Chapter 1041 - Cousin Brothers

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Chapter 1041: Cousin Brothers

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The sixth year and fourth month of Shenyuan.

“What? A year has passed since we entered the Dragon World?!” Fang Ning said in shock.

“Stop exaggerating. It’s only been 8 months. Think about it. You’ve been training in isolation twice. One was in the glacial wind while the other was in the desert. Then, you’ll need to count our travel time as well. Be grateful it’s not a few hundred years that passed. You’re already lucky that you haven’t lost anyone at all,” Sir System scorned.

“Uh, that’s true.” Fang Ning quickly accepted reality.

After all, there were many mythical legends, such as the?legend of the Lanke Man and the story of the Cave-dwellers,?1?wherein a person could be watching a round of board game while a few thousand years passed by, or a group of people could spend a night in a cave and wake up in a completely different era.

Compared to those legends, it actually seemed rather incredible that the flow rate of time during their trip to the Dragon World could be so similar to the flow rate of time on Earth.

“This may be the work of the Heavenly Axiom. If it can influence time, however, then we really shouldn’t underestimate it,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Time is the most complicated thing. There are all these lines that I just can’t make sense of. Anyway, as long as my existence isn’t affected, it’s fine,” said Sir System.

“Talking to you about this is like preaching to deaf ears.” Fang Ning was at a loss for words.

At that moment, his Heavenly Book baby suddenly popped out.

“Master, Master, there are so many important matters awaiting your attention.”

“Oh, I haven’t been around for over 8 months. Is the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform facing any problems?” Fang Ning suddenly felt a little perturbed.

“Don’t worry, Master. Yellow Dog and the others have already implemented a localized management system for that. In Morality City, there’s also a system double of mine, which has a basic intelligent processing program that can carry out most of the basic functions. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with our day-to-day business. It’s only the important matters that can’t be resolved,” the Heavenly Book baby quickly reassured.

“That’s very good. I thought that in the 8 months I’ve been away, things would fall apart back home.” Fang Ning finally calmed down. He took the Heavenly Book, flipped it open, and started reading it.

Soon, he found an important message notification.

“The accelerated reproduction incident of the Lunaette Whitestone population: One day, Shi Da brought a group of Whitestone children on a stroll. A Whitestone child accidentally consumed a new type of herb and grew up instantly. This type of herb has been named as Stone-growing Herb.”

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“The discovery of the Stone-growing Herb has greatly increased the reproduction speed of the Whitestone population. At present, there is a total population of ten million people.”

“I’m amazed. Before we left, the Whitestone people had just multiplied and grew from 200 people to 200 thousand people. Within such a short amount of time, their number has jumped up to ten million. The Era of Mystery isn’t scientific at all,” Fang Ning said.

“The Yellow Dog Xue Ba tried to provide a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Based on scientific theories from the new era, the Stone-growing Herb is speculated to be a special type of catalytic agent that can enhance the stone absorption ability of the Whitestone people, which will rapidly increase the growth rate of their bodies. Long-term consumption of the herb may also strengthen the stone people’s vitality respiration ability.”

“Oh, so it’s my knowledge and my way of understanding things that haven’t been updated,” Fang Ning remarked snarkily when he saw the new message notification. Then he continued reading.

“Undercover agent report: Lei Tian reported that the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers has raised a few great kingdoms on three planets. The precise size of the population is difficult to calculate. According to preliminary estimation, there are over a hundred million triangle devils, tens of millions of circle devils and rectangle devils each, and also other odd-shaped devils with their total number ranging from a few hundred thousand to a few million. They have locked in one of the suns and are planning to make it a source for their Vitality Transformation Equipment. Meanwhile, they are also building a peculiar type of geometric battleship and are preparing to set out for a neighboring stellar system.”

“Sh*t, it’s only been less than a year, and the devils have been developing at such a fast rate?” Fang Ning was taken aback.

“Is it fast? Well, it’s not as fast as my cultivation progress.” Sir System seemed rather unruffled.

“You don’t understand. Stop interrupting me.” Fang Ning felt depressed. It seemed like humankind was going to be left far behind these ever-changing devils in this kind of cosmic power struggle considering how the opponent was now increasing their forces at an exponential rate.

It had been only a year, and they were already reaching for the stars.

Meanwhile, even with his help, humanity was still teetering about.

He hurriedly searched to see if there was any news about the humans.

“Announcement from the Humankind Community: The first batch of spiritually controlled mechs have successfully landed on the Devil Planet. They have also constructed three large cities and started transforming energy to create an environment that contains vitality. It is predicted that, in three years, the conditions required for the settlement of Pond-level and above powerhouses can be fulfilled.”

Fang Ning saw this and began to sigh in relief, feeling glad. “Humankind’s progress seems pretty fast as well. They’re still managing to keep up.”

“I say, can you stop taking the wrong side? You’re now a True Dragon and not a human anymore. It’s about time for you to start thinking about how to revitalize the Dragon Clan. Of course, I will be the boss of the Dragon Clan. No one can change that fact,” Sir System said proudly.

“Uh, I don’t even feel anything yet, and I’m not human anymore?” Fang Ning was stunned.

“You’ve always been seized by me. What can you feel? Haven’t I also announced to the humans that you’re already dead?” Sir System said impatiently. “Now, you should just worry about how you’re supposed to make the True Dragon Clan the protagonist of the new era. That way, I’ll be able to share in your glory as well.”

“Oh, that’s true, but this problem isn’t so easy to solve, so I’ll have to find someone to discuss this with.”

“Mr. Rich Boss, you’re just being lazy again,” Sir System mocked.

“Look at what you’re saying. When the Host is being lazy, it’s not called ‘being lazy’. It’s called following the laws of human development. The advancement of humanity is spurred by lazy people…” Fang Ning muttered as he went into the Draconic Arcane Realm.

By the small river that stretched across the arcane realm was a Fire Lizard.

In front of it squatted a little girl. Fang Ning’s wife, Liu Yao as well as his father- and mother-in-law were all nearby as well.

Next to the lizard was a very common-looking great green insect.

The people were taking turns tossing bread, ham, sausages, and eggs to the Fire Lizard, and were having a lot of fun amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, the lizard caught all the food thrown agilely and swallowed them.

“Damn it, I remember that you eat stones. Why are you stealing my food?” Daqing complained sullenly.

Every time food was tossed over, it tried its best to jump at it, but nine out of ten times, it did not manage to catch it.

Although it had great power, this was not a battle but a food-hunting game.

In terms of hunting skills, it definitely could not compare with the type of old creature that had lived in the Dragon World for the longest time.

Additionally, it was restricted in terms of its size as well.

If it opened its mouth into the gaping hole that could swallow the Heavens and Earth, then, of course, it would be able to win.

Nevertheless, it knew very well that if it had done that, the game would not be able to continue… The people would have fled in terror. Who would still be there to toss them food?

The Fire Lizard replied without looking at it, “You need to learn to respect your elders. I’m already so old, and I’ve been starving for so many years. You shouldn’t snatch away my food.”

Fang Ning watched the scene for a moment, and then went over to greet his father-in-law and his family before calling the Fire Lizard away.

“Very good, Great Azure Dragon. You’re very smart. I like you,” the great green insect said gleefully and started its own food-catching game.

Unfortunately, it was not long before everyone decided to stop the game and left…

Where was the fun with no one else there competing for the food?

Moreover, everyone knew that there was no limit to the insect’s appetite.

With that, the great green insect crawled back to the herb garden in annoyance and lay sprawled like a carcass.

In the meantime, Fang Ning was conversing with the Fire Lizard nearby.

“Our first meeting was too rushed, and I haven’t been able to ask for your name,” Fang Ning said politely.

“Uh,” the Fire Lizard paused for a moment and then continued to speak. “According to our bloodline, we’re all relatives. I see that it’s been only a few years since you became a True Dragon. As for me, it’s been 73 thousand years since I became a semi-dragon. However, among the clans, we rank ourselves according to our power levels, so you can just call me Little Cousin Brother.”

When Fang Ning heard this, he was amazed at first. Then, he realized that his identity right now was, in fact, very special.

While the great green insect and the others might not feel it, to strangers, he was a True Dragon.

He had always been seized by Sir System, so he never had the chance to understand the greatness of the Dragonization Ability and how difficult it was to cultivate a True Dragon’s body.

During the previous confrontation between the Fire Lizard and Sir System, the lizard had tried to seek food from their True Dragon form.

This meant that the Fire Lizard viewed them as a True Dragon with the purest bloodline and a dragon soul, thus qualifying them to become its big brother.

It was just like what happened with?Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei when they became sworn brothers.?1?Although Guan Yu was the oldest, Liu Bei was a man of noble blood, so the latter became the eldest brother instead.

He smiled. “If that’s the case, I shall gladly be your Big Cousin Brother then. Nice to meet you, Little Cousin Brother.”

“Nice to meet you, Big Cousin Brother,” the Fire Lizard immediately replied.

“Uh, I keep feeling like something’s off,” Fang Ning secretly said to Sir System. “I don’t feel as at ease as when I’m talking to that heartless Daqing.”

“You don’t say. This doesn’t feel right to me too. This guy is sucking up to us so soon after we’ve met. It must be planning to get some money or food from us. You shouldn’t have acknowledged your kinship with it.” Sir System’s concerns were indeed out of the ordinary.

Fang Ning agreed and proceeded to say, “Little Cousin Brother, I’ve encountered a troublesome matter lately, and I hope you’ll be able to give me some help.”

He wanted to shut its mouth first.

“You’re being too modest, Big Cousin Brother. If there’s anything I can help you with, I’d be glad to do so,” the Fire Lizard said happily.