Chapter 1038 - Old Friends

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Chapter 1038: Old Friends

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“Mr. Rich Boss, time for you to receive some benefits,” Sir System said excitedly.

“Get out. I’m an honest person…” Fang Ning said righteously while looking outside through the System View.

He was receiving some great benefits indeed. On the sand dune ahead of them, there was a group of beautiful angels drifting about.

Uh, no, it was a group of winged fairies. They were all dressed in lightweight clothing that seemed extraordinarily refined, each of them looking remarkably attractive. With just a glance, one could tell that they were different from those coy earthlings from the secular world.

Putting this together with what the great green insect had said earlier, Fang Ning could not help wondering, ‘Are these fairies the sisters of the great green insect?’

He had never imagined that the common-looking Daqing could have such gorgeous-looking beautiful sisters.

Indeed, one should not judge an insect by its appearance.

Then again, he remembered Daqing mentioning its eldest sister and second sister before. Today, he could finally meet them in person.

Presently, those fairies were having a confrontation with three odd-looking desert dragon monsters.

From what Fang Ning could perceive through the System View, these three desert dragon monsters seemed like bigger versions of a parasitic worm and had surrounded the group of fairies from all sides.

From their viewpoint, these fairies obviously seemed like a rare delicacy.

Meanwhile, the fairies had assumed Defense Formation, and were shrouded in a ray of azure light.

Fang Ning felt rather curious as to why these people would not just fly away.

Then, he noticed two injured fairies among them and realized that they had likely been ambushed.

After all, not all people were as paranoid as Sir System, which had a surveillance thread constantly monitoring their surrounding environment for the slightest movements 24 hours a day.

This was the reason for their invincibility and why they had never suffered any ambushes.

Nonetheless, for others, even though the opponent was the powerful Celestial Clan of the Upper Realm, they were now in the even more powerful Dragon World.

Unlike those devolved Dragon-species beings with shriveling power, the dragon monsters relied on devouring their own kind to sustain their power level and were more aggressive as well.

“Big Sis, Second Sis, don’t be afraid. Here I come.”

Before Fang Ning could ask Sir System to go and provide assistance in order to earn some favorability points, the great green insect on the Azure Dragon’s horn had leaped down to them like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey!

Then, under the gawking gaze of Fang Ning and the fairies, the great green insect opened its huge mouth and, one by one, gulped down each of the three gigantic worm-like dragon monsters.

“Hmm, not bad.” After devouring them, it was even savoring the aftertaste.?“It’s just as how a wise man from Earth had put it, it really does taste like chicken, and has a nice crunch.”?1

At that moment, the leader of the group, who was a fairy with tall stature, was staring at the green insect in front of them with a hesitant gaze. “Little Qing, is it you?”

“It’s me, Big Sis.” The great green insect ignored the azure light shield and slipped over to their side in an instant, throwing itself into the tall fairy’s embrace.

“Oh, it’s really you.” At this sight, the tall fairy beamed with delight and held the great green insect on the palm of her hand. “Come, let me look at you. Hey, why have you become an insect?”

“Uh, Big Sis, your eyesight is still as bad as before. When I came over just now, haven’t you noticed it already?” Chong Daqing grumbled.

“Sorry, Little Qing. You ate them up so fast and left me in such a shock just now,” said the tall fairy. “But back to my question, haven’t you gone over to that world? How did you end up becoming an insect? Is it because you don’t have enough to eat in the world below?”

Her concern was overflowing in her speech and expressions.

Fang Ning felt particularly envious watching this scene, and said to Sir System, “It’d be nice if I had an elder sister too.”

“Uh, well, that’s easy. Later, I can get a few dragons to become your elder sisters,” Sir System said matter-of-factly.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Fang Ning decided to ignore this second-rate good.

Then, the whole group of fairies came over to surround Daqing.

“Hey, is it how Little Qing looks like now? You look so cute.” The clear and melodious sound of the fairies’ chattering voices echoed through the desert stillness.

“Humph, how is it cute? Have you all forgotten that scene just now where it swallowed those monsters?” Sir System muttered.

At the moment, a few fairies were already bringing out delicious cakes and pastries to feed it.

The great green insect’s eyes lit up and started to dig in, not forgetting to offer its evaluation. “Hmm, Second Sis’ cakes are the best. Third Sis added too much sugar. Fourth Sis’ pastries are too salty. However, none of them can compare with what that fellow can make.”

“Uh, and who is this fellow?” Evidently, the tall fairy, as the leader of the group, still had a sense of propriety.

“It’s that Great Azure Dragon behind me. You should be able to see it, right? It’s quite big after all.” Chong Daqing raised its hind leg and pointed behind.

“Oh, it’s the Supreme Venerable True Dragon. I see that Little Qing hasn’t been just eating without doing much down there. You’ve made friends with such a powerhouse.” The tall fairy left the great green insect behind to play with the rest of their sisters and floated over by herself.

“This humble fairy from the Celestial Clan, Luo Xia, the eldest daughter of the clan leader, greets the Supreme Venerable One.” Lady Luo Xia courteously greeted the enormous Azure Dragon before her.

“Oh, very good, very good. May I know what business has brought you to the Dragon World?” said the Azure Dragon calmly.

If it were some other mortal cultivators, they might have been so mesmerized by her beauty that they could not speak properly.

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However, with Sir System seizing the body of this Azure Dragon, such a situation would never happen.

That was unless she came with a hefty dowry.

“We have come because of our father’s instructions to find the Guardian Dragons and inquire about the general trend of future events,” Lady Luo Xia replied neither servilely nor overbearingly.

“About that, my dear sisters, you won’t have to search for them anymore. We’ve found two of them, and the Water Faucet told us…” The great green insect that was still surrounded by the other fairies heard her eldest sister’s words and immediately revealed everything it knew.

“What? The Upper Realm will fall, and the Lower Realm will become the new Upper Realm while the Dragon Clan will be the pioneering leaders of the new world?” When Luo Xia heard these grave inside stories, an expression of alarm appeared on her bright face.

“Ugh, I’ve put in so much hard work to gain this information. How can that despicable little insect give it away just like that?” Sir System complained to Fang Ning indignantly.

“Okay, okay, this hard work you speak of was merely you making a loud roar. That’s easy. The one who actually worked hard for it was me, alright? I nearly died because of you,” said Fang Ning resentfully.

“What do you mean ‘easy’? Try having someone else make that roar and see if that Water Faucet will respond to it,” Sir System retorted immediately.

The other fairies were in shock as well. Then, they started throwing out questions at Chong Daqing all at once.

“What does that Guardian Dragon look like?”

“Did he say anything about the Celestial Clan’s future?”

“Exactly, Daqing. Since you’ve been lucky enough to journey along with the Supreme Venerable True Dragon, didn’t you try to ask for more information?”

“Uh, sorry, my dear sisters. I was too preoccupied with my meal back then. Even the things I told you just now were just what I heard in passing…” Chong Daqing said in embarrassment.

They did not put Daqing in a difficult position since it was already very impressive of it to have heard such an inside scoop.

After all, the Celestial Clan had made many trips to the Dragon World, but none of their adventures had led them to the Guardian Dragons.

To their surprise, in the end, it took such a dramatic turn of events for them to obtain the information they sought.

“Big Sis, it seems like we should send some people back right away and inform Father and our fellow clan people to make preparations to go down to the Lower Realm in time. We shouldn’t be entangling ourselves with those people any longer,” said a firm-looking fairy with a determined expression.

As they spoke to each other, they did not seem to mind the Azure Dragon’s presence. Clearly, they did not see the need to hide anything from it.

“Yes.” Lady Luo Xia nodded and then turned back to the Azure Dragon. “Supreme Venerable One, I’m very sorry, but we’d like to bring the great green insect back. Do we have your permission to do so?”

“Uh, I still need someone to be my guide,” the Azure Dragon said indifferently.

“That’s simple. We’ll send someone else over. Actually, when Little Qing used to come here with us, she was not very keen about it, and had not been to many other places before,” Lady Luo Xia said with a smile.

“Ah, Big Sis, don’t reveal my faults right in front of me…” the great green insect said unhappily.

“Okay, okay, Father hasn’t seen you in a long time. You can take this opportunity and make a trip home.” Luo Xia flew over to comfort it.

“Uh, I think I better not go back. If I go home, I’ll have to starve for some time. Just help me tell my old Dad that I’ve found a new Dad and that I’m doing quite okay down here. He doesn’t have to keep thinking of me anymore,” the great green insect said heartlessly.

“…” The rest of them became speechless.