Chapter 1025 - Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets

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Chapter 1025: Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets

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Having groundless fear, Fang Ning was distressed for a few days. He soon returned to his old self, eating and drinking with bliss. The dejection he previously felt, had disappeared without a trace.

Following his distress, he sometimes traveled all over America to look at the extensive grains the demons had cultivated. Otherwise, he would visit every herb garden that the Black Cat was in charge of in China. If he still had some spare time, he would ultimately end up at the Lunaette above and play with the Whitestone children who were born less than half a year ago.

His actions greatly puzzled Sir System.

Sir System finally asked Fang Ning when he returned to the System Space.

“You were so worried during Chinese New Year that the sky and the universe would collapse and disappear. How come you’re so relaxed now after a few days? Is it because you’ve figured out a way?”

“Uh, I haven’t figured out anything yet,” admitted Fang Ning.

“Then why are you so relaxed now?” Sir System asked, puzzled.

“Well, Mr. Sage once mentioned that if we can go through our daily lives with happiness, we shouldn’t spend it with sadness.” Fang Ning said. “You’ve also mentioned that it’ll take a few billion years for the universe to finally burn out. So let’s talk about it several hundred years later.”

“Oh, silly me. I keep thinking that you’re pondering about the matters in the long run and forget that you have a terminal illness of procrastination.”

“I can’t do anything about it. That’s it for now.” Fang Ning justified.

Such serene moments passed day by day until news from the Land of Heritage arrived; Ren Ruofeng had dispatched more than hundreds of millions of mechs to the Devil Planet to have an early-stage development.

Master Zhi Nan was, after all, a merciful man. After Ren Ruofeng merely showed him a few video clips of more than ten billion little girls crying during their negotiation, he immediately let the other party yield.

Zhi Nan decided to develop planets which were in poor condition, making them the Land of Enlightenment for the demons in the future. Humans could continue using the Devil Planet which he recently fixed.

Upon hearing this news, Fang Ning admired what he had done while Sir System incessantly derided him.

“What a fool. Because of a few words made, he returned the Foundation Land that he strenuously cleared up. This fellow is more stupid than Lu Su the politician. He’s a complete idiot!” Sir System said in disdain.

“Your words don’t contain the slightest chivalry,” Fang Ning scorned, “That planet is found by the River God of the Sky River, whom Oldman Ren and others entrusted with their accumulated funds. The planet will be used for the successors. Monk Zhi Nan was waiting long for the humans to arrive yet they didn’t show up. He, thus, decided at the last minute to make it a resting place for the demons to enlight. He absolutely doesn’t have the intention to occupy the planet. He’s not the uncle of the King who doesn’t want to return the city, Jingzhou.”

“Yeah, right. He is a fool. Did I say something wrong?” Sir System said.

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Fang Ning shook his head while saying, “That’s true, no one is as shrewd as you, so no one will take advantage of you.”

“That’s not true, you always take advantage of me. That damaged book as well; it would demand money from me out of the blue. ”

While two of them set themselves against each other in the System Space, the green-skinned frog suddenly jumped out of nowhere.

“Master, the Heavenly Axiom just informed me that the Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets has completed setting up. It wishes that Master to try testing its power.”

“Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets?” Fang Ning asked in confusion.

Sir System sensed that Fang Ning seemed to have forgotten about it and quickly teased him, “Look at you, you only know how to have fun. Don’t you remember when I was killing the incarnation of the Spirit Lord, this damn frog told me to delay for half a month and that the foolish Heavenly Axiom wants to construct something called the Formation of the Five Planets to withstand the doubles of the spirits from the Upper Realm…”

“Oh, sorry, I couldn’t recall for a while,” Fang Ning said sheepishly, “Who would have thought that the Heavenly Axiom only mentioned about this matter now?”

“Oh, Axiom Daddy originally wanted to produce a fast version, but Master revealed his martial prowess and killed the incarnation of the Spirit Lord at once. The Heavenly Axiom, hence, backed away and spent more time making a complete version.” The green-skinned frog hurriedly explained.

“Damn it, I’m too sincere. At that moment, that fool told me that each delayed day will provide a thousand extra merits. Let’s say if I postpone for about a year, does that mean I’ll gain several hundred thousands of Heavenly Merit?”

“Alright, alright. You shouldn’t be having eyes bigger than your stomach. Once you lengthen the time, don’t you think that person will just run away? Won’t your heart ache more if some trillion amount of experience just disappears?”

“That’s true if that’s the case, I’ll stop bickering such trivial matter with it, but it doesn’t seem fitting that I don’t get something in return for trying out some sort of Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planet.” Sir System justified. “Now that I’ve defeated the Spirit Lord and promoted as the Great Venerable God, the appearance cost has to be calculated according to the True God.”

“Uh, Lil Frog, you’ve heard what he just said. Do convey this to the Heavenly Axiom.” Fang Ning told the green-skinned frog.

“Yes, Master.” The green frog said simply.

A while later, it replied, “Axiom Daddy said he’ll give you ten thousand merits, as well as three free usages of the formation. After using thrice, ten thousand merits will be exhausted from each use.”

“Ten thousand merits with thirty free usages.” Sir System instantly increased the price tenfold.

The green frog was dumbfounded for a minute, then repeated, “Axiom Daddy said it accepts the deal.”

“…” Sir System was at a loss for words.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless as well.

“How cunning!” Sir System subsequently said in exasperation, “As the Nature Willpower, Lord of Nature, Common Lord of Living Creatures, the grand Heavenly Axiom is unexpectedly playing mind games with me, a child who’s not even five years old yet. Is he not ashamed of himself?”

“Sigh, just like what I formerly expected, the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom has fused with the complete civilization and intelligence of the humans. Its birth is different than the mysterious side of the Heavenly Axiom. Because of the change in World Order, intelligence is created; it encountered humans first before heaven. Once it has consciousness, it’ll have plentiful study partners. We ought to treat it cautiously in the future.” sighed Fang Ning.

“Uh, what’s different about the mysterious side of the Heavenly Axiom?” Sir System humbly asked at that moment, realizing he incurred a loss.

“The mysterious side encountered the Heavenly Axiom prior, then the humans. The consciousness of the Heavenly Axiom doesn’t have study partners; they, therefore, are very stupid from the beginning. No, the more accurate term is guileless — making them easily swayed. Similar to the saints in the Primeval Myths, they can receive approval of the Heavenly Axiom by depending the Enlightenment Merits and thus achieving the saint level. They can even obtain huge amount of merits and become saints from lying. The Heavenly Axiom we know, however, absolutely won’t make this kind of mistake.” Fang Ning analyzed earnestly.

“Oh, that’s it,” Sir System said gloomily, “That’s why I fell for his tricks today!”

“We can’t do anything about it,” Fang Ning told Sir System one-to-one, shielding themselves from the green frog, “I’m afraid that the Heavenly Axiom knows about your way of doing things that certainly won’t contradict yourself and that you’re someone who keeps his promise.”

“Fine, a loser will admit defeat. I won’t easily accept any of his requests later on,” said Sir System angrily.

“Well, you’ll learn from your mistakes.”

Fang Ning was not really thinking highly of Sir System and even himself. He did not think that he could fight against the Heavenly Axiom in terms of knowledge. Though it was born a few years ago, it had incorporated the civilization and knowledge of the entire human race. How could he fight against such thinking and wisdom which was gained in many days?

At this moment, the green-skinned frog continued saying, “Daddy Axiom said that there’s no time to lose. You’re required to conduct a test and launch the Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets to the sky on Earth at 12.45p.m. tomorrow.”

“Uh, why do I feel slightly cold?” Sir System involuntarily said.

“Me too, this time doesn’t seem auspicious.”

“Yeah, I think it’s better for him to change to another time.”

The green-skinned frog shook its head, saying “Daddy Axiom mentioned that the formation power will be at its strongest at that time and it’s a necessary project for the test. Testing for the weakest state of the formation power will have to be executed soon after.”

“Tell me beforehand what exactly the result of the damn formation is.” threatened Sir System.

“Within the Five Planets, it can seal every upper bound power of all living things…”