Chapter 1047 - Cleanup

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Chapter 1047: Cleanup

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Fang Ning accepted the orchid and told Qiao Zishan to leave. He wanted to speak to Mister Long San privately.

Long Fang wanted to listen in shamelessly, but it received a glare from Mister Long San, as if it was saying “These are matters pertaining to our Dragon family. Know your place.” The Dragon God did not tell him to stay either, so it could only walk out with Qiao Zishan.

What Fang Ning was about to ask could not be known by too many people, hence he did not care too much about his little brother’s feelings.

“Long San, I have something to ask you.”

“Do ask, Elder.” Long San said courteously. It used to suspect that Fang Ning was a reincarnation of the legendary Supreme True Dragon. Now, he was even more convinced of this.

His sudden rise to power was not something that could be achieved by any Child of Destiny.

As for the Supreme True Dragon’s actual identity, whether or not he was one of the four Guardian Dragons or the Creator Dragon, no one was sure.

Due to clan leader Long Wu’s constant bragging about the other party’s exquisite status, everyone could only cling to the five Venerable Dragons…

“Oh, a few days ago, I visited the Dragon World and accepted the favors of a few Guardian Dragons. I was informed that the Dragon Clan will become Protagonists in the future. I have some ideas which I would like to discuss with you.” Fang Ning explained.

“I don’t dare to. I’m willing to do anything you tell me to, Venerable One.” Long San asserted its position.

It was one of the younger members of the True Dragon Clan. There were still many older dragons above it. It was not in a position to speak its mind on such crucial matters, but it could only go with the flow.

“You don’t have to be like that.” Fang Ning shook his dragon head and continued. “I’ve been influenced by the culture of the humans in this realm. As they say, two heads are better than one. Of course, you mustn’t speak to idiots in the first place. I believe you’re wise enough.”

“Eh, then I shall comply. What would you like to discuss about, Venerable One?” Mister Long San had to agree, or else, was it not admitting that it was an idiotic dragon?

Fang Ning immediately summarized the matters he discussed with the Fire Lizard.

That was to let the righteous ones transform into dragons in the name of love and justice to become the Protagonists of the world.

“Hmm.” Long San listened and replied respectfully. “Venerable One, you’re wise. Policies change all the time, but it ultimately depends on human nature. Unity can move mountains. Come to think about it, even if we encounter all sorts of catastrophes, we can survive those periods in peace. However, from your perspective, Venerable One, what are the standards that define a righteous person?”

“Good question.” Fang Ning felt pleased. “Throughout the history of humanity in this realm, firstly, a righteous person has justice in his heart. Secondly, he has a certain limit and won’t abuse his power to bully others. For example, at the end of the Ming Dynasty, landlords occupied most of the special privileges and wealth of the royal court. Yet, instead of spending their wealth to help the needy, they took a turn for the worse and merged lands en masse during natural disasters. In the end, the dynasty fell, and they died too. So stupid and evil of them. If it was truly a government ruled by civil servants, why did it turn out that way?”

Long San listened and made a few more courteous remarks.

Nonetheless, it was similar to the Fire Lizard and could not care less.

Despite its reverence towards the Venerable One’s might, deep down, it felt that he might be a bit too childish and idealistic.

It had been a number of years since it arrived in the human realm, so it was aware that there was an order to the rise and fall of a dynasty.

Things like human nature could not be used to govern a country. A country’s governance depended upon policies, organizations, theories, and schools of thought, which were very complicated.

However, was it not highly unrealistic to just select a batch of righteous fellows to govern a country?

There was truth to the saying that the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

Still, it would not offend the other party. Whatever its elder had decided, it would obey the outcome. Fang Ning was willing to do this, and it expressed its agreement in return.

After all, saying a few positive things did not cost it anything. Instead, if it managed to butter the other party up, it could get some rewards.

Sir System suddenly reminded Fang Ning. “This Long San only knows how to suck up to you. He’s not an ally and there’re other plans in his heart.”

“Oh, I know, after all it didn’t betray us, like that Fire Lizard.” Fang Ning replied.

It looked like this fellow did not see eye to eye with him, unlike his followers and allies who genuinely obeyed his decisions.

It looked like there was still a very long way to go before he could realize his hope for a government ruled by civil servants.

Forget it, these fellows did not know how powerful Sir System was. One day, they would get punched in the face.

As he failed to persuade this pioneer of the True Dragon Clan with his ideas, Fang Ning decided to keep things formal and inquired, “Long San, do you know how the present Upper Realm True Dragon Clan is going to tackle the current situation? Do they want to protect the Upper Realm or assimilate into the new world?”

“Oh, there’s already a consensus about this among the Clan. Naturally, it’s to assimilate into the new world.” Long San grew serious. “However, a few dragons still long for their old home and were deceived by some gods. They clung on to them and even wanted to save the Upper Realm.”

“Sigh, it’s normal if one fails to see the big picture and prefers to remain in his comfort zone. In that case, do you know what the True Dragon Clan intends to do next?” Fang Ning pressed on with his questions.

There was a brief pause before Long San responded. “Some days ago, I did receive some messages. The people at the top said that they would dispatch a few Law-enforcing True Dragons to this realm to take care of some matters.”

“I see, I understand now. If that is so, I’ll discuss with the Law-enforcing True Dragons again once they’ve arrived here.” Fang Ning nodded.

“If there isn’t anything else, Venerable One, please allow me to leave.” Mister Long San got ready to retreat.

“Mm, you may leave now. Remember to follow the Righteous Path.” Fang Ning reminded it.

“Yes, yes, I understand.” Long San put on an earnest expression and left.

“Looks like things are piling up. I can’t even handle Long San.” Fang Ning’s head began to ache. “I’m sure those Law-enforcing True Dragons won’t agree with me either.”

“Just about right. Mark the one who doesn’t listen to you for death and I’ll help you kill him.” Sir System offered to help him.

“If I didn’t know you want to do this for those experience points, I would have been touched by your offer…” Fang Ning replied disdainfully.

“Good that you know.” Sir System was defiant.

That same night, the Black Dog sent a message.

“Master, there’s trouble in the Land of Heritage. At least ten or so people fled the arcane realm and about ten people committed suicide by consuming poison. A large number of people among them come from the Dualist Society.”

Nonetheless, he was still shocked by the fact that more than a hundred people committed suicide.

With the arrival of the Era of Mystery, he did not expect there were still people who were so loyal.

However, their outlook was narrow and in the Mysterious World, death was not the end but only a new beginning.

Anyhow, Fang Ning was too lazy to care about such matters. He had other unresolved matters on his plate.

The other party had paid him anyway. He only had to complete his tasks.

He was no longer interested in managing the internal conflicts of humans.

Throughout the past few years, he already understood that the more he did, the more mistakes he made, and the outcomes were often negative.

It was fine if he was one of those strong-willed idealists. The point was, he was no such person. He was still the regular guy, Fang Ning.

Whenever someone respected him, he felt happy; Whenever someone despised him, he felt angry.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Heritage, in a room on the top level of a tall building.

“Leader, are you really going to meet with the Supreme Venerable Dragon God tomorrow?” An average-looking white man asked Xu Rui. “Actually, we have a method of avoiding this inspection.”

“Of course, I’m going. I’m innocent, so what do I have to fear?” Xu Rui replied nonchalantly.

“However, from the Qiao siblings’ report about their recent encounter, the three fellows happen to be our colleagues. Although they did so out of their own accord, we can’t explain their actions.” The white man was hesitant.

“Hmph, some people are consumed by their extreme selfishness and are willing to become lackeys of the gods. They’ve violated the true objective of our organization, just like the God’s Missionaries who have fled.” Xu Rui replied sullenly.

“Looks like an internal cleanup of the organization has to be done. This sort of situation can no longer be tolerated.” The white man remarked with a serious tone.

“It’s an opportunity. Let’s see whether the Venerable Dragon God is capable of resisting the gods.” Xu Rui said wryly.

“Mm, nowadays, some people think that they can avoid the Heaven’s Eye of the Dragon God and do anything as they please, just because they have the gods to protect them. It’s a good wakeup call for them.” The white man nodded in agreement.

“Go make some arrangements and order all members to cooperate with the screening process. They are not to do anything reckless. Those who do so will be expelled from the organization immediately.” Xu Rui commanded harshly.

“Understood, Leader.” The white man left at once.