Chapter 1045 - Confidence

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Chapter 1045: Confidence

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There were nearly twenty people in the opposing team who were eyeing them maliciously. Whereas, there was only one fighter in its team along with a severely wounded person.

If the other party was willing to sacrifice itself, its team would be done for.

The only way to turn the tables and emerge victorious depended on Mister Long San. However, how could one persuade it to join in the battle?

This was a huge problem.

Long Fang the Stygian Snake thought really hard. In the previous battles, Qiao Zijiang’s eleven demon spirits went to battle one by one. Only Long San was passive and did not want to move an inch from its nest.

Come to think of it, it bore the soul of a True Dragon. Imagine how high and mighty it was…

Only a True Dragon like its big brother could order it around easily. Even if Qiao Zijiang managed to cultivate to the point of a deity, she would still be far away from Mister Long San’s actual status.

Therefore, although Qiao Zijiang’s life was at stake, it was too lazy to get involved.

After all, it had the soul of a True Dragon and it could not be vanquished by amateurs who were below the God-level.

As for why it still followed Qiao Zijiang around, it was probably looking for a free supply of food…

When it arrived at this thought, an idea sprang to Long Fan’s mind.

It seized this golden opportunity and telepathized to Qiao Zijiang. “Girl, I’m going back to the Demon Spirit Residence for a while. You try to hold out while I convince Long San to come out and fight with us.”

“Good, go now. You can agree to whatever it demands as long as it isn’t too much.” Qiao Zijiang replied immediately.

Long Fan left an apparition and shielded the enemies’ vision and hearing. Then, it turned around and vanished.

The Demon Spirit Residence was located within Qiao Zijiang’s mind.

It was a humongous bronze disc which was as big as a massive circular stadium.

Long Fan witnessed the steady growth of this Residence with its own eyes. In the beginning, it was just a Spirit Pocket that was cultivated by Qiao Zijiang.

Now, as Qiao Zijiang’s cultivation base progressed and her techniques improved, it gradually transformed into a wondrous artifact.

Theoretically, it could help defend its master against twelve fatal blows. Moreover, the demon spirits inhabiting this place were excellent helpers.

However, keeping and raising them was costly and it would slow down the master’s cultivation progress.

At present, only Long Fan and Mister Long San were alive.

Mister Long San did not join in the fight, so of course, it was fine.

Long Fan was still alive although it was injured because it used to suck up to Fang Ning often and got a lot of pills from him as rewards. Its cultivation progress was faster, and its powers were stronger.

Among the twelve demon spirits, its powers were second only to the enigmatic Long San.

Therefore, there were advantages to being the big boss’ little brother. There were great opportunities to be acquired whenever the big boss simply dished out rewards.

Long Fan approached Mister Long San and greeted it politely.

“Why are you here instead of fighting outside?” Long San laid on the bronze disc and spoke weakly.

“Eh, we’re stuck in a tight spot now. We aren’t strong enough to fight against our enemies, so we can only depend on you.” Long Fan replied honestly.

“Oh, what does your life or death have to do with me? I can just look for another landlord.” Long San’s reaction was appalling.

Long Fan rolled its eyes secretly and continued.

“Sigh, a few days ago, you told me the Heavenly Oracle revealed that good fortune will befall all Dragon Species one day. I was about to look for my big brother the Supreme Venerable Dragon God and get a mission with bountiful rewards in the process. Sadly, death is coming for me and I’ll never get the chance. Death will separate me from my big brother.”

It spoke and used the snake claws it successfully cultivated to wipe a fake tear away.

It was actually hinting at Long San to not go overboard. There was a mighty figure behind its back. If Long San truly did not care about its life, the Supreme Venerable Dragon God would blame it, hehe…

“Eh, it was an oversight on my part. You’re still useful and you can’t die here. It’s just that it’ll take a lot for me to do something…” Long San turned over and rubbed both of its dragon claws.

Indeed, Long Fan looked at Long San with disdain. Back then, when the latter and it fought over the pills given to them by big brother, it knew that this fellow was a greedy one.

From the looks of it now, it had to plan its moves carefully.

If only it had the confidence of Long San, it would not be bossed around by that girl, just like the other ten of those poor demon spirits.

“Ten bottles of Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Soul Strengthening Pills.”

“One hundred bottles, what you are facing is a question of life and death.”

“Anything. It’s not my money anyway.” Long Fan said nonchalantly and shifted its gaze. “However, you must give me a 10 percent rebate.”

Mister Long San finally stood up.

A miniature Azure Dragon with nine claws floated on top of the disc. It might be tiny, but it had an imposing aura which caused people to avoid looking at it directly.

“Lead the way.” It waved its dragon claws and spoke firmly.

After that, the miniature Azure Dragon appeared in the deep cave.

Its unannounced appearance resulted in a clamor among the enemies.

“Beware, everyone! That defective Azure Dragon is Qiao Zijiang’s final trump card!” The honest-looking man who was one of the traitors reminded the people.

“Hehe, even if you know about this, what can you do?” Long Fan laughed haughtily. “You betrayed us because you think my big brother isn’t here, but little did you know that I, Sir Long Fan, have someone else to assist it!”

“Hmph, wipe that smug look off your face. Did you really assume we didn’t do our research? That Azure Dragon isn’t the same as the Supreme Venerable Dragon God. It is just a broken piece of the Upper Realm True Dragon’s soul and it doesn’t have much power left!” The honest-looking man smiled wickedly. “In the past, we would have feared it, but now, we’ve undergone cultivation and we’re no longer afraid of it!”

The ten or so people in black agreed with his words.

Last time, when Vitality began to undergo restoration, the mere mention of the True Dragon’s name would put people into a massive state of fear. However, as the Heavenly Axiom revolved, the humans started to gain favors and numerous geniuses emerged continuously.

They were one of the batches that emerged. In terms of prowess, they were either at the Pond or Lake level.

The humans’ research of mysterious forces had reached new heights and they were no longer overly fearful of the Upper Realm, unlike the narrow-minded humans of the past.

Funnily, when the humans researched and developed new powers, the first enemy to be tackled was not the Upper Realm but their own kind.

Long Fan was momentarily stuck and did not know how to respond. After all, it did not know Mister Long San very well.

The Azure Dragon with nine claws did not say anything apart from a wry remark. “Is that so?”

After that, a green glow emitted from its entire body and the force of the True Dragon revealed itself!

In that split second, the souls of the ten or so enemies standing in front of them were struck with its Dragon Force!

Those people were stunned. Their bodies had frozen as if they were using all their might to resist its Dragon Force.

At the same time, Qiao Zijiang swooped forwards and slashed through the crowd!

With her intelligence, she did not need to be reminded by the others. She would seize this golden opportunity of saving her team!

“It shouldn’t be like this!” Expressions of disbelief crossed the faces of the three traitors. They stared at the wounds on their chests and slowly collapsed.

The same wound appeared on the bodies of the remaining enemies.

Although they were given a heads up, they simply could not defend themselves against the Azure Dragon!

“Sigh, I’ve used up much of my powers this time. I can’t restore them without a few years of work.” Once the coast was clear, Mister Long San only made that comment and returned to the Demon Spirits Residence.

“Eh, it only released its Dragon Force. Does that really take up so much power?” Qiao Zijiang was doubtful at first.

“Sigh, perhaps the power required to release its Dragon Force isn’t small?” Qiao Zishan finally regained the strength to speak. Still, he was a truly sincere person, unlike the traitors, and spoke on behalf of Mister Long San.

“Even though we’ve won, it still feels like something is missing.” Long Fan grunted. “If my big brother were here, he would have destroyed everything in his path, unlike this fellow who only exerted a little bit of its power.”

“You’re right, I feel the same way.” Qiao Zijiang nodded slowly. She felt that she had been short-changed…

Long Fan heard her remark and quickly said, “There wasn’t another way and it was a desperate moment. I promised that fellow just now that I’ll pay it a hundred bottles of pills for its efforts.”

“I’ve been short-changed, indeed.” Qiao Zijiang glanced at her elder brother and groaned.

“Alright, sis. You can’t put it that way either. Once we’ve gotten that orchid, everything will be worth it.” Qiao Zishan comforted her.

“Ok.” Qiao Zijiang nodded. “Time is of the essence. Let’s head to the herb garden at once.”