Chapter 1030 - The Power of Justice

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Chapter 1030: The Power of Justice

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After War Demon Lei Tian arrived on the planet, he disguised himself as a speckle of dust to float around and check out the situation.

Not long after, he witnessed a conflict erupting.

“These Heliotropes are also living creatures, so what rights do you have to drive them out of this place?” A young man with black-rimmed glasses, who seemed to be leading a group of people, was arguing with another group of people.

The group of people was all armed, and they were escorting a group of Heliotropes that looked huge and strong.

Another group of smaller Heliotropes tagged along behind.

The loftier ones looked as if they had a profound hatred of the other party, judging from their glaring red eyes.

As for the smaller ones, they were skipping along excitedly. They were even spitting out sand every now and then.

“We are the special service team of The Alliance of Justice and Order, and we serve the Dragon God. We’re here to change the Heliotrope society, to free them from slavery, and ascent towards civilization,” the leader of the task force explained patiently.

“Why do you guys want to meddle in their business when they’re doing well as slaves? Did you guys bother asking them if they need you to butt into their affairs before doing such a thing?” the man in the black-rimmed glasses asked sternly.

“We obviously did our investigation beforehand. Ninety-five percent of the Heliotropes of lower levels are hoping that we can rescue them,” the group leader answered seriously.

“Yes, yes, we’re really grateful to these nice people here. We thought we’d be bossed around by those fellows forever,” the group of smaller Heliotropes behind them said.

“Ridiculous, this is their social hierarchy so we should just let them maintain their culture. It’s unreasonable for you guys to intervene in such a strong manner,” the man in the black-rimmed glasses retorted.

“Captain, there’s no point explaining to these guys. Let’s just chase them away,” one of the members of the task force suggested.

“What? Are you trying to chase us away? You have to at least have the powers to do so. After all, we’re all the demon lord’s servants!” the man in the black-rimmed glasses said proudly.

“How shameless of you, to choose to be a slave when you can just live as a normal human so easily,” the captain said in disgust.

“Hmph, aren’t you lot the same? You guys have sought refuge with the Dragon God, haven’t you? Aren’t you all the Dragon God’s slaves as well? We’re all the same, so what makes you qualified enough to point your fingers at me?” the man in the black-rimmed glasses fought back angrily.

“That’s different. The Dragon God won’t attempt to exploit us, and he will never treat us humans as slaves. Unlike you guys who enshrine and worship your master so desperately, yet still so full of yourselves,” the captain responded disdainfully.

“Damn it, how dare you insult our demon lord! You just wait, I’ll immediately contact the demon lord to suppress you!” The man in the black-rimmed glasses instantly became mad.

“I’ll wait then,” the captain said with disbelief.

The fellow standing before him was no higher than Pond-level, so for him to stand on Mars without a spacesuit was considered quite good. However, there he was boasting so shamelessly about how he could contact the demon lord — how naive of him!

The man in the black-rimmed glasses sneered as a lump of black substance appeared from his body, then floated towards the sky.

“All of you know nothing about the true powers!” Someone behind the man with glasses immediately followed with a mocking remark.

“Captain, it doesn’t seem like this fellow is simply threatening us, is he?” one of the members asked worriedly.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Even if the demon lord descends, will we not have enough power to maintain justice?” the captain responded confidently.

Unlike his underlings, the captain truly understood the true powers of the Alliance of Justice and Order.

The average members only knew that the Great Venerable Dragon God was merely an ally of the alliance, but he was the only one who knew that the Great Venerable Dragon God and the alliance were one.

It did not take long for the dark blob of an unknown substance, that sent those slaves to Mars, to appear in front of the crowd.

Its shape kept changing. One second it was a sphere, and the next second it would turn into a prism, and then a snowflake… It was difficult to describe it with just one fixed shape.

As this dark blob of incomprehensible substance appeared, the group of people headed by the man with the black-rimmed glasses immediately knelt in a familiar manner.

“Mighty demon lord, someone just put your noble character at shame. Please extend your supreme powers and punish them!” the man with black-rimmed glasses pleaded in a sincere tone.

At this moment, it seemed like the dark geometric object had its eyes focused on the Alliance of Justice and Order’s team.

A flurry of commotion went round the group as they could sense that this black unknown object in front of them that kept changing was exuding something absolutely horrific.

The strength of the powers allowed them to witness for the first time, that the powerhouses they had come across in the past were no different than dust.

“It’s over, we’re dead this time…” someone mumbled under his breath.

“Hopefully we can still reincarnate.”

“That’s right, we must not give in, the worst case here is just death.”

The captain’s legs started to wobble a little. Although he knew that the Great Venerable Dragon God was extremely powerful, he was unsure if the Dragon God was as good as the demon lord. Right this moment as he stood across this compelling demon, fear arose inside him instinctively.

The confidence he had moments ago had completely disappeared.

On the other hand, a smug expression appeared on the faces of those who were kneeling on the ground, as if they had already won the fight.

The black object suddenly spoke.

“What did I tell you? You must act reasonably at all times and not abuse your powers. Don’t say anything else, I already know everything that happened. Since this is their territory, let’s just change our spot.”

Those who were kneeling on the ground were all stunned.

They did not expect that their own mighty Master would have such an attitude!

How detestable! Was that Dragon God really that powerful? Was he so strong that even the demon lord’s incarnation was intimidated as well?

To step aside and give in to the opposite party than protect his slaves?

Although each of them was upset, they did not dare to show the dissatisfaction they felt. Instead, they quickly changed their tone and expression.

The man in the black-rimmed glasses responded almost immediately, “Yes, yes, demon lord. We know our mistake now, and we shall apologize to these lords right away.”

The captain did not respond for a while. He even thought to himself, that even if he did not die, he would at least be brutally punished.

However, he did not expect that this so-called demon lord’s incarnation turned out to be so easily intimidated, reprimanding his own slaves in front of outsiders to please the Great Venerable Dragon God.

He instantly swelled with pride. This was truly the power of justice!

For justice to not merely be empty talk, there must be sufficient effort to uphold it. Otherwise, it would just become another one of those things that ancient pedants talk about idly.

As for the Alliance of Justice and Order, every task completed is an effort made to justice. This was work in the name of goodness, and that meant something!

Just like transforming the Heliotrope society on Mars — if they could walk out from the cruelty of their social form and walk towards civilization, they would become a part of the Alliance of Justice and Order. Then, they could contribute their powers and resources later on in the future.

As for their own physiological characteristics, it was already destined to be more adaptable than humans, and that was why there were plenty of planets to be colonized.

The black geometric object then brought the group of people away, leaving the group of people from the alliance who just stared at each other.

“So we won just like that?”

“It really is a win, isn’t it?”

“This is all true, isn’t it? Am I not mistaken?”

The group of members was still in disbelief. They knew well that they had just barely escaped from the jaws of death.

Judging from that demon’s powers, it could have easily destroyed their body and soul.

Whatever they said just now about not being afraid of death or the hopes of reincarnation was just self-comfort at the verge of fear.

However, the other party merely said a few words before reprimanding his slaves who stirred up trouble, then took the initiative to leave.

Through the ups and downs, this made them wonder if this was all just an illusion.

“A long time ago, one would say that justice will win, not because of being righteous, but because the winners will always portray themselves as the righteous ones to gain more benefits. However, from today onwards, we can proudly say that as long as we stand on justice’s side, victory will be ours!”

“Everything we’re doing now is to add to the power of justice. And as for us, we’ll get our well-deserved reward from it all. Therefore, we must all work hard!” The captain seized the opportunity to give his team members a boost.

“Well said, captain!”

“Yes, I support the captain’s words!”

Under the excitement, nobody noticed the speck of dust nearby that had witnessed the entire scene.

‘Who knew that Vigilante A — no, this fellow would become so powerful in the mere past few years that even the demon lord’s incarnation would step aside and give way! Seems like a dreadful fellow! If he made such speedy progress, a temporary concession really is the wisest choice here,’ Lei Tian thought to himself.

At this thought, it followed the remaining black trace of presence up into space.