Chapter 1024 - Thinking For The Future

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Chapter 1024: Thinking For The Future

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After Ren Ruofeng uplifted the spirits of the crowd, he changed the subject. “In order to speed up the process of migrating to another planet, I would like to offer a suggestion, which is to first station soul mechs on that planet we’ve discovered earlier. They’ll work on the early stages of basic constructions to revamp the planet. With this method, no time will be wasted as the babies will be fully grown after a few years.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The aforementioned soul mech was based on an upgraded version of the Robocop that was developed by Black Robe and the Devil Lord.

They were the amalgamation of human souls and modern technology. They bore the intelligence of humans and the advantages of technological creation.

Naturally, the downside to the soul mechs was that they required two types of energy. The first type was Vitality or magical energy which could be provided to the souls for absorption; whereas the second type was natural energy required by technological bodies.

However, it was difficult for them to cultivate as they were still new products. Not many mighty beings had created cultivation techniques that were suitable for them.

For example, the “Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique” could only be cultivated by someone with nine orifices. Who knew how many orifices that mechs had?

Fortunately, due to the widespread use of the magical energy crystal, it was not a challenge to supply the former. As for the latter, solar panels that were commonly used in space travel could be utilized.

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea, but why didn’t you tell us about this earlier, Mr. Ren?” someone asked.

“Haha, it wasn’t the right time to tell back then, whether or not it was about the soul mechs or the planet located 600 light years away,” Ren Ruofeng replied helplessly.

“But, I’ve heard of a rumor.” Suddenly, a cultivator with the look of a monk spoke up, “Master Zhi Nan, who’s on that planet, intends to turn that planet into a habitat for the Upper Realm devils in order to enlighten them. I heard that the planet is somewhat known as the Devil Planet.”

Everyone held their breaths as they heard this remark. Then, they protested, “How can this be? That’s where we plan to migrate to in the future.”

“Yes, Master Zhi Nan is very sympathetic and he was also the one who developed the all-purpose bacteria. I don’t suppose he will take over our future home, will he?” someone exclaimed in disbelief.

“Sigh, believe it or not, ask and you shall know the answer. Ever since the Underworld had invaded us and the devils were destroyed by the Great Venerable Dragon God in the Land of Sanguinity, Master Zhi Nan already had this idea in mind,” the monk cultivator said sadly.

“Master Nothing, where did you get this news from?” Ren Ruofeng pressed on.

“Yes, Master, how do you know about this?” More people wanted to make sense of this issue.

“The secrets of the Heavenly Oracle must not be revealed.” The monk cultivator who was referred to as “Nothing” responded in a secretive manner.

“Ooh…” The crowd reacted knowingly.

The monk cultivator had most likely used some mysterious tactic to obtain this piece of news.

He might have used Divination, Divine Calculation or even pure hunches.

To sum up, there were simply too many ways of receiving news in the Era of Mystery and the logic of the past could not be used to explain these methods.

“In that case, I’d better ask around. After all, Master Zhi Nan has helped us a lot and he’s a completely different person from the previous Devil Saint, so the two figures can’t be conflated,” Ren Ruofeng asserted firmly.

The crowd of cultivators concurred with him. At this point, it would be unwise to make another enemy.

When the World of Spirits and Souls, and the Underworld were eyeing them menacingly while the gods and buddhas were plotting with malicious intent, offending another saintly entity would be suicide.

“If this saint really wants this planet, we ought to be prepared and find another suitable place,” the Black Wizard suggested suddenly.

“Yes, Master Nikola said it would be great if we have the ability to teleport like the gods.” Someone thought of the video that was previously shown to them and smiled.

“Instead of envying someone else’s abilities, we might as well do something to improve ourselves. We shall discuss this again after we take care of our own problems,” Ren Ruofeng advised the crowd.

“Right, there’s something much more important.” Ren Ruofeng added, “From this video, everyone should know that these migrants have fully mastered the technique of transforming natural energy into Vitality. Thanks to a brave undercover agent whose name shall not be revealed, I believe we can also learn the same skill. Once the video of the next phase is sent to us, we can compare the results of our current research and resolve some existing problems. Then finally, we can set things into motion.”

In fact, everyone had already noticed this from the video but when Ren Ruofeng confirmed it, they became euphoric.

After posing so many questions, the time had come for them to reap the rewards!

That was the whole point of waiting for this moment after everybody had put in so much effort.

Simply put, what the Cultivators Assembly did was no different from the United Nations. It was not a powerful administrative organization but a coordinating organization.

No participant could put pressure on someone else.

Its role was to coordinate resources to solve problems that could not be solved by regular humans, such as migrating to another planet and sealing the cauldron…

As for the distribution of profits, whoever possessed greater powers and made more efforts could naturally acquire more rights to distributing resources.

From the looks of it now, the people of China did a fine job. At least they were better off than America in the past and they knew about the advantages of sharing.

Unlike America, where it got hold of all the benefits and pushed all the bad stuff to its allies.

Transforming natural energy into Vitality was a strategic skill. The other party could hide this info completely from them or delay in revealing this matter, but still, this issue was brought up earlier.

Just for this matter alone, it was worthwhile to participate in the Cultivators Assembly.

Meanwhile, someone remarked, “Luckily we didn’t clean up the God’s Missionaries last time. Apparently, we can obtain mysterious Upper Realm skills from them.”

“True, although they put in much effort, they would still receive something in return.”

Later on, the matters in which each force worked on were long-term issues.

Time went by and the turbulent fourth year of Shenyuan had finally ended, making way for the fifth year of Shenyuan.

To regular folks, ordinary life was a happy life.

As they said, a world without news was a truly happy world.

However, in the Era of Shenyuan, many things were fated to happen in the world.

The finalization of the Vitality TransformationTechnique had completely resolved the problem of Vitality concentration.

To most of the cultivators, this was marvelous news.

This signified that even those with a normal endowment could spend some magical energy points by cultivating in isolation in one of those cultivation rooms with a high concentration of Vitality and achieve a breakthrough.

Eventually, the Vitality concentration of the entire arcane realm rose gradually. Each day, Vitality that was condensed into dewdrops could be seen on the leaves of plants, proving how high the concentration was.

Furthermore, the cultivators’ abilities improved by leaps and bounds. In a short period of time, Lake-level experts sprouted like mushrooms.

To Fang Ning and Sir System, Madson’s research team had finalized the Vitality Transformation Technique by learning from others and there was a certain increase in efficiency too.

However, while most people were rejoicing, Fang Ning felt glum as he was aware of the conspiracies beneath everything.

The scheme of the Upper Realm gods or saints was complete.

When most humans felt joy, they had no idea that they had become someone else’s prey, waiting to be served on a platter.

Harboring this kind of emotion, Fang Ning no longer had the mood to celebrate the new year.

In the past, when the new year arrived, he used to give himself a few days off to have fun.

This year, on the contrary, he merely had a brief gathering with his family before he returned to the System Cyber Cafe. He was worn out as he let out groans and sighs from time to time.

This annoyed Sir System.

“Say, can’t you be more motivated? This badly affects my morale, you know.”

“No, sigh, the sky is about to fall, what can I do?” Fang Ning shook his head gloomily.

“Eh, all this while, you’ve never worried about this issue. Why the sudden change today?” Sir System was puzzled.

“That was because I was short at that time, I was only 1.68 meters tall. I won’t get hit even if the sky falls. Now, I’m 1.93 meters tall, so of course, I’m worried about this issue,” Fang Ning said firmly.

“Oh, really? I’ll transform you back then,” Sir System offered.

“Are you for real?” Fang Ning was exasperated. “I was just giving an example, alright? We used to be very weak last time and we couldn’t be bothered about this matter. Now, we’re already the most powerful beings on Earth. If the Vitality diminishes one day, we’ll be the first to take the hit.”

“You’re such a worrywart,” Sir System remarked dismissively. “This universe is boundless and it’ll take billions of years before the resources will be used up. Why are you so worried about what will happen in the distant future?”

“Those who do not think for the future will find trouble at their doorsteps. You just don’t understand, I have a feeling that if we can decipher this huge conspiracy of the Upper Realm, there’ll be great benefits one day. Don’t forget that Monk Zhi Nan only invented a method of extinguishing the stars and he gained the favor of Time and Space more than thrice. And wasn’t billions of years required to burn the stars completely? Zhi Nan tackled this problem early on and received a great reward in return,” Fang Ning asserted.

“Oh, oh, I see. Then take your time to worry and think. I won’t bother you anymore,” Sir System responded at once.

“That’s more like it. Off you go then, I need to think.”