Chapter 1049 - A Budget

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Chapter 1049: A Budget

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A nine-clawed mini Azure Dragon was flying in the air on earth.

Meanwhile, three long dragons tagged along behind it.

One was red in color, one was white, and the other was purple.

Naturally, the one leading in front was Long San, and the three dragons behind it were the Law-enforcing True Dragons he mentioned earlier.

However, he was not in a particularly good mood at the moment. When he came into contact with the three dragons, he immediately knew that the meeting later on was going to be earthshaking.

He was not Long San’s original body, just a trace of his soul transformation, so he was definitely inferior to the other three dragons in terms of status. That was why did not think that his words of advice earlier on were effective at all.

The True Dragon’s arrogance was notorious.

He was the best example.

Long San could not help but stop in his tracks just when they were about to arrive at the Dragon’s Cave in Qi City,.

“My three elders, let me give another piece of advice. This is an inborn holy dragon who has been greatly influenced by the humans’ culture, so it’s best to stay modest for everyone’s sake.”

“Hmph, he’s just a dragon who managed to get his hands on that Dragon Cultivation Technique that’s been left by the Upper Realm, and so his transformation into a dragon is just the result of his cultivation. The only reason the ancestors deemed him worthy was because he’s the first dragon of cultivation in this world. He’s born with an exceptional destiny, and that’s what my clan needs. Aside from that, he doesn’t have a chance to speak his mind. He’s not qualified to be the star of the future Heaven and Earth or to make any decisions for the True Dragon Clan.” the red dragon said coldly.

Alright, they would just wait and enjoy the show then!

Long San chuckled dryly. He had spent more than just one or two years in this world, and he knew very well that the Truth Department had made an all-out effort in collecting intelligence on the Venerable Dragon God.

Since it stuck by Qiao Zijiang’s side, it could easily absorb all those information by just merely lying beside her, and that was one of the reasons it always stayed by her side.

Not long after, the four dragons finally arrived at the Dragon’s Cave in Qi City under Long San’s lead.

“Supreme Venerable Dragon God, my clan’s Law-enforcing True Dragons have arrived. Please come out and have a look,” Mister Long San spoke into the Dragon’s Cave respectfully through telepathic communication.

Fang Ning quickly flew out using his fire dragon’s body double, coming face to face with the three majestic dragons.

This was his first time seeing a True Dragon beside Sir System.

Of course, Long San was not considered one since he was just a soul, hence he was not considered as a full version of a True Dragon.

The three dragons of red, white, and purple, were about fifty meters long. They were not exactly long, but a dragon itself was ever-changing, so the length and size of a dragon could be used to measure its strength.

It was just that humans usually harbor instinctive fear for bigger creatures, so that was why emperors of the feudal era used to demonstrate the prestige of their imperial power by constructing palace buildings that were bigger and more majestic.

However, little did that know that this had actually showed their weakness because those who are truly strong and powerful would not bother to even do so.

Fang Ning was still very polite though. After all, he and Sir System had earned quite a sum of money in the name of True Dragon.

“I’ve seen these three dragons before. May I know what have you come here for?”

The red dragon flew to the front and lingered approximately three meters above Fang Ning. It stared down at him from above.

“Your presence is indeed pure, and that’s extremely rare. Even if you’re a True Dragon, I’m still going to give you a mission now. Let the local Aborigines quickly build twenty-eight dragon palaces and thirty-six dragon temples based on the location of the star mansion in the sky for the next batch of dragons to live.”

The arrogance in the red dragon’s tone as it spoke was very obvious.

Fang Ning was slightly upset. After all, he had been the one bossing others around for the past two years, so it was only natural for him to be upset with the sudden appearance of such a figure.

He then considered the big picture and managed to restrain his temper, but his tone grew cold when he responded.

“That won’t be a problem at all. My only problem is who will be setting the budget?” Fang Ning asked in an unpleasant tone.

“Budget? What budget?”

The red dragon’s brows furrowed as it glanced towards Long San.

Mister Long San immediately explained through telepathy.

After the red dragon listened to his explanation, it sneered, “It’s their privilege to serve the True Dragons. During the Upper Realm’s time, those of the lower class were so eager to serve us, but they just weren’t qualified. Since you’re now part of the True Dragon Clan, you should get used to this. Just let those weak and lowly humans and demons come forward with their rations.”

“Hehe…” Fang Ning could not help but break into laughter and shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t have the Upper Realm’s habit of getting the loot without doing anything. I loathe this sort of unearned income.”

“Ridiculous.” The red dragon narrowed its eyes in disdain before continuing proudly, “I’ll wait for True Dragon to maintain the order of Heaven and Earth so that they can finally live in peace. They’re merely contributing a little, so what does that even count for?”

“Eh, this fellow’s quite right.” Sir System jumped all of a sudden and said to Fang Ning excitedly, “If that’s the case, I get to enjoy those human labor without spending a dime in the future.”

“Do you have the slightest heroes’ bottom line? Do you remember how did you teach Daqing in the past? Never take advantage of your power to bully those who are weaker than you, and always work hard to support yourself, to practice equivalent exchange because you reap what you sow,” Fang Ning advised earnestly. “Just be quiet for a while.”

“Goodness, your Virgin Mary side is showing again,” Sir System said in disgust.

“Oh, what do you know,” Fang Ning responded. “For us, the stability of the System Maxim is where our biggest benefits lie, so keep your chivalrous bottom line in mind at all times. I’d rather be redundant than for us to cross the line.”

“Forget about it. I’ll just wait and see how you’ll refute this red dragon,” Sir System shouted.

Fang Ning comforted Sir System, then shook his head at the four dragons. He said, “The True Dragon Clan may have indeed contributed heavily in maintaining the Heaven and Earth in the Upper Realm, but it is the new world era now. The Human-Demons and demonic creatures of the new world have never experienced the goodness of the True Dragons, so how can we ask them to help out for nothing?”

“Hmph, sooner or later that’ll happen to them too. You don’t have to say too much. Just spread the news directly and see if anyone dares to defy you!” The red dragon bellowed impatiently. If it was not for the fact that it could sense the presence of the fire dragon and the one in the Dragon’s Cave being even purer than its presence itself, it would have lost its temper long ago.

“I’m sorry, I won’t make such an announcement. I won’t allow anyone or any god to make such an announcement. This is the new world, and the order has already been established. The first order that I’ve set is that nobody is to pressure another party. Either the opposite party volunteers or there should be an equal exchange. Aside from that, other means should not be used to force and intimidate others,” Fang Ning said heroically. “There was once a demon lord reincarnation who wanted to do so, and I responded by sending him back to samsara.”

“Hmph, if that’s the case, I’ll listen to Long San. There’s a Heaven Mending Cauldron of the World of Spirits and Souls in that Land of Heritage that’s absorbing the humans’ magic. Why have you not remove it then?” The red dragon ridiculed all of a sudden.

“Uh…” Fang Ning shot a death glare at Long San, but he understood that the other party must report all things no matter how big or trivial to whoever who came because that was its responsibility as a pioneer.

After a while, Fang Ning said, “This is merely a test for the humans. What’s more, those demon lords’ behaviors are just manifestations of their evil nature. The day will come when I wipe out every single one of them! Since I’m a True Dragon, I won’t tolerate any dragon clan to follow this evil act and dishonor our kind!”

The red dragon was boiling with rage after he heard that.

It could not understand this at all. Why was this new member of the clan talking about such a ridiculous principle, about the ways of protecting those weak Human-demons and demons?

In its world, dragons were high above all for protecting the world, and the other inferior races below were to worship them at their knees. That was a more than normal principle.

Why was a budget still required to let these people build a couple of dragon temples? All of this sounded extremely ludicrous!