Chapter 1031 - Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers

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Chapter 1031: Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers

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The War Devil Lei Tian finally caught up with them after chasing them for a while.

At this moment, they were surrounded by a group of black energy. Lei Tian, however, was very familiar with this black energy.

It was the purest Devilish Energy that arose from the devil lord, having unpredictable ability, multiple uses, and countless changes with one mind.

He quickly integrated with the Devilish Energy and attached it to somebody.

If the devil lord himself personally descended, he would have some apprehension. As a direct descendant of the War Devil Clan, a genius like him was not worried about having his hiding spot exposed merely by the incarnation of the devil lord.

While the black energy enveloped the group of people, it continuously teleported in outer space after leaving Mars. It moved towards the nearest stellar system in a faraway location.

In comparison with the migrants who could immediately travel for more than two million light-years, it was so much slower. Such Spiritual Ascension was far more superior than what humans could do.

Approximately 5 days later, Lei Tian saw the group of people land on an arid planet.

When he looked up, he was instantly flabbergasted; three Suns unexpectedly appeared in the sky.

Two of them were very small and hid behind the largest Sun.

Was this the legendary Stellar System of Three-Body Problem?

He had already stayed on Earth for three to four years after all. With some thinking, he could figure out the current specific location.

It must be located within a stellar system at 4-point-something light-years from the Sun; its name was Alpha Centauri A.

It was a triple star system where it had three Suns in the stellar system, categorized as Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, and Alpha Centauri C.

Thinking about this, Lei Tian used a communication device to report his current location to the Dragon God.

Upon hearing the news, Fang Ning felt somewhat relieved.

He told Sir System in a relaxed manner, “The incarnation of the devil lord seems to be quite cautious. It managed to avoid our power scope and flee to the stellar system next door to farm.”

Fang Ning was speechless with this fellow.

Left with no better option, he instructed Lei Tian to keep an eye on the other party and what they were up to.

After a week, Lei Tian sent a detailed message.

These people, first of all, were attached by black geometric entities. Remodeled by the incarnation of the devil Lord, they were a group of black lines that could freely arrange into various geometric shapes.

Such puzzling operation greatly confused Fang Ning.

He then realized that he ought to look for someone who knew about such matters and inquire about the information of the geometric entities.

Because of his being empty-headed, he could not do anything significant. Luckily, Fang Ning had the support of Sir System who was a presence that could be firmly remembered and could settle any matter regardless of its importance.

He, thus, rode the Fire Dragon to look for Monk Zhi Nan.

Who would know the devil lord better than their correspondents?

After hearing Fang Ning’s description and watching the video Lei Tian sent, Monk Zhi Nan began to contemplate.

It was clearly a difficult task to transfer the original memory of the Great Devil Saint. One misstep might trigger and be inundated with the devilish mind.

About an hour later, Monk Zhi Nan only then replied, “The changing black geometric entities must be the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers.”

“Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers?” Fang Ning shockingly said, upon hearing the name.

“Oh, there are plenty of eccentric and extraordinary kinds of devils. The Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers is obsessed with the knowledge of devilish numbers. It believes that the devilish numbers are the sole means of exploring the multiple worlds. It, therefore, turned itself into a geometric form of devilish numbers. The so-called devilish numbers are actually the mathematics of the human civilization.”

“Under his control, he has subordinates such as the triangular devils, circular devils, integral devils, function devils and other direct demonic descents. Their names are obviously not named as such; I just translate them in terms of human language.”

“I’m truly impressed. These devilish beings have certainly widened my horizons.” Fang Ning said with admiration.

“That’s true. Even if they’re in a very harsh environment, they still can survive as long as there’s a thread of vitality remaining inside them. Devils, hence, have strong adaptive abilities.”

“If so, what sort of Spiritual Ascension does the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers have?”

Zhi Nan began to contemplate again and replied a while later, “Now I’ve recalled that it has a type of Spiritual Ascension which is very strange. It can make 1 plus 1 not equal to 2. According to hearsay, it can already practice two types of abilities which 1 plus 1 equals to more than 2, and 1 plus 1 equals to less than 2; its limit isn’t small as well.”

“Uh…” Fang Ning’s brain was about to be squished, “What exactly is this Spiritual Ascension? What will happen after it’s put to use?”

“Sigh, it’s very viscous when it’s executed,” Zhi Nan shook his head and said, “Once the former ability is implemented, the opponent will be expanded rapidly to its maximum size and disappear. Meanwhile, the latter can make the opponent become small quickly to its smallest size; likewise, it’ll eventually disappear.”

“Hiss…” Fang Ning took a deep breath. This was unexpectedly scary!

After talking to Zhi Nan for a while, he had a lot of information regarding the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers.

Being deeply worried, he left and returned to Earth to inform Sir System about this matter, “Sigh, it seems that the Great Devil Saint is using some kind of mathematics principle as a weapon. It is indeed an unprecedented opponent! It’s unlike the enemies in the past who can be defeated by hard work. Can you fight against it?”

“I’m an idiotic system. I don’t even understand what you just said about the Spiritual Ascension. How would I know if I can deal with it?” Sir System asked, confused.

“According to what Monk Zhi Nan said, it must be controlling a principle where it can turn something from nothing and vice versa. It, therefore, can make a unit of substance to meet with another one unit of substance, turning into something which is greater or lesser than 2 substance units. Once this sort of principle is exerted onto the rival, the flesh of the rival’s body will either naturally increase with an infinite amount or disappear without limit. It’s impossible to fight against him.” Fang Ning explained to the foolish system by force.

”Oh, I see. Since it’s so powerful, why did it retreat? Isn’t it better to just face us?” Sir System said in perplexity.

“Who knows? It’s hard to guess the demonic mind; even its correspondent, Zhi Nan is unclear about his intention. After all, the disposition of the devil lord always changes, having absolutely no constant pattern. The only proof is that it doesn’t want to waste its time on having a conflict with us at the moment; instead, it wants to quickly absorb the vitality of the universe.” Fang Ning deduced.

“Then I’ll stop caring about it. It’s best I pay more attention to practicing.” Sir System said, minding his own business.

“That’s it then. I’ll observe it.” Fang Ning resolved.

At the triple star system where Lei Tian was located, various size of countless black lines had already appeared.

The black lines had built into a special Vitality Transformation Equipment — an enormous inverted black conical tower.

The humans’ Vitality Transformation Technique had seemingly been controlled by them.

Whenever the three Suns rose separately or together, the inverted black conical tower would initiate absorbing the sunlight. The sharp point of the tower would then produce drops of dense vitality liquid.

In Lei Tian’s perspective, such a technique appeared to be much more advanced than the original human version.

New conical towers were being built one by one at a distant location.

He conveyed news no matter its significance back to them, including the conversation the black lines currently had in private.

“Haha. Those silly fools left us here to work. They definitely can’t imagine that their time to to be enslaved is in a hundred years.”

“That’s right, the devil lord has profound wisdom. We only have to endure for a while. By the time when the vitality is collected to a satisfactory degree, it shall be the day we counterattack the Earth.”

“The Dragon God is stupid; he’s restrained by the rules he set himself. If he attacked us earlier, the devil lord may not be able to stand on his ground; but he’s too late now.”

“Yes, the devil lord already has enough strength to implement the Spiritual Ascension of making numerous beings. Even if the Dragon God comes over now, he’ll be digging his own grave!”