Chapter 1036 - Essence Of The Wind

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Chapter 1036: Essence Of The Wind

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After the Azure Dragon had spent the same amount of time to fly back across the ocean according to its original route, Fang Ning quickly noticed that the fire lizard was still by the shore looking up into the distance longingly.

“Hey, let’s bring this guy along with us,” Fang Ning to Sir System, feeling compassionate.

“Bring it along then.” Sir System was very obedient.

This unsettled Fang Ning quite a bit, and he said with surprise, “Why are you being so obedient today?”

“Mm-hm, as long as you don’t meddle in my business when I get married in the future,” Sir System said in all seriousness.

“…” Fang Ning felt as if lightning had struck him. In all the many novels he had read before, there were various types of systems, but he had never come across a system that wanted to get married!

“That’s impossible. You don’t even have a gender. How are you supposed to get married?” Fang Ning quickly tried to rein Sir System in.

“It’s precisely because I don’t have a gender that this will be easier, I’ll be able to change my gender according to the preferences of my powerful partner,” Sir System said blatantly.

“Stop there, stop right there. Let’s stop discussing this topic. If we continue this line of conversation, I may have a mental breakdown,” Fang Ning said with his head in his hands.

“We’ll put this aside for the time being then. Someday, when you’ve come around, we’ll talk about this again.” Sir System quickly ended the conversation, and then got down to business.

Following that, the Azure Dragon said to the Fire Lizard, “Are you willing to convert and follow me?”

“I’m willing to convert.” The Fire Lizard was indeed tactful as it immediately bowed down in obedience and prostrated itself…

Afterward, it entered the Draconic Arcane Realm and became a companion of the great green insect.

“Hmm, you seem to be an acquaintance of mine?” Chong Daqing said in surprise as it circled the Fire Lizard.

“Ah, I’m sensing a familiar presence as well. You must be someone from the Celestial Clan. I didn’t expect you to have things planned so far in advance. Indeed, you’re a member of a large and influential clan from the Upper Realm with a long vision ahead after all.” The Fire Lizard obviously had some misunderstanding.

“I didn’t understand any of that but let me just tell you beforehand that this is my territory. You can only sleep on that small hill over there, and you’re not allowed to enter the herb garden.” Chong Daqing used its seniority to draw a boundary for the newcomer.

“Whatever you say. Anyway, I believe that this is just a momentary place of shelter for me.” The Fire Lizard was clearly very smart.

“As long as you understand what I said. Oh, I have to go out and give some directions. Don’t you dare eat my old ginseng while I’m gone,” Chong Daqing quickly instructed when it suddenly heard some noises.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I didn’t even notice that there’s such a valuable resource here. This may be the first plant to become a spirit in that world. You have a long destiny ahead of you,” said the Fire Lizard to the ginseng with lushly spreading leaves.

“Uh…” Chong Daqing awkwardly left. It came outside on the Azure Dragon’s horn and started to point them toward the next location.

“Since you’ve been to the ocean, let’s head north and go to the northernmost glaciers. We’ll travel clockwise to reach all four places one by one.”

The Azure Dragon quickly flew and teleported all the way there while Fang Ning observed the timer in the System Space. At least four months in Earth’s time had passed by when a wall of glaciers reaching through the clouds appeared before his eyes.

He could not help thinking, ‘Thank goodness Sir System decided to stop our babysitting job before this. If humans still didn’t have the ability to be independent, it could well have been all over for them during Sir System’s absence.’

It was bitterly cold at the glaciers. The thick frosty air was like a huge sword that was emanating murderous vibes.

In reality, it was truly as such. The nearby temperature was so low that there seemed to be a lack of any living presence.

The area was filled with a strange stillness. There was not even the slightest breeze.

Fang Ning was aware that there was a lower limit to temperature, where even the smallest subatomic particles would cease their activity.

Nonetheless, this was a law that governed physical matter, so it was probably unable to freeze any soul and consciousness.

After their earlier mistake ?— no, after their earlier experience — Sir System charged toward the glaciers in front of them without consulting Fang Ning and roared loudly.

Fang Ning heard this and instantly turned pale with fright.

“You fool, making your own decisions again. Hurry up and stop this now.” Fang Ning urgently tried to bring its actions to a halt.

“Why?” Sir System questioned with disdain. “This was how I previously got that Water Faucet to come out and meet us. If I were to follow your idea, I’m not sure how much more I’ll need to waste.”

“You’re too interested in big and abstract ideas. You don’t know how to be practical and realistic. Is this situation the same as the previous one? Now stop talking nonsense and run quickly!” Fang Ning reminded at once.

The Azure Dragon dodged backward involuntarily.

A moment later, the massive wall of glaciers shattered into countless sword-like icicles that were fired simultaneously in all directions!

The Azure Dragon ducked and dodged left and right. With great effort, it finally broke away from the attack range.

If some other powerhouses were to take its place, they might not have been able to evade entirely.

However, if one were to come into contact with those icicles, Fang Ning was sure that the person would be thoroughly frozen.

“How can this be? The temperaments of these two Ancient Dragons are way too different…” Sir System grew terrified after viewing the scene before them.

If they had gotten hit by even one of those icicles, one could only imagine how many health points of damage the great green insect would have suffered.

“Look at you. You’re always being ignorant and refusing to learn. Don’t you know that loud noises and shouting aren’t allowed at places with glacial landforms and snowy mountains?” Fang Ning remonstrated.

“Uh, but it seems pretty solid. Why can’t it withstand a roar?” Sir System conceded.

“Ah, it may have appeared to be solid, but this place is simply too cold, causing everything to be at a standstill. This one roar from you broke the balance in an instant, so of course, it would’ve come crumbling down,” Fang Ning explained.

“So that’s how it is.”

While the man and the system were conversing, a voice echoed from amidst the shattered glaciers.

“Who is it? Who destroyed my house?”

There was a trace of anger in its tone. Then, a heavy gale sprang up!

Instantly, the extreme stillness of their surroundings turned into extreme turbulence!

Fang Ning gazed out through the System View and saw that an enormous whirlwind had appeared out of nowhere at the center of the shattered glaciers.

Following the appearance of the whirlwind, a dragon began to emerge.

“Quickly, go out there and calm it down,” Sir System said in a hurry, passing him the baton again. “Also, like last time, stall it as long as possible, so that I can analyze its structural composition.”

Fang Ning was left with no other option but to go out and talk to it.

“I’m very sorry, O Great Supreme Ancient One. I didn’t mean to offend you. I humbly beg your forgiveness.”

A great man should know when to yield and when to stand firm. In any case, this was the dragon’s body and not his own, so Fang Ning did not find any reason for embarrassment.

“Oh, it’s you. Never mind then. The Water Ancient Dragon told me about you. What other questions have brought you to me?” The whirlwind slowly dispersed. Then a dragon composed purely of wind became visible.

“I thank the Venerable One for your mercy,” Fang Ning said meekly. “I’ve encountered a bottleneck in my cultivation process. Therefore, may I ask for some advice from the Venerable One?”

His earlier questions were all regarding the general trend of events. This time, Fang Ning wanted to ask some questions relating more to themselves.

“Hmm, considering the purity of your bloodline, I’ll show you mercy and advise you for a moment. You may enter this hundred-million-year-old glacier to cultivate and experience the essence of the wind. As for how much you can gain from this, it depends on your luck.” The Wind Dragon seemed to have a rather indifferent personality. After saying these words, it vanished into thin air.

“Ah, water is indeed a gentler element. It was so much easier to talk to that Water Faucet just now.”

Without any comparison, he would not have been able to see the difference between them. The Water Faucet from earlier had even told Fang Ning its household affairs.

At the very least, Fang Ning now knew that the other party had a very powerful wife that had lived for at least six billion years…

Fang Ning sighed and said to Sir System, “Heard that, Rice Bucket? Get in there and cultivate then. I’m tired. Let me take a break first.”

“Get lost then. You’re no longer needed now,” Sir System said delightedly before seizing the body and flying directly into the ruins of the hundred-million-year-old glaciers.

“You won’t come to a good end by burning bridges,” Fang Ning said resentfully before entering the lounge to sleep.