Chapter 1029 - The Idiot and The Slave

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Chapter 1029: The Idiot and The Slave

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When Azure Dragon finally rushed back to Earth, demons and evil spirits were already waltzing around everywhere.

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Above the Pacific Ocean, two groups of people were engaged in a heated argument.

Meanwhile, a blob of an unknown substance that emitted a dark presence floated above the two groups of people.

“The demon lord can give us strength and life, that’s why we’ll serve the Underworld! Why do you care so much?” a young man with thick black-rimmed glasses yelled angrily as his face flushed bright red.

The opposite group consisted of young people too, who were equally red-faced and furious.

“Even if that’s the case, why can’t you guys act like humans instead of dogs that belonged to the demons? Don’t you guys have any dignity at all? It’s the 21st century now, not the Manchu Dynasty where everyone was slaves!” another young man who had thick silver-rimmed glasses responded demandingly.

“What a joke! Back then we were still able to earn a million a year, and that’s only because people were always grabbing opportunities to become slaves. Since the demon lord can turn us into Lake-level powerhouses and live for another couple of thousands of years, why not serve him and be his slaves? Mind your own business, this is our own choice,” the man in black-rimmed glasses said sternly.

“You’ll regret this sooner or later. Do you think that you can take a demon’s promise seriously? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll burn the bridge after crossing it?” the man in silver-rimmed glasses urged.

“What do you mean by burning the bridge after crossing it? The demon lord is a very good person, do you even know the real him? You’re just a bunch of idiots talking nonsense over here. We’re the ones involved and we’re not even saying anything, so why do you need to meddle in our affairs? Just hurry up and step aside, we’re leaving now,” the man in black-rimmed glasses snorted, “what a bunch of loser dogs! Just because you guys aren’t qualified enough to be chosen by the demon lord doesn’t mean you can just drag us down like this. Nobody would want you lot even if you wanted to be slaves.”

“You guys are extremely intelligent and you can cultivate yourselves to extend your lives. There are other ways to go about this, so why must you rely on the demons?” someone could not help but ask.

“Hmph, just a bunch of bitter losers. We don’t need you to worry about our choices, so just mind your own business.” After the man in black-rimmed glasses sneered at the group, he turned towards the black blob of presence that was floating midair. “Demon Lord, please take us away.”

Azure Dragon hid in the sky as he watched the farce below.

Sir System exclaimed in amazement, “Hey, you humans are really interesting. Someone had actually described a demon as kind. I’ve seen a lot of demons, and besides Nan Feng, can you name another demon who isn’t cunning, vicious, and bloodthirsty? Only System Space can force them to turn over a new leaf.”

“Oh well, there’s nothing we can do. Some people are just used to kneeling before others. If you try to pull them up, they’ll turn around and lash out on you. These people from the Underworld have studied humans thoroughly. If the last demon’s invasion was just a few splashes of waves, it seems like the true rough waves are surging forwards this time,” Fang Ning said helplessly.

He was extremely angry at the scene that was happening right before his eyes. However, he had to admit that as long as it benefited him, he was willing to kneel before someone and serve as a slave. Even if it meant being insulted, he would do it willingly as well.

As the old saying went, there were all kinds of people in the world. So, he was no longer affected by them anymore. He came up with the Morality City just to retain those who were still righteous. Those people were the foundation and hope of the human population.

“There’s no point in you telling me all this. The question is, do I want to descend and kill that demon lord’s incarnation?” Sir System hesitated.

“Hey, why are you asking me? Can’t you act decisively?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“This fellow’s too sly. He doesn’t threaten or menace others, only relying on others to follow voluntarily. That’s why I don’t have a reason to make a move. Unlike the previous demon lord’s incarnation who came up by intimidating the humans into paying taxes,” Sir System said gloomily.

“Oh, I see. The devil was originally a code word for deceit, and on top of that, a bunch of people has supported them whole-heartedly from their own initiative, so there’s nothing we can do about it.” At this thought, Fang Ning added bleakly, “We can only send people to keep an eye on them and see when they will give themselves away.”

“Alright then, that’s the only way for the time being,” Sir System responded in equal dismay.

At this moment, the group of young people who originally wanted to stop the opposite group was now speechless as they watched the opposite group of people leave with the blob of black presence, all swollen with pride.

Although they were very clear that the other party would never have good intentions, they at least knew that they could never wake someone who was pretending to be asleep.

They shook their heads and heaved a heavy sigh before they turned around and flew away.

This moment, Fang Ning appeared with the fire dragon’s incarnation in reigns, slowly descending in front of them.

“Hey, it’s the Great Venerable Dragon God,” someone exclaimed in awe.

The group of people started to bow. Just as someone was about to speak up, meaning to repeat whatever that just happened, Fang Ning quickly stopped the person.

“I already know what happened. Well, one may have the chance to elude a natural disaster, but one can never escape from one’s sins. That group of people was already doomed, so all of you just do your own thing and all will be well. The hope of mankind moving forward will never count on these dregs, but on those who are persistent,” Fang Ning said softly.

With that, the group of people heaved a sigh of relief. Each of them was extremely grateful.

Earlier on they were just fuming with rage because of those traitors, but after the Great Venerable Dragon God’s words of wisdom, their moods had quickly recovered.

It was true. Slaves never lacked, yet those who could determine the future of mankind would never be the man, but precisely the idiots in the eyes of some people.

Fang Ning wanted to find someone to keep an eye on the demon lord’s incarnation, but after he thought it through for some time, he finally thought of someone.

After all, he and the demon lord were considered peers.

As Fang Ning came to the System Prison, he repeated the story once more.

“If you’re asking me to kill this demon lord’s incarnation, I can still consider your request, but if you’re asking me to go undercover, that’s definitely a no for me. We War Demons would rather be killed in the battlefield and be cursed to the netherworld than go undercover and spy on others!”

Lei Tian’s rugged face flushed scarlet red, seemingly insulted.

“If you won’t do it then just say so, why are you getting so worked up about it? At first, I wanted to say that after finishing this task, you’ll get your freedom just like Tom the black cat, but now it seems that my kindness is being misunderstood,” Fang Ning said as he shook his head.

“Master, you should’ve said so from the start.” Lei Tian immediately changed his tone as he continued, “I can always give it a try, being an undercover and all that. After all, that demon lord’s incarnation won’t dare to mess around since the Great Venerable Dragon God’s Deterrence still exists, so it’ll only act within the humans’ rules.”

“That’s good then, you can still be saved,” Fang Ning said with relief. “Come, put on this golden fillet first. When you have successfully redeemed yourself, it’ll then naturally disappear.”

He said as he had Sir System bring out an iron noose that glistened under the light as it appeared in the prison.

Lei Tian put on the golden fillet without hesitation. Compared to the demon lord’s method of controlling his underlings, this method was extremely normal in his opinion.

There was always a loophole in every promise. Hence, such controlling methods that were more honest were truly legitimate.

Unless one was powerful enough to break through the relevant rules of prohibition, otherwise one could only be well-behaved and follow the rules obediently.

“Alright, you can come out now. I’ve already identified that the demon lord’s incarnation is currently on Mars. Just make your way there and keep an eye on it, see what it’s up to and report to me once a week,” Fang Ning ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Lei Tian agreed happily.

With that, Fang Ning commanded Sir System to release the fellow, and there went the blob of black presence, rushing into the sky.

“Do you think this will work, fighting the demon with another demon? Aren’t you afraid that the fellow will turn against us?” Sir System questioned.

“Uh, that depends on how well your System Bind is equipped.”

“It’ll be no problem then.”

“Well then, I’m sure this will work.”