Chapter 1043 - One Step At A Time

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Chapter 1043: One Step At A Time

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The Fire Lizard thought about this question and it felt uneasy.

It understood that, though the Upper Realm was vast and unpredictable, there were also many new ways of determining one’s true intentions.

Nevertheless, human intentions were hard to predict. This was predestination.

At first, the lowliest person might be worried about his next meal, but the next second, he would fantasize about becoming a Supreme of the Heavens and Earth. He could only rely on his weak imagination to portray the Supremes as a bunch of well-off taskmasters…

Due to the hard-to-predict nature of humans, it was difficult to tell what a person’s choice would be in the face of huge profits. Some people might be terrified, some might abide by the law whereas some might act mercilessly.

Heck, even people who had cultivated to a certain degree had to repeatedly train themselves to put on a front, so it was very challenging to see through their disguises.

On one side, the host was on the defensive; On the opposite side, the guest was on the offensive.

Even if one side was many times stronger than the other, success was not guaranteed.

On the same level, there was zero possibility of detecting the other party’s true intentions.

Naturally, if the other party was captured, using torturous methods like Soul Probing was much easier.

However, it was not a normal method used by organizations to fortify themselves, especially among opponents of the same level which was even more impossible.

Furthermore, that would only reveal what the other party had done or remembered. It was extremely difficult to determine the changes in a person’s thoughts.

Therefore, it felt skeptical and anxious right now.

It did not believe that its companion had this ability, but neither did it believe that he would blatantly lie.

At that moment, it could only fake an expression of awe and spoke respectfully. “You’re wise and omniscient, cousin. With this, we can have a New Dragon Clan which is filled with the heart of justice. Next time, we can accomplish lots of things smoothly without fear of inside men or traitors. I heard that in the past, the Ancient Dragon Clan lost its position of the Protagonist, largely due to a tense battle between the Guardian Dragons. I also heard it was because of a woman…”

“Huh, such a thing happened?” Fang Ning was apparently interested in this juicy bit of information.

Nevertheless, the Fire Lizard quickly changed the subject. “Of course, after those despicable humans became the Protagonists, they used this to defame our honorable Dragon Clan and to reveal their actual status. It was too bad that the Guardian Dragons only took action whenever something major occurred, so they didn’t bother about the rumors. However, I believe once you have established the New Dragon Clan, there’ll be no more of these lies and we will have a bright and smooth-sailing future.”

Fang Ning nodded and replied, “Mm, you have a fine point there. As long as all members of the New Dragon Clan are united, nothing is impossible. Historically, those failed nations and cultures were a result of internal conflicts. A united clan is like a tough bone that can never be broken.”

“Then I shall wish you all the best in successfully recruiting all righteous people from each clan to form the perfect New Dragon Clan.” The Fire Lizard said insincerely.

What it said did not align with what it felt. It thought that this matter was more impossible than it being able to cultivate a True Dragon form. It could even be said that it was as difficult as becoming a Saint.

Fang Ning smiled when he heard this and remarked. “Since you have so much confidence in me, cousin, I have a favor to ask of you.”

‘Eh, I shouldn’t have reunited with this relative!’

The Fire Lizard was frustrated. It merely wanted to suck up to the True Dragon. Great, now it had to shoulder all sorts of favors from him.

However, it could not reject him, and it did not dare to reject him. Putting aside the question of whether the other party’s objective was laughable, his power and bloodline were real, and he even received the new era’s direction from the Guardian Dragons.

It got this info from the horse’s mouth. It did not think that the lowdown revealed to it by the other party about the Dragon Clan keeping the new world in order was simply made up by him.

Only humans were bold enough to claim protection from the Saints and made up rumors about the Guardian Dragons…

It could only reply, “I’m old and weak though. What can I help you with?”

“It’s like this. My Dragon Cultivation Technique is too unique and it’s not suitable to be promoted to the righteous people of all clans. Since you mentioned that it has been around 70 thousand years since you cultivated to a Semi-Dragon form, you must have rich experience in cultivation. I would like to request that you develop a set of ubiquitous Dragonization Techniques. This is a very important mission and I hope that you won’t decline it.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Eh…” The Fire Lizard was momentarily speechless.

This fellow’s established objective might be laughable, but at least, there was one requirement of the Protagonist of the Heavens and Earth which he fulfilled…

‘We’ve only just met, and you use this relative thing as your leverage to make me reveal my best-kept technique. You even want me to completely develop it and promote it to be used by all clans.’

‘You actually have the cheek to say this?’

Sir System suddenly commented in a relieved tone. “Sure, Mr. Rich Boss, you finally have 70percent of my powers. I thought you wanted to promote my technique to the rest of the world.”

“Your words are music to my ears. You aren’t an idiot after all.” Sir System commented.

“You speak as if I used to be an idiot.” Fang Ning was not amused.

“Do you think it’ll accept this request?” Fang Ning was unsure of himself.

“You said it?” Sir System answered a question with a question.

Meanwhile, the Fire Lizard had already made a difficult decision.

It decided to say yes.

The reason was simple. The other party had said that he could tell a righteous person from a fraud.

He was praising and admiring the other party just now, saying something about its willingness to help. If it declined the request, would it not be a hypocrite?

Would it not turn out to be the fraud that the other party kept harping about?

Under such circumstances, what should it do if its cousin turned against it?

It was incapable of defending itself.

“Alright, for our Dragon Clan to become actual Protagonists, I’m willing to contribute my cultivation technique.” The Fire Lizard was trapped in such a situation and it could only speak boldly. “After all, this is also the True Dragon’s original intention. My Dragon Cultivation Technique was initially inherited from the True Dragon’s bloodline. I can promote it to the outside world now and you can say that I have fulfilled the True Dragon’s intention.”

“That’s great. Don’t worry, I’ve always been fair in my treatment towards others and I’ll never short-change a good person. Right, do join this AJO platform. You can accumulate lots of Justice Points by doing this thing.” Fang Ning removed the Heavenly Book, flipped open a page and showed it to the lizard.

The Fire Lizard was doubtful. It had lived too long and was instinctively wary of actions of recruiting people into groups.

In the Upper Realm, there were too many of these kinds of things. All types of evil societies organized by the spirits, demons and devils tempted others with the ultimate goal of harvesting souls.

Truly benevolent forces seldom recruited people and the selection process was very competitive. Usually, people fought to get into those groups, such as the Saints, renowned Schools and Sects and large clans.

Only forces that tricked people would resort to all kinds of methods to recruit people.

It was not a one-size-fits-all rule, but it could help one avoid a multitude of harmful places.

“Oh, looks like you still don’t want to join the Alliance of Justice and Order which is hosted by me?” Fang Ning uttered.

“No, no, I’ll join, I’ll join.” As soon as it heard this remark that was laced with threats, the Fire Lizard immediately gave in.

‘Forget it, I’ll take one step at a time.’

‘I’ll see whether this shameless and self-righteous fellow can really fulfill the Guardian Dragons’ prophecy!’