Chapter 1050 - The Battle of the Two Dragons

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Chapter 1050: The Battle of the Two Dragons

“So are you saying that you don’t want to execute the first order that our dragon clan gave you?” the Red Dragon asked in a chilly tone.

The other two dragons, the purple and white one, heard this and quickly advised, “Long Lie, don’t do this and disrupt the harmony between us. There’s not a lot of us True Dragons to begin with so we can’t just go and fight each other the second we descend, am I right? We’ll just seem like a joke to those holy immortals. It’ll give them a reason to meddle in our business.”

Fang Ning calmed down a bit after hearing those words. Those two dragons behind it trying to play nice seemed pretty reasonable.

However, the next sentence made him boil with rage once again.

White Dragon then turned to Fang Ning and said, “Young man, just step aside. So what if we let these humans do some labor work? We True Dragons can’t always be sheltering them for nothing, can we? At least we’re not like those spirits and those demon saints who only know how to oppress and slaughter them. They’re already extremely lucky, and they should be grateful to us. Although Long Lie can be quite ill-tempered and his words may be harsh at times, he means well and it’s only for our good.”

It was well said, and everything made good sense. For the weak, they should be honored and feel grateful as long as the strong did not butt in and mess with them. In fact, they should take out their fruits of labor and give them away as offerings and worship them all day and every day.

If it was some other powerhouse who had cultivated their way up and had went through plenty of hardships, this person would have chosen to give in. After all, between a group of unfamiliar humans and a group of fellows who were always behind the scenes playing tricks, they certainly would not want to offend the three True Dragons.

It should be kept in mind that they were not just some reincarnations, but the legitimate bodies of the True Dragons!

Their powers were far beyond that of a demon lord’s reincarnation!

Needless to say, the True Dragon itself represented strength and order!

Nevertheless, Fang Ning was different because he was a man of order!

In his case, the system’s Chivalry Rules had already decided for him that he was not to obey the other’s request.

He could escape if he could not win, but he would never become an accessory to a tyrant’s crimes!

“Sorry, I don’t agree with your principle. Perhaps the Upper Realm’s a place that practices the law of the jungle and you’re used to the principle where the weak should always be grateful whenever they’re given the tiniest bit of kindness and benefit. However, this world doesn’t work like that. It took almost billions of years for civilization to evolve to this point, and it wasn’t easy for society to break free from all sorts of brutal uncivilized actions until a sliver of human’s brilliance finally takes root. I’ll not allow this glimmer of human’s brilliance to be extinguished in the dark jungle just because of the Era of Mystery’s arrival!” Fang Ning said righteously.

Mister Long San was stunned for a moment.

He recalled the past where everything was pure and innocent. One should know that he was not part of the True Dragon bloodline, and he was also once a humble creature of the Dragon Series who cultivated his way up and finally became a True Dragon.

The nickname, Long San, was given to him because he was the third True Dragon who did not rely on bloodline but on cultivation to become one.

Long Da was the first one.

‘If I’ve met a Venerable One like him back then who had such a fair heart, I might not have so many regrets today…’ he thought to himself.

White Dragon and Purple Dragon were speechless as well.

The Red Dragon, on the other hand, was flushed red with anger. It was obvious that this less-advanced dragon’s constant refutes made him feel like he had been humiliated.

Those of upper ranks, even those who had just a little bit of power, valued their prestige very much. They would not tolerate those below them to resist even when they had something sensible or fair to say!

Whatever talk about justice and equal rights did not matter to them. The only thing that mattered was to protect their authority, to maintain their rights to suppress those below them!

This was the case for this Red Dragon.

From what it could see, Fang Ning was saying all these to challenge his authority and to disobey his commands, and that was not to be tolerated!

It was necessary to suppress this less-advanced dragon so that he would understand the true meaning of the Dragon Force!

“Well said, Mr. Rich Man, I support you!” Sir System exclaimed enthusiastically. “Continue talking like this and the fire dragon’s going to turn completely red!”

“F*ck…” Fang Ning had been immersing himself in an inexplicable sacred atmosphere and felt annoyed that Sir System’s sudden interruption had ruined it.

“Master’s indeed a true master. Always so just and honorable, unlike System Daddy who’s so shabby,” Heavenly Book baby fluttered through its pages, overwhelmed with adoration’.

“You darn book, I’ll send you back to the furnace and burn you sooner or later!” Sir System shrieked furiously.

“Tsk, you don’t scare me. Master most definitely won’t let you get away with it,” the precious Heavenly Book said without a care. “I’m the existence of the Azure Dragon’s horn. What can you possibly do to me?”

Sir System was speechless.

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At this moment, the Red Dragon’s body heated up and streaks of sparks appeared in the surrounding air as if they were ignited right out of thin air!

Although the dragon’s body was scorching, his tone was still icy cold.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Are you willing to obey? Will you let those despicable humans build dragon palaces and dragon temples for the True Dragon Clan?

“No,” Fang Ning responded in an equally icy tone. “Unless you pay them.”

“Money? Very well, I’ll give it to you right now!”

With that, the Red Dragon let out a roar, and flames shot out of his mouth!

Fang Ning had already shrunk back into the System Space!

“So who’s the shabby one?” Sir System sneered.

“Stop talking rubbish, your opportunity to gain experience points has finally come. I’ll go get Daqing to eat,” Fang Ning urged.

“Yes, that’s right. System Daddy never knows what’s important and what’s not,” the precious Heavenly Book rubbed it in.

“No way, so nobody’s on my side?” Sir System shouted angrily.

Soon after, a long green dragon popped its head out from the Dragon’s Cave and spewed a gigantic breath of fire towards the flames that were coming towards its direction.

At the Draconic Arcane Realm…

“Wake up, Daqing. There’s delicious food coming your way,” Fang Ning greeted as soon as he entered the arcane realm.

Chong Daqing who was bored out of his mind counting his ginseng leaves in the herb garden got up immediately when he heard his name being called and blinked.

Fang Ning reached out and pointed to the hill next to him, secretly signaling Sir System to prepare a huge array of delicacies.

“Great Azure Dragon, you’re a great person.” The great green insect quickly flew over and swallowed a whole roasted lamb before he asked, “Does this count as reaping without sowing? I don’t think I’ve helped you with anything yet, haven’t I?”

“Uh…” Fang Ning was too embarrassed to say that the insect had already helped them escape a couple of bombs in the past.

Sir System, on the other hand, was not as proud as Fang Ning, and so it said straightforwardly, “Yes, this isn’t the first time I’m providing you food either. Just remember to transfer your powers to a wicked spirit the next time you’re full.”

“Well, I don’t know who you are but you make sense. I’ll just give it to you if you want it, I don’t care anyway.” The great green insect nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Hong Hu walked over shyly. As she stared at the great green insect who was swallowing down all the delicious food, she mumbled, “Daqing, is it tasty?”

“Yes, the Great Azure Dragon has the best culinary skills in the world, way better than my sisters too.” As Chong Daqing spoke, he pushed a small dish towards her. “Here, you’re pretty tiny so I doubt you can eat much. This should be enough for you then.”

“Uh… Alright then.” Hong Hu began to taste the food carefully.

“Hey, who knew a small place like this would have a food chain as well.” Fang Ning could not help but exclaim with a sigh.

After all, Fang Ning was still a softie at heart. He knew the little girl’s backstory, and that was why he had Sir System adding another children’s set to their meal.

“Thank you.” Hong Hu was very polite.

“You’re welcome. Your father and I have been good friends for so long. You have to understand that he’s always working so hard, and that’s why he doesn’t have time to visit you often.” Fang Ning said.

“Yes, I understand.” Although Hong Hu’s only two years old, her mentality has reached that of a 12-year-old kid.

Moreover, she was always so hard-working and was very ambitious as well.

At this moment, the battle of the two dragons erupted in the sky outside!

Mister Long San, Purple Dragon, and White Dragon backed up as far away as they could and watched the unprecedented battle unfolding before their eyes attentively.

Since this fight had happened on Earth, the Nets Above Snares Below had already had their eyes on it and had transmitted the scene of the fight to the Land of Heritage in real-time.

Of course, Fang Ning’s speech before was included as well.

This had made the Venerable Dragon God appeal to the people even more than before.

Although the other party was not present at the moment, it was understandable from the other party’s attitude that there would always be a difference of nature between the other party and those powerhouses who were more superior in strength!

The difference was that the other side thought that they could take possession of others’ fruit of labor without acknowledging the other party’s strength and then sit high up above everyone else.