of billions of people appear, I wonder how Oldman Ren is going to take care of them?” Sir System said with a doubtful tone.

“True as well. It’s impossible to control them completely with the Biological Management Chip and they must be taken care of according to certain rules. Nevertheless, once they have too many people, lots of factions will sprout and when that time comes, their organizational power will be put to the test.” Fang Ning shook his head sadly.

After all, he knew he lacked the ability to manage so many people. It was tiring as hell and where would he find the time to relax? He would only end up doing all sorts of mundane tasks every day.

It was unlike how comfortable Fang Ning was at present, where he could ride the fire dragon and roam around outside. After that, he could check the assortment of missions on the AJO platform and deal with any unexpected incidents.

He might not be compared against the most awesome fellow in history, but he was probably the first when it comes to the most relaxed fellow in history. There might more of his kind to come in the future.