Chapter 1027 - Sly System

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Chapter 1027: Sly System

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30000 meters above the earth.

Amidst the thin air and low temperature, a long Azure Dragon was hovering in the area.

A several hundred-foot tall greenish-purple monument stood erect in front of the Azure Dragon.

The stone monument was radiating rows of huge golden characters.

“Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets, test commence.”

“First test item: core function test, Power Sealing. Relevant test targets, in position, ready!”

Fang Ning looked outward through the System View and saw that sky darkened almost immediately.

The initially scorching sunlight seemed to be blocked by something.

With the help of the 360-degree wide System View, he looked in the direction of the sun.

The center of the big fireball was shrouded by shadows.

‘Eh, is an annular eclipse taking place now?

‘This isn’t right, solar eclipses occur due to the obscurity of the sun by the moon.’

However, now that the moon was already a mooncake acting as a protective shield for Earth, how could it block out the sun in the sky?

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As his train of thought reached this point, Fang Ning stared at the sun seriously and realized that amidst the shadows clouding the sun, there was an extremely deep black spot.

While the black spot was small, a faint blue halo was spreading outwards.

It was exactly this large expanding blue glow that was deflecting the sunlight.

He knew a thing or two about astronomy; while incomparable to the moon and far from Earth, the black drop was able to block out such a big area of sunlight, so this must mean that the area of light it radiated was extraordinarily huge.

“Could this be a magnified version of a transit of Venus?” Fang Ning guessed silently.

However, this was just the start.

Following that, Fang Ning saw another black dot appear on the fireball. It was also radiating a layer of blue light, slowly intersecting with the previous black spot.

With the appearance of the new dark spot, the sunlight dimmed even more.

“This then, should be a transit of Mercury? No, actually, I can no longer differentiate which of these two black spots is Venus or Mercury. This scarcely possible phenomenon of a double planetary transit is happening for the first time!”

Fang Ning was very shocked; he knew clearly that such a spectacular astronomical wonder that could make an astronomer lose his hair was single-handedly manipulated by the Heavenly Axiom!

“Hey, Sir System, you should be more polite to that Heavenly Axiom in the future, we could hardly compare to its capabilities.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Polite? There’s no such concept in my dictionary, it can’t do what I can either.” Sir System said carelessly.

After the sunlight dimmed, once again, Fang Ning noticed the appearance of three unusual stars in the starry sky above him.

They were different from other stars because they were each emitting a blue glow all-over.

The positions of the three stars were incredibly close to one another, it was almost like they were forcefully arranged into a straight line.

Taking into consideration the previous double planetary transit, Fang Ning was sure that they were the other three planets out of the five planets—Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

These five planets should be aligned with Earth; it was just that from where Fang Ning’s was, it was impossible to see them arranged in a straight line.

If he were to fly into space and observe from afar, he should be able to see the six planets of the solar system adorned in a straight line.

This was completely against nature’s laws of planetary motion. However, in this Era of Mystery, all regularities were being forcefully twisted about…

Not long after that, a new message appeared on the Divine Monument before him.

“Power Sealing commence.”

Fang Ning then felt rays of light being reflected on the Azure Dragon.

“Power limited to Sea-level.”

Fang Ning immediately felt his whole body tense up, it was as if his soul was bound by a rope.

Sir System was now a being at the peak of Ocean-level—he was only a step away from reaching True-God level.

It was just that this step was a hard one to take.

Now that the other party was limiting his power at Sea-level, he could feel it right away.

“This isn’t right, I’m just a Lake-level weak soul, how am I affected too?” Fang Ning was perplexed.

Too bad the green-skinned frog was serving as the Heavenly Axiom’s messenger now—he could not provide an answer to that.

Sir System, on the contrary, said proudly, “Hahahaha, it does not affect me so things would be difficult for you. Unfortunately, that fool has no idea that how strong or weak you are is totally unrelated to me. After all, I merely took over your body, my real power lies within my System Order.”

“Eh, is that so?” Fang Ning felt a looming sense of trouble. Was he the most unlucky one in this situation then?

A fire at the city gates is also a disaster to the fish in the pond; was he the fish in this case?

Had he become the rope in a tug-of-war between two strong forces?

“Such are the facts. Look at me, I can still spin around; how can I be affected at all?”

Sir System said so as he made the Azure Dragon sway around; he was still as nimble like before –there was no trace of him being influenced.

He even shot off to outer space and found a small planet afloat in space.

The length of this small planet was well more than ten kilometers, so if its orbital path were to coincide with Earth, then it would truly be a re-enactment of the extinction of dinosaurs.

The Azure Dragon extended its talons and with a wave, the giant silhouette of its claws crossed the small planet.

A solid meteorite was torn and broken down to dust in an instant as if it was just tofu.

At this time, the greenish-purple Divine Monument teleported over and flashed with a golden beam.

After that, words emerged on the Divine Monument.

“Core function test failed, the target’s power remains at Ocean-level.”

Only then Fang Ning felt his entire body relax as he let out a breath of relief; luckily Heavenly Axiom gave up promptly, or else, Fang Ning would suffer more.

“Now testing the second item; auxiliary skills test, testing formation defending ability.

“Please use your greatest power to attack the five planets’ enchanted boundaries respectively.”

“Uh, Sir System, it’s up to you now but be careful, don’t break it for real. There are still living beings on the planets after all.” Fang Ning reminded.

“That goes without saying. Quick, bloody sword, come fuse with me!” Sir System huffed.

He was obviously still holding a grudge over Soaring Dragon Black Sword’s blackmailing before this.

“If you treat Sir Soaring Dragon with more respect in the future, then next time I could ask for less food, maybe even none; it’s not like we can’t discuss arrangements for me to bring my own food.” Black Sword flew out of nowhere.

“Oh, sword baby, please come and fuse with this lowly one!” Sir System imitated Fang Ning and changed his tone immediately.

“That’s more like it.”

In a blink of an eye, the gigantic Azure Dragon was gone and an enormous sword spanning more than ten thousand kilometers in length laid stretched out within the Solar System!

Beside such length, Earth could only pale in comparison!

After all, Earth’s diameter was only around 6000 kilometers, so when compared to this long sword, it was a dwarf!

Fang Ning was stunned at once, too bad there was no spectator because it was the first time he could feel how powerful an Ancient-grade sword directly!

Such length was definitely unachievable by normal treasures; those Phenomenal Image Transformations were limited as a regular person would not have such a profound level of magical energy to sustain such a tall figure.

“Hmph, did you see that? Heavenly Axiom, you must be scared huh? Would you dare to accept a jab from me?” Soaring Dragon Black Sword said arrogantly.

In a flash, it arrived before the first planet, Mercury.

The blue layer of radiance above Mercury had visibly expanded to a few million kilometers in height; no wonder it could obscure such a huge area of sunlight to result in an annular solar eclipse.

“Test on Mercury’s enchanted boundary commences.”

The Divine monument followed behind and issued an order.

The next second, the long sword first took a step back and then shot towards Mercury’s enchanted boundary with almost the speed of light.

Looking at the humongous Light Sword, Fang Ning said dazedly, “Anyway, I now know that all theory of relativity has been rendered invalid, so even if there were stranger things to happen, none of them can further challenge my views.”

Within the next moment, “Crash!” A soundless clap reverberated within Fang Ning’s spiritual sense.

The bright blue glowing enchanted boundary distorted dramatically then sputtered countless light speckles into space.

Simultaneously, four blue rings of light shot down from deep space and hovered above Mercury’s enchanted boundary, just like how iron bands were added to cannon barrels to strengthen it.

“Sizzle…” Light Sword was firmly stabbed into the enchanted boundary and the enchanted boundary, like an extremely compressed rubber balloon, underwent an immense deformation.

As the sword tip reached Mercury’s blazing surface, the enchanted boundary suddenly sprung up aggressively!

The long sword was shot out in one go!

Fang Ning was stunned watching this happen; he was truly astonished.

Such a clash between spear and shield was unprecedented!

After that, the long sword settled in deep space and slowly shrunk back to its original length.

“Test on the first subentry of second test item complete. A successful defense of Mercury’s enchanted boundary, the current state is expected to withstand Near-God-level power.”

“Huh, our efforts were futile.” Fang Ning sighed, shaking his head.

“Tsk,” Sir System said in disdain, “I deliberately spared 70 percent of my power.”

“Why, when you’ve vowed so solemnly to shatter it yesterday? Do you want to go again?” Fang Ning asked, confused.

“Are you stupid? Didn’t it just say that its core ability testing has failed? Why would I waste my true power then?” Sir System said self-assuredly.

“You really are a sly System.” Fang Ning was impressed.

“Thank you for your compliment.”