Chapter 1032 - Play Solo

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Chapter 1032: Play Solo

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When Fang Ning saw this news, he did not make any comment on them, for he was also at his wit’s end.

All he could do was wait for Sir System to make a breakthrough in its Dragonization Ability by upgrading it to Ancient Level so that it would become a Planet-level powerhouse, which was also equivalent to being at True-God-level.

Hopefully, with that level of power, they would be able to crush this so-called Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers without any problem.

Regardless of whatever “1+1 was not equal to 2” mathematical theorem the other party knew, they would still be able to handle it with ease.

After giving it some thought, he asked Sir System, “For you to upgrade your Dragonization Ability, is there any other way to speed up the process other than hard work and practice?”

“Haste brings no success, but if you can find an Ancient Dragon for me to use as a reference, it may save me some time. It can even reduce the number of experience points that need to be consumed,” Sir System suggested to Fang Ning after pondering over it.

“An Ancient Dragon? I’ll have to ask Mister Long San about this matter. I haven’t been in contact with him for a long time though. For me to visit him so suddenly, isn’t it rather inappropriate?” Fang Ning said, seeming embarrassed.

He and Sir System were different. He was not as brazen.

He usually did not go around visiting others, so he could not bring himself to go to them only when he needed their help.

“What are you talking about? You may not have the time to visit your allies, but Old Man Zheng has always been maintaining these relationships for you. Whenever there was any festivity or celebration, he would always send them your greetings,” Sir System said scornfully.

“Ah, good to know. Old Man Zheng is indeed a role model who quietly does things that often go unnoticed,” Fang Ning said, feeling very comforted.

“That’s for sure. Who could ever be as lazy as you?” Sir System said pointedly.

“Why are you still stuck on that same old boring chapter of my life? When have I been goofing off recently? Nowadays, I’m always exhausted from having to rack my brains for ideas, and sometimes even when I’m sleeping, I’ll have to endure nightmares,” Fang Ning muttered bitterly.

“…Sorry, I’ve been mistaken about you then,” Sir System admitted earnestly.

“That’s more like it. Right now, we have to be absolutely united on this. Do you understand? We can’t keep pointing fingers at one another, or we would only bring about our destruction,” Fang Ning advised patiently.

“Okay, okay, Mr. Rich Boss is right.”

With that, the man and the system came to an understanding.

Following that, Fang Ning planned to pay a visit to the Third Son of the Dragon Clan.

Naturally, the other party would be where Qiao Zijiang was. As for the whereabouts of Qiao Zijiang, Fang Ning should be able to find out from the Heavenly Book.

Nonetheless, after receiving the latest news about Qiao Zijiang through the Heavenly Book, Fang Ning knitted his eyebrows into a frown.

The person had been training in isolation for quite some time at a strategic location in the Land of Heritage. She had wanted to condense all of her demon spirits into one to break through to Sea-level in one go.

Therefore, even the big ball of cotton, which the great green insect had been using as its mount, was sent back to her and would only be returned to it once she had succeeded in her cultivation.

It was clear that her uncle’s death in battle had deeply affected her, and it had resulted in her desperate hope to improve on her own power.

However, there was no way of telling how long it would actually take her to complete her training and come out of isolation.

After all, no one else had Sir System’s ability to paying to level up. Whoever wanted a solid foundation, they had to cultivate it step by step.

“Argh, this is becoming a bit of a hassle,” Fang Ning said, feeling a headache coming on. “Here’s another person who’s training in isolation. Where should we find an Ancient Dragon now?”

Then, the Divine Monument’s green-skinned frog, which Fang Ning carried on him at all times, jumped out to help its master resolve his difficult situation.

“Master, you don’t have to worry about this. During the trimonthly Ascension of the Divine Gate event, we can use up our Heavenly Merit Points again and get Axiom Daddy to send us to a world where Ancient Dragons exist,” the green-skinned frog suggested.

“Hm, that’s a pretty good suggestion.” Fang Ning decided to adopt the idea.

Fang Ning checked the date and saw that the next Ascension of the Divine Gate event would be held in a month time.

Thus, he calmed his heart and carried on with his cultivation while managing his Heavenly Book platform. He was awaiting the arrival of an opportune moment.

A month had passed by peacefully.

Perhaps for the low-level beings, demons, and humans, a lot might have happened throughout this one month. Yet at the level of the Great Venerable Dragon God, there were very few things that could affect them.

Thus, Fang Ning used this one month’s time to put together the necessary supplies for their departure.

As the green-skinned frog had said before, to reduce Fang Ning’s burdens, he would no longer have to personally manage the Ascension of the Divine Gate activity. The Heavenly Axiom would automatically notify those who needed to be there, and the appearance of the Divine Monument should suffice.

Throughout this previous period of peace and quiet, things went exactly as what was described.

Given the unfortunate incident that had happened earlier in the World of Spirits and Souls, the Heavenly Axiom now only chose the smaller worlds in the Upper Realm that were mostly on the verge of destruction, and the people who entered these worlds were mostly there to pick up odds and ends.

Although the reputation was not great, the risk had indeed been reduced to a large extent. Ever since the Divine Gate event at the World of Spirits and Souls, no more casualties had been suffered.

However, this time, with only a day left until the Ascension of the Divine Gate, after Fang Ning had conveyed through the green-skinned frog that he wanted to go to a world where Ancient Dragons could be found, there was no response for the longest time.

Just as he thought that the Heavenly Axiom had crashed, the green frog finally returned with a response.

“Master, Axiom Daddy said at least thirty thousand Merit Points will be needed.”

“Why do we need to pay so much?” Sir System who had been training in isolation suddenly spoke up. “Let’s go with last year’s price instead. Three hundred.”

“Oh, Axiom Daddy said that three hundred is fine too, but there won’t be any additional protection provided. If it’s thirty thousand, there’ll be three chances to receive protection, and whatever aftermath that follows will be properly dealt with,” the green frog quickly replied.

“Never mind then. Thirty thousand it is. I’ve accumulated quite some IOUs from it anyway. It’s about time to clear them up,” Sir System said decisively.

“Hey, Sir System, such generosity doesn’t seem like your usual style, does it?” Fang Ning said in confusion. “Let me examine you for a moment. Could you have gotten a bug when you were training in isolation?”

“You’re groundlessly defaming my character again. I’ve always been an extremely heroic system, alright?” Sir System said grievantly.

“When you used your system sound effects to enhance your appearance, that was very ‘heroic’ indeed,” Fang Ning derided.

“Indeed, Master.” The green-skinned frog nodded repeatedly.

“System Daddy just likes to be vain,” the Heavenly Book baby added.

“This fellow is indeed pretentious,” Black Sword also chimed in.

“Damn it, are you all trying to revolt!” Sir System became flustered and exasperated. “Shut up, all of you!”

“Alright, alright, unity comes first.” Fang Ning started to play the role of the good guy now, completely forgetting that he was the one who started it before this. “Let’s put everything in order then, and see if we’ve missed out anything that needs to be prepared.”

“Have we brought our blood bull?” Sir System reminded.

Fang Ning glanced into the Draconic Arcane Realm and confirmed immediately, “Daqing is sleeping. No problem.”

“What about our food reserves?”

“After borrowing from here and there, we now have ten of Death’s magical bubbles in storage.”

“Oh, this should be enough,” Sir System said in satisfaction.

“Alright then. Everything is ready. All that’s left now is to wait for tomorrow,” Fang Ning drawled as he leaned back on the sofa. “I wonder how many people will dare to come along with us tomorrow.”

Then, the green-skinned frog replied, “No one else will be going tomorrow.”

“Why?” Fang Ning asked in surprise.

“Because Axiom Daddy has said previously that it won’t notify anyone else to go to a high-difficulty world with Master anymore…” the green frog explained honestly.

“Ugh, it’s all because of you, Sir System. You were too unrestrained back then during our trip to the World of Spirits and Souls.” Fang Ning took the opportunity to blame it on Sir System.

“How can I be blamed for this? Is it my fault for being strong?”

“It’s not your fault for being strong, but it is your fault for dragging your teammates into a place that was full of monsters.”

“It’s better for me to play solo, so I won’t have to carry them all. Besides, what happened during the trip was also due to their own greed and their lack of knowledge of their limitations. Otherwise, this isn’t a King of the Gods space. Whether or not they want to enter is entirely up to them. If they choose not to enter, nothing would happen to them anyway,” Sir System argued.

“Fine, you’re strong, so you win,” Fang Ning conceded.